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  1. When I went to guest services around 8 or 8:30 the morning following his middle of the night vomiting, the gal told me I could take him to the clinic, but in no way 'told me' to take him there. By then he was done puking, so we didn't know there would be any benefit to anyone for us to take him... we kept him quarantined to our room for the rest of the cruise. I will say that it never occurred to me that they would have any medicine that would have helped my husband the next day... had I know that/thought of it, we would have absolutely taken him. (Someone had told me they could have given him Zofran... is that all they would have given him? I took Zofran when I was pregnant and it did absolutely nothing to help with my ongoing morning sickness - which was really all day sickness.) Do you mind sharing how was your wife's situation was handled by the clinic? Did they provide medicine? Put her under some sort of quarantine? Do they have some place for sick people to actually 'stay' outside of the state room?
  2. It was on the 4th night of a 6 night cruise. My son threw up from midnight until a bit before 8am. When I went to guest services on the following morning, she just mentioned that we could bring him down to the clinic, but, we weren't sure what the purpose of visiting the clinic would be... we figured we wouldn't bring him to the doctor for a stomach bug at home, so we weren't sure what the purpose would be bringing him on the ship, especially since he was done vomiting by the time it opened. Please know, we certainly planned on keeping him in the room for the rest of the cruise (which we did, until it was time to disembark on the last day)... and the rest of us barely left the room... my husband fell ill at noon the last day of the cruise; at that time, we kept him in 'his' room, and put the rest of us in 'Grandma's room. I fell ill on the way home. 😕 We got a visit from the supervisor on the last day asking if we needed anything else, but by then, we really didn't need anything (My husband was able to make it to the bathroom when he got sick), and quite frankly, I was too exhausted and overwhelmed (trying to keep a 5 year old boy, a 6 year old boy with autism /ADHD/hyperactivity, and an 8 year old boy content in a tiny state room was stressful) in the moment to think to complain to the supervisor in the moment, especially with our state attendant standing right there. 😕. Now I'm just wondering if it is worth my time and energy to file a complaint. Will they even do anything?
  3. My son was throwing up from midnight to a bit before 8am. By the time the clinic opened, the vomiting was done. 😕
  4. I guess I would assume it was norovirus or some similar type of bug. I don't really expect much in response, but would be curious to know if there really is no better protocol that should have been followed. Did we just get a bad set of staff (especially our room attendant, who we had frustration with with starting day 1), or do they really not have better plans in place?
  5. We just returned from sailing Adventure of the Seas. While sailing, my 8 year old son woke in the middle of the night (midnight) vomiting, all over his pull-down pullman bed. We immediately called down to guest services to ask for fresh bedding. It took us 1.5 hours to get fresh bedding to our room (after multiple calls, and multiple visits to our room from staff without fresh bedding - there seemed to be a great deal of confusion, which confused us since we had simply asked for fresh bedding). They took the soiled bedding away (which we had removed from the bed ourselves immediately, and tried to wrap up as much as possible to keep the vomit contained). The vomit had soaked through to the mattress, so they had to take the mattress away, and didn't have any spares, so we made a make-shift bed for our son on the floor. He had a small trash can next to him, but as he continued to vomit consistently for the next 8 hours, we were not 100% successful in getting him to get 100% percent of it in the bucket, so some if it landed on his 'new' bedding. We also realized in the morning that some of the vomit from his pull-down pullman bed had gotten on the bed below him (we had 2 adjoining balcony rooms - both with pull-down pullman beds). Again, we tried to wrap up all of the soiled bedding to contain it as much as possible. There were no attendants in the hall at 8/8:30am, so I headed down to guest services to ask someone to please remove the soiled bedding and provide fresh linens as quickly as possible as we were running very low on clean bedding and towels. Again, it took 1.5 hours for someone to arrive, and when they did, they proceeded to pull apart our 'wrapped' mess of bedding (with random vomit all over it), on our state room floor, and proceeded to remove the duvet from the duvet cover, and place a new cover on it. We were floored that they would take this mess apart on our carpeted floor (if I were home, I would deal with the mess in a tiled area), and that they wouldn't wash the entire duvet (given that the vomit most certainly leaked through the cover). We had to insist to our state room attendant that a new duvet be provided (something he agreed to, but was clearly annoyed). He also removed the blue decorative runner from the mess, and folded it up to place back on the bed later (again, without inspecting it for any vomit). Not surprisingly, my husband fell ill the next day, and me the day after that (we washed our hands as often as physically possible, but I think we would have needed Hazmat suits to avoid the germs throughout the room). Obviously, our cruise was drastically affected by these events. We understand that illnesses happen, but we were greatly disappointed by the lack of urgency/priority our situation was treated with, and were shocked that there isn't better protocol/processes to handle soiled bedding - we were made to feel as though we were just a huge inconvenience. I submitted this information via the post-trip survey I was sent yesterday, but does it pay to submit a 'formal complaint' via email somehow? If so, should I send it to the CEO? It seems they really need to come up with a better way to handle this situations. Thank you.
