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  1. While it will only be in the mid to high 60's in March, it's a beautiful place to go. We rented scooters while there and kept them outside the ship at night. One day we toured on side of the island and the next we did the other. So much fun. Finding little hidden beaches, tea at quaint little shops and just having fun. Enjoy.
  2. I love a good massage but not on-board with ships pricing. I know, the company is leased out, but I usually go in the ports and get one at 1/3 to 1/4 the price.
  3. So, needed a quick fix so just booked this quickie cruise. Probably won't even get off the ship so I can say I have 4 sea days; my favorite. Let's meet up if your coming along!!!
  4. I like to get a nice massage in the ports I visit. $120 vs $45 to $60 is worth it in my books. Also, I prefer a male to massage me and they only have women anymore it seems on the ships.
  5. I too am curious and have yet to speak to anybody that has been on this line. BTW larn796, used to go to Lewiston all the time. Lived in Burt and Olcott 🙂
  6. We tried it a few times, going Max also but never heard back from RC. Oh well! Would have been nice to get that Genie 🙂
  7. Our experience was a very positive one. There are always a few hiccups on any cruise you go on but we really didn't find anything to complain about or worry over. Our room was attended to with perfection and the smiling and friendly room attendants were fantastic. We had done a lot of specialty dining and liked them all except Izumi's. The layout was not planned well in that people used it as a thoroughfare to cut through other areas of the ship. The shows were fun but as someone stated, you need to get there very early for a good seat. Silent disco was fun in 360 and while Pixels
  8. Back in 2004, we had sailed on "Empress OTS" out of Hoboken NJ and one of our stops was St. Barts. Couldn't tell you if we tendered in or not but I do remember it was a beautiful island and it rained all day.
  9. Thank you Bonasi. This is exactly what we do and have never had an issue. The only issues we've really ever had is when we did a "guarantee" room. The room chosen for us was miserable. Never again. Moving forward, choose a room you like and monitor pricing.
  10. I too have never seen a teen attend any of the meetings I've ever attended.
  11. If I recall, it was around the $600 range. In saying that, there seemed to be much more food available for 10 people. It looked like ti could almost feed 20 with no problem.
  12. As airbus said, you should be good to go. Enjoy.
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