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  1. I prefer the R class over the O class ships! What I missed the most on the smaller ships was the after dinner get togethers in the lounge or Casino/Martini Bar area. The smaller ships really are better if you like to have some conversation after dinner in an intimate cozy space.
  2. bw333

    OLDCAR Tours or Ship's Shore Excursion

    You can exchange money in the cruise terminal. We also had no issue paying in US dollars in State Stores (cigars and rum), private restaurants and also our private tour guide. On our cruise people were surprised how much money we did end up spending in Cuba, my advise is to bring extra cash with you. I found a great English speaking tour guide that helped us plan 2 full days in Havana. Her name is Lianne, email is lianne29@nauti.cu.
  3. bw333

    Cuban Cigars and Rum now OK to bring back for personal use

    We just came back from Havana on an Oceania cruise. When your items are going thru the X-ray machine prior to boarding the ship they (cuban customs) are looking for cigars that were not purchased in a state store. My advise-only purchase from a state store.
  4. bw333

    Visiting Havana

    It takes about 10 minutes from the ship to exiting the cruise terminal. You have to show passport and visa to a Cuban customs person. There is also a store and a money exchange located in the building.
  5. bw333

    Corfu reccomendations?

    We had the greatest all day private boat tour in Corfu on the Nautilus Boat!:) Below is a link with more information. Have a great trip to Cofu! http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1598280&highlight=corfu
  6. bw333


    We have spent 2 weeks each summer for the last 3 years on the Nautica, the ship looked the same all 3 years. Every year we are on board they are painting the exterior of ship or restaining the wood or something maintanance/construction wise. I love the Nautica ship, and I believe Oceania does an excellant job keeping the ship in great condition.
  7. bw333

    Outlet location for nightlight.

    The new Led flashlights from the warehouse stores stay charged for a long time. Also, check out the new battery Led lights that are battery operated. Three months later and mine our still working, no outlet needed, just place on desk/nightstand. See Amazon link below. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002FCGI8Y/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. bw333

    Lorient ideas?

    Looking for ideas or other cities nearby Lorient to visit. Tours of any kind would be great. Thanks for any help.
  9. bw333

    June Baltic Treasures -Stockholm & Copenhagen

    Last year we flew home from Stockholm. Below is a link about the Taxi's and prices. Have a great cruise. http://www.thelocal.se/16868/20090112/
  10. bw333

    Corfu - Boat Rental or Private Grotto Tour

    :) I decided to check back and see if everyone enjoyed their trip to Corfu this Summer. Sounds like the Nautilus boat once again made everyone happy. The Nautilus husband and wife team sure know how to turn Corfu port into special memories! Your pictures turned out great! Brigitte
  11. bw333

    Need Athens transfer

    We used Nikos Loukas last year for transfer. Below is his email, have a great cruise. nikosloukas1@gmail.com
  12. bw333

    Palace of Knossos

    We used Lefteris Nikforakis last year in Crete for an all day tour, and Knossos was the highlight of the trip! You do need a private guide to explain what your looking at, and to explain all the history. I purchased a book on Knossos, The Minoan Civilization while we were there. Knossos for me was special, because it is the oldest place I have ever seen anywhere in Europe. The Minoan's lasted over 1500 years, from 2600-1100 BC! Enjoy Crete! :)
  13. bw333

    Visby, Gotland, Sweden

    camlev-We will be in Visby Saturday August the 11th. I am excited to be in Visby for the Medival festival. We will miss the Jousting event later that night, our ship is only in Port from 10 am till 4 pm. Is there any Medival event that day that we should not miss? Looking forward to viewing your town and Festival.
  14. bw333

    Le Havre to Paris.

    Here is another option below. Have not used them, however on this site, plenty of people are booking with them. http://www.radiotaxi-lehavre.com/circuits_touristiques-radiotaxi_lehavre-76.aspx#map_circuit4
  15. bw333

    Crete Tour Guide Recommendations

    We used Lefteris Nikforakis last year in Crete. He even showed up during the Taxi strike! He will feed you all day long- local treats and lunch, and he gave great details and history of the island of Crete. Have a great time!:)