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  1. Not sure cost but I have found that anything I hang in the bathroom with shower running loses its wrinkles pretty quickly. The bathrooms are so small that the steam quickly fills the room.
  2. I never remember the CD. There are some that I have enjoyed at various functions and some I found rather annoying but I assume it is personal preference. I never remember their names after the cruise. A CD would not make me book a cruise or not book a cruise. I do believe their job is a lot harder than it looks and it is an important. The vibe of the guests may also impact how they do their jobs.
  3. We just returned from a Baltic cruise with Royal Caribbean and there was no parading or singing in the dining room. They were enforcing no children in the solarium. I felt bad for the few kids on board as it was too cold to spend much time in the pools until the last couple of days. It was too cold to watch movies outside so I am not sure if popcorn was available. They had alcohol in the shops but I did not pay attention to the prices. My luggage is heavy enough.
  4. I have found that hanging items in the bathroom while the shower is running will steam the wrinkles out of pretty much everything. However, you have to make sure you don't leave them in there too long or else the steam condenses on the ceiling and drips down onto your clothes.
  5. I know this is not exactly what you asked but have you double checked to see if your carrier will charge you a baggage fee. We have flown on three different domestic carriers from the US to Europe and I have been pleasantly surprised that they did not charge a baggage fee for the first checked bag. This allowed me to have a bigger bag and to not have to drag a carry-on through the airport and onto the plane.
  6. I have never considered removing tips. I know it is part of the cost when I book the cruise. For years I did not know that removing them was even an option.
  7. I always book online but last time I booked, the website was not working correctly so I called direct to Royal Caribbean. The individual I spoke with on the phone was able to find rooms that I was not able to see on-line and I was able to pick a much better cabin at the same price as the cabins I was looking at on-line. I would call and ask them if they have two adjoining rooms on your desired deck, or any deck, and what the cost would be. The person on the phone was very helpful. We looked at cabins on more than one deck before I made my final decision.
  8. I always book online. I want to be in control, not a travel agent, and I hate to spend the time on the phone. That being said, when I tried to book my last cruise the cruise "disappeared" and I panicked and called. The person I spoke with at RCI offered me the choice of different, and better in my opinion, rooms that had not appeared when I was booking online.
  9. They could have paid direct but instead everyone had me do everything..............................
  10. I have booked a group cruise myself direct with Royal Caribbean and a couple of other lines. I got a free cabin and everyone received OBC. 10 or 12 cabins each time. I would have split the savings for my cabin with everyone but they all insisted that since I was doing the work, I should get the perk. I was willing to do it because I trusted everyone that I was sailing with and knew all would pay timely and all would not complain about anything. If I did not know the individuals well, I would not have done it. It is a lot of work, not really setting it up with the cruise line but everything else I felt I needed to do before and after the cruise. I scheduled flights, made transportation arrangements for airport to hotel, hotel to cruise, airport after cruise as well as found a hotel and made all the reservations for the hotel. And provided port information, cruise ship information, etc. to everyone in advance and gave detailed instructions about what they needed to bring, what was included in the cost, etc. All they had to do was give me money and show up. I enjoyed doing it and had a great time with my friends. This was a great group of no drama people. Anything less, I would have had a travel agent handle it and left everyone on their own to make their arrangements.
  11. We cruised with our children and now with our grandchildren on Royal Caribbean and have never been concerned. In over 20 cruises on different cruise lines, I have never witnessed nudity or wild parties. There are occasionally activities that are adult only.
  12. We have used Rome Cabs twice. Have been very satisfied with their service and I love having them meet me with the little sign with my name on it. If you have time after your cruise and before your flight, they offer a nice tour of Rome highlights as well. I am sure they are not the least expensive but their service was worth it to me.
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