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  1. Easy to do this on your own. There is an app that we used on our iPhone. Just be sure to check that everything is accurate before you submit. At least two of us (someone in another roll call) had issues with a misspelled middle name and have to request a revision. It came from the scanning of the passport.
  2. Out of curiosity, why? Because I couldn’t read it easily on my phone. I actually only read the first few lines. Decided to skip it.
  3. Is that normally in the Blue Book or in an email? I will be on the lookout for it. Thanks. Frances
  4. Just wondering. Are there precautions by the ship being taken? When I was on with noro, they printed fresh menu for each person in the GDR, wrapped plastic around the serving stations, took away the salt and pepper shakers, etc. Propped open the doors of the public toilets, etc. Use your knuckle on elevator keys!
  5. If it is a genuine, harness-wearing, no petting service dog, they are allowed to be in the dining room, I believe. But the question to ask is why are fake service dogs being allowed on the ship.
  6. Absolutely I respect biosecurity precautions. I wear lightweight hiking shoes for comfort and secure footing, especially when walking on rougher ground. I wear them in hot weather here (30 C and more). I haven't run into this before. Food stuffs, yes. Thanks for the info.
  7. Hiking boots! According to the Australian government site, you must declare them, and a biosecurity person will examine them. Outdoor, camping and sports equipment and footwear • hiking boots • fishing equipment • anything that could be contaminated with soil, seeds or water Anyone with experience? If I washed the soles before we leave home...would that do? Suggestions? I normally wear my boots so I don't have to squeeze them into my luggage, but that's not a huge issue. Plus we areee leaving Canada in winter and they work for a bit of slippery ice or snow. Just I don't want to have to shop for some if I don't need to. https://www.agriculture.gov.au/sites/default/files/sitecollectiondocuments/arriving-english-factsheet.pdf Frances
  8. You can get oLife without the air. Just ask for the air credit.
  9. I have normally used oLife. But I do have to pay extra to go a day or two early or stay on before we head home. You do have to do your math. Last cruise, my travel agent got all the prices - with oLife with flight plus the extra fee for an air deviation, with oLife and no flight, and cruise-only. We went with oLife without flights, since there were better prices from YYZ to Dublin. Went Westjet and home from Oslo with Icelandic for less money. For our upcoming trip, our grownup son is going with us and as a third person, he isn't eligible for oLife. We are going cruise-only. Just check it out. Get the prices. (I forget what the air deviation fee is right now.)
  10. I like that I can have a cheap room that is well maintained with great cabin crew and eat with those in the highest price cabins at a share table (our choice and theirs to share!) We have met some fascinating people on our cruises.
  11. I liked Julie James. I appreciated her announcements to independent travellers when we had to tender. She would tell us when there were gaps between Oceania tours so we'd hurry and go then when there wasn't a queue. Very helpful. Frances
  12. On lazy days (or when you don't have to be off the ship early), have breakfast in the Grand Dining Room. Lovely and relaxing. Frances
  13. Well, I cruise for destinations. Not everyone does that. Lots of Oceania people seem to - at least ones I meet on the ship. And I like using the roll call because I like to do independent excursions. It seems on my upcoming trip in February (Australia and New Zealand) the more interesting ship's excursions are not part of oLife. And the price difference is substantial between doing the same thing independently. Unless you opt for all excursions (unlimited). That being said, on our last two cruises, we took oLife tours and found them good value. This time we cancelled oLife, partially because our son is travelling with us and sharing our cabin. He is not eligible for oLife. And so many of the most interesting tours were not available as oLife. Not sure if this is because of the location or because of a change in oLife. Have to watch and see. Frances
  14. If you are new to Cruise Critic, you may not know that your itinerary likely has a discussion forum just for it. Your itinerary, your departure. Even if you are using oLife for some tours, you might be interested. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/321-oceania-roll-calls/ Frances
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