  6. We have a shore excursion planned for the Lost Mayan Kingdom Water Park at the end of February. Does anyone happen to know if they have life vests available for kids... we are hoping to leave ours at home and this is the one stop where I am not sure if they provide them. I did message them, but have not heard back. Thank you!
  7. Do you recall, if you book just the water park, can you add on the zipline once you get there? Once inside the park, how do they know you only paid for the waterpark portion? Isn't it all one park?
  8. Do you have an option of 'adding' the zipline once there? Once in the park, how do they know you only purchased the water park vs the combined option?
  9. What is the best option for transportation from the cruise port in Fort Lauderdale to the airport for a family of 6? (kids ages 5,6, & 8, Mom, Dad & Grandma). Pre-cruise, we are staying a a hotel that has a shuttle from the airport to the hotel, and then from the hotel to the port. The last time we cruised out of Fort Lauderdale, we hired a private driver that cost $10.00/person... is that a pretty standard rate? He provided the booster seats (we will only need 1 this time, but will not be dragging one along), so that was ideal. We just want whatever will be easiest, yet cost effective. Thanks!
  10. We are very interested in the excursions to the Maya, Lost Mayan Kingdom Adventure/Water Park Royal Caribbean offers, but they all say there is a 48" height requirement. My youngest son is 44" (and likely won't grow 4" by the end of February). I have verified with quite a few other people that there is a ton of stuff he will be able to do there, though... will the ship really not allow him to go on this 'excusion' due to a few inches, even though the park has different (lower) height requirements? I've also learned that the water park is very close to the pier... but all of the options I see to purchase tickets on-line are actually more expensive than the excursion options. It seems the on-line booking is for *all* of the options, vs just the waterpark, or just ziplining (there is 0% chance Grandma is going down a zipline!). Does anyone know if there are different ticket options to buy direct actually *at* the park (I am posting in the Costa Maya boards as well)? I'm surprised I can't find more information about this. Thanks!
  11. Royal Caribbean is stating there is a 48" height requirement for their excursion to the Maya Lost Mayan Kingdom waterpark, but reviews I am reading on-line have much different height requirements (varying from 38-44"). Does anyone know for sure? This place looks perfect for my 3 energetic boys, but my youngest is currently 44" tall... I don't think he'll grow 4 inches by February! Thank you!
  12. We will be cruising in Feb 2020 with 3 young, VERY energetic boys... ages 5, 6, and 8. (Did I mention they are VERY energetic?) Our first port stop is in Grand Cayman, where we will likely spend the day at the beach; our second stop is Costa Maya, our third stop is Cozumel (where we will likely spend the day at Playa Mia). Rather than having 3 beach days in a row, I think my boys would *love* to have the opportunity to actually CLIMB some ruins. I was checking out Chacchoben, but it looks like we can only climb a few steps. Are there other ruins we can reach during a port stop that they could actually climb? Thank you! (Again... Did I mention they are VERY energetic?)
  13. I was told by the RCCL 'cruise planner' that if we book adjoining balcony rooms on Adventure of the Seas, we can ask our stateroom attendant to remove the divider between the balconies to make one larger balcony, but I have been reading some things on-line suggesting that Royal Caribbean no longer allows that... what do I believe??? Will they remove the divider or no? Thank you!
  14. Hoping y'all can help us make a decision on which rooms to book... we are looking at booking a 6 night Western Caribbean cruise on Adventure of the Seas in March 2020. We need 2 adjoining rooms for a total of 6 people, and options are limited. The choices are complicated by the fact that I am *very* prone to motion sickness. We have interior options available mid-ship on deck 6 (mid and low are best for motion sickness in general), but would love balcony rooms, which are only available in the far back on Deck 10 (1670/1672 or 1370/1372). Do you think we would feel much of a difference in motion in far back Deck 10 vs mid ship Deck 6? We sailed the Mediterranean twice on the Brilliance of the Seas (a smaller boat, but calmer waters), and did a Caribbean cruise on Allure of the Seas (obviously a much larger ship), and I was totally fine on all 3 cruises except for a night or two on Brilliance when there were exceptionally rough seas (they had to close areas of the ship). The balcony rooms look AMAZING, but not worth me feeling horrible... Our exact itinerary would be: Fort Lauderdale Cruising George Town, Grand Cayman, Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico Cozumel, Mexico Cruising Fort Lauderdale Thank you!!!
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