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  1. PC; The Sorting Hat is the answer I believe. Also, the Glass Museum looked absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Good morning fellow cruisers, We leave next week for our TP cruise and just checking to see if any other "family" was joining us. First time sailing to Australia and very much looking forward to it. Happy Sailings Everyone !!!
  3. Thanks; heading there on a TP next week. I'll take a look.
  4. Following with great anticipation; we're on the following TP out of Hawaii. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Many great ideas; good luck choosing. I was proposed to on an excursion at the beach. We were on a tour and had a stop at the beach. We went to a private area where it happened 🙂 How about in a specialty restaurant. You could have the maitre'd work with you and get a nice table. At dessert, have the ring under a cloche that they can lift off and you can take it from there. Roses could be brought out afterwards, flowers and room decorations could be displayed in your cabin upon your return.
  6. I had not see that footage before; thank you for sharing. I leave in September for a TP and am very much looking forward to sailing on her.
  7. CruiszBug; sorry to hear of your disappointments. I'm on the TP coming up in September and was very anxious to try. Hopefully, for us, your's was a minority experience. I'm not the adventurous "foodie" type and if I only go once, I can say I tried it. Jamie's is good though, I must agree 🙂
  8. Included as everyone states but we always leave a little something for the wait staff.
  9. We've also done both Princess and Celebrity a number of times. I'd go with Celebrity too. While the food and the service is good on Princess, we've found that the service is dramatically better on Celebrity while the food seems to be a few notches above. We also do a lot of specialty restaurants so we're not comparing apples to apples. That being said, Celebrity is your best option; IMHO. Have fun.
  10. Once was enough for me never to take advantage of that "deal". Blocked views and was noisy most of the time. No thanks!
  11. We're doing a 19 night TP in September and stopping in a few of the islands. Can't wait to see what type of answers you get guys.
  12. I use mine on longer trips and love them. Rolling isn't a problem because you actually get a lot more into the cubes than one would think. A couple of wrinkles here and there but who cares. Bought some for DH and he likes them too.
  13. Hi there guys. We had done the 8 hour tour sponsored by the ship and was very much worth it. As it was our first time in Cuba and one of the first cruises to go there, we wanted to get the lay of the land before we became adventurous. The people were wonderful, the food great and the 2 guides (very much eye candy actually 🙂 ) were very knowledgeable and spoke very clearly. Next time we'd like to do a different tour company but you'll have fun no matter which route you take.
  14. Today's the day; 🙂. Good luck with your embarkation and let the fun begin!!!!!
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