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  1. Anyone that decides to go on a cruise ship is not worried about trying to social distance. That is like saying , let's social distance at the Golden Corral.
  2. My answer would be, the same time I would go back to the Golden Corral. Which might be a long long time. After seeing how the foreign countries treated the cruise ships, I may never leave to good old USA again.
  3. He did the right thing. America is doing the right thing.
  4. I will cruise again when I feel comfortable enough to eat a piece of birthday cake that the candles just got blown out on . It is a whole new world.
  5. Thank goodness they are back. I wonder why once they get off their chartered fights, it appears they are allowed to join the general public on their connection flights home. I am not sure that is a good idea, and it seems to go against recommendations .
  6. Can you imagine what it will be like on board when they hear the Captains annoucment bell tones sound and then hear the Captain announce " We have been approved to dock". Overjoyed.
  7. The Port Everglades web cam shows the American flag waving in the breeze. What a site that will be for the Passengers. I knew we would get it done. It is in our blood. Bring it home.
  8. I would imagine passengers are in cell phone range and filling in their families.
  9. Are you able to text your brother, or email ? Let's hope he soon hears the Captain announce the disembackment plan. I would think isolation will be part of that plan, but I am sure he will be happy . We are hoping everything goes smooth.
  10. Thank you noworever. Your story turned out well, just like it will for these passengers and crew. I can only imagine how you felt every time you heard the sound of the Captains announcements and listened and wondered what was in store next. Let's hope the coming announcements for both ships will be uplifting for the passengers and crew. They need something good to happen.
  11. We have fought and died for what is right. They will do the right thing.
  12. Remember highly specialized care is not required for patients with the Corona virus. But highly trained medical staff and the ability to isolate them is. They will have a plan. And it will be a good one.
  13. Try not to worry. They will be well taken care of. It is not going to be convenient, but they will have a good plan.
  14. What I am saying is, the US had a plan for the Grand Princess, and also did a great job with the American passengers on the Diamond Princess, for both those that were sick and those that were quarentined. And now they will have a similar plan for the passengers of these two ships. It may not be perfect, but it will happen. And for those sick, you need to know that the US has some of the the best health care in the world. Now let's prove it.
  15. USA will have a plan. It is in our blood, it is what we do, and continue to do. It is what we fought for. Your in good hands . Just be patient.
  16. The US will step up to the plate. They have the knowledge and ability to take care of the passengers and community safely. That is what we do.
  17. Thank you for the updates. I am hoping the US ports can help like they have for those other cruises that were effected. They know what they are doing.
  18. We have been on both also. I would not go again. Also prefer Regal.
  19. The original poster is asking if anyone else on the same cruise experienced Corona virus symptoms after the cruise like her and her husband did. That is a very good question. I think many people that have symptoms and are never tested will always wonder if they actually had it. Especially if it was the worst cold or cough of their life. I hope she hears from more that were on her cruise.
  20. In our case, Aqua was very close in price. Like others, we liked getting the same waiters everyday that knew us at Blu, just like the good old days. And I like that we had balcony chairs that laid back. The bad part for me was the Aqua class deck was higher up than what I like (motion).
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