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  1. I prefer the R class over the O class ships! What I missed the most on the smaller ships was the after dinner get togethers in the lounge or Casino/Martini Bar area. The smaller ships really are better if you like to have some conversation after dinner in an intimate cozy space.
  2. bw333

    OLDCAR Tours or Ship's Shore Excursion

    You can exchange money in the cruise terminal. We also had no issue paying in US dollars in State Stores (cigars and rum), private restaurants and also our private tour guide. On our cruise people were surprised how much money we did end up spending in Cuba, my advise is to bring extra cash with you. I found a great English speaking tour guide that helped us plan 2 full days in Havana. Her name is Lianne, email is lianne29@nauti.cu.
  3. bw333

    Cuban Cigars and Rum now OK to bring back for personal use

    We just came back from Havana on an Oceania cruise. When your items are going thru the X-ray machine prior to boarding the ship they (cuban customs) are looking for cigars that were not purchased in a state store. My advise-only purchase from a state store.
  4. bw333

    Visiting Havana

    It takes about 10 minutes from the ship to exiting the cruise terminal. You have to show passport and visa to a Cuban customs person. There is also a store and a money exchange located in the building.