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  1. The room TV channels are so limited. The news channels were nonstop virus and stock market crash. I can only watch the bridge cam so long.
  2. Yes, I did try the bluefish , the coalfish and the walleye cod. Me thinks it might have been all the same fish. I gave up.
  3. I just got off a Norwegian ship, and it was the first cruise that I ever developed a cough and laryngitis the last few days. I blamed it on the non stop disenfectant. The disenfectant smell was so bad at the buffet that it took my breath away and I never went back. I just wondered if others experienced the same. No problem, just an observation. This is a crazy time for cruisers and cruise lines.
  4. I thought I would lighten things up a bit. I am from the middle of the USA, so I am only familiar with freshwater fish. But when I seen Baked Walleye Cod fillet on the Joy menu, I thought maybe it was the fish equivalent to TurDuckin.. Anyone have any idea what the heck is going on with this over embellished entree. I got it, and it was not Walleye or Cod. What is it? And speaking of rare fish, I ordered Salmon at a specialty restaurant and it came to me virtualy uncooked rare rare transparent. I then asked if I could get it thoroