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  1. So pleased that those of you who did not know this poem have read it - I have tried to live up to it since my DIL gave it to me quite a few years ago at 70, and am managing to live up to some of it, except to substitute bright pink trousers for a red hat. Lola
  2. No news from Lois since Sunday, I hope all is well with you, Lois, and you are enjoying yourself too much to have time to post here! We are looking forward to reading your news. Lola
  3. Lois - so sorry, we have gone off piste again as happens so often. Looking forward to your next reports on your voyage. Lola
  4. For me, it is a port I don't want to visit again, and we are at anchor. Best of all worlds. Lola
  5. You did not miss a thing being thrown out of Raffles. The version now served, at ludicrous cost for tourists, is pre-mixed. We had Sunday 'curry tiffin' some years ago, with expat friends, and the Slings they made for us in the restaurant were genuine ; not to my taste, as they are quite sweet, Lots of recipes on Google. The curry was very much an Anglicised version (sp?) , pleasant but unauthentic. P.S. Please keep those lovely lab. pics. coming now and again. Lola
  6. Tres bon voyage, Lois. I am not really envious !! The Azores are fascinating, and not much visited by cruise ships. I hope you have a great time, and look forward to hearing about it when you have a spare minute. Lola
  7. Just what we all need, Tts, along with a few food pictures and the funnies, and of course mysty's encouragement to us all to be kind to each other - and ourselves. Thanks Lola
  8. As another 'very ordinary UK pensioner' I have never been aware of social climbing, or 'I am richer than you' type behaviour on Seabourn, of all lines. We are not rich, not very smartly dressed, and fairly old, and have met and enjoyed talking to and in some cases making friends with all sorts of fellow passengers, from different countries. Sometimes you have a fair bit in common, as in our case an interest in old sport s and racing cars, which resulted in a friendship with a couple from another European country. The only line where we did feel a bit unsmart and out of place was Seadream, which does seem to cater for the younger and more cash conscious crowd.
  9. Thanks again, everyone - and it is especially good to hear from Jeff again. I have missed his food pics and views from his seaside house, and had hoped he was OK, as had many of us. I am not promising not to post, just to only do hopefully amusing or interesting ones at present, probably using my old-fashioned English. I do love words. Lola
  10. I am not ill, Jeff, (I don't think), but have a problem which will get resolved. I will probably talk about it in due course, as it is the sort of thing which affects most of us at some time. My children are very supportive and helpful, as are a few close friends. I will keep schtum until then, as this forum is mostly about being upbeat and interested in life in general, and I am conscious of posting a bit too much at present. Thanks, Lola
  11. My excuse for one third of a bottle is that it was, for various reasons, a special occasion for me. I doubt if I would drink that much at home (although I would have already downed a Negroni or similar). Thanks for all the comments; I do rather need cheering up at present, and you are all helping. Lola
  12. Sadly not, as most of us prefer to not be too specific; I find people's attitude to you can change if you seem younger than you actually are, and not for the better! So I suggest that we keep it vague. Just got back from a lovely 'gastropub' lunch - we just had two starters each, me whitebait, which I haven't seen on a menu for years, I guess it is old fashioned, but was lovely, and then chicken breast strips in very light batter with sweet chilli sauce. In other words, not gourmet, but very tasty. Oh, and a very large glass of NZ sauvignon blanc, nicely chilled. We will be going again; hadn't tried it before. Lola
  13. Sorry, mysty, you do not qualify yet. I am the only really old person round here, and I claim my bouquet. Out to lunch tomorrow, with DIL, in the pink trousers, to have probably two interesting starters and a large glass of sauv. blanc. (This is a real treat for me, I don't get out much!) If I had any idea how, I would send pics. Lola
  14. At the risk of offending my cooler friends, I agree totally with Fletcher's thoughtful comparison between Seabourn and Silversea. (Just don't agree that Regent is as good as either, but that is not relevant here). Lola
  15. Just to get back to the original topic (a good idea I think), I had thought earlier of chiming in with what happens on Seabourn regarding specialist dining. No extra charge, and you can have one pre-booked evening per cruise. It then almost certainly arises that you can book more once on board if you wish, especially if you are willing to dine at a less 'social' hour. I appreciate that there has to be something like this in place for the smaller restaurants. The extra charge idea does sound like nickel and diming, unfortunately, and my feeling is that the Seabourn (and I think Regent) method is better. Lola
  16. Wow , Lois, you are making up for lost time cruising at present. Good for you. Are you going to be able to install your baseball cap, do you think? Or shall I send my grandson over? ☺️ Lola
  17. I had assumed the pic. of reporter called Phil McCann at a petrol station recently, on the Beeb, was a joke. This a.m. on Breakfast realised that there really is a reporter called that! We have a round table in the kitchen, which really needs a cloth, and my daughter bought me a lovely William Morris patterned one in what used to be called oilcloth - wipe down. Pricey, but so easy to look after. Best Mother's Day pressie ever. Grey, windy and very heavy showers in Lincs. today - looks like autumn is setting in, sadly.
  18. Looking forward to the translation of these dishes, mysty. One or two sound dodgy, but no doubt they were delicious. Hope you have got pictures. Lola
  19. Thanks, I see it as an about to be tasted Richebourg. Lola
  20. I now have a pair of bright pink trousers, so am not giving up completely, Julie. I have various recipes for cc too, but all include mayo, plain yogurt or sour cream, mango chutney, apricot puree or jam, toasted almonds, sultanas and curry paste or powder. I always cook some chicken fillets and/or thighs, and cut into pieces when cold, though cold home cooked roast chicken is fine. It is not exactly haute cuisine, but good for a quick lunch, and guests always seem to enjoy it, with perhaps a rice salad, romaine and warm baguette. Hope you enjoy it if you try it, Truly Blonde. Family just left, think I need a rest, Lola
  21. Hi mysty and everyone - he did it! All for a big helping of Coronation Chicken. Thank you so much, mysty, for all the help - and Lois, now you can choose yours!! I guess one advantage of great age is having helpful grandchildren. Lola
  22. Good luck, Graham. My DH had both eyes done, about a year apart, at about your age. He chose not to have a general, and said he enjoyed the op! He had been short-sighted, and the Surgeon asked him to choose, so he said glasses for reading, as h was fed up of getting distance ones wet in the rain. It worked brilliantly, and he had no pain and could see quite well, within a couple of hours. He is now over 90, and still has pretty good vision! Hope yours goes just as well.
  23. Oh dear - I am beginning to feel like I have made 'too many trips around the sun', but prefer not to have it confirmed. Lola
  24. Good, not just me then. I love apricot jam, on a croissant or brioche for breakfast, so always have it in. And if making it for four, as I was today, a tiddly hotel jar would not be enough, especially if one is a young man who hoovers up food! Lola
  25. Yes, mysty, good memory. I have the instructions ready for him. Hope it works - you will see in due course. Lola
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