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  1. Hi fellow cruisers. I am considering the 77 day S/A cruise (Volendam) departing Jan 2021. I cannot find any information about whether or not this cruise will be a 'go'. I am concerned about making a reservation and NOT knowing if it will even sail. Does anyone have experience with these iffy matters? Guess I am looking for advice on what to do. Thanks in advance.
  2. just off this very cruise. don't forget to stop at diamond's international for your 'free' bracelet. (you'll be stopping at dozens of em) 🤑 on the plus side, I didn't notice any 'art' auctions on board....
  3. Long time HAL sailors here....the 'K' was our first experience on the larger ships. Overall our experiences were positive. Big exception was the food..we found it to be inferior in quality (compared to previous HAL cruises). we definitely prefer the smaller HAL ships (i.e. Rotterdam, Maasdam etc). Doubt well be sailing the behemoths again.
  4. I am going to vent, now. I simply HATE seeing 'comfort' animals on board. HATE IT! Our last cruise a couple had two dogs (comfort level). Large elk-hound for the chair-bound husband and smaller ratty looking terrier yapping at everyone around. Going thru the buffet (Lido) one evening what looked to be an emergency hazmat team appeared and cordoned off the entire buffet area. Seemed the huge elk-hound crapped on the floor in the buffet line and other pax tramped thru this nasty stuff and distributed the comfort animals feces all over the Lido. The entire one side was disrupted
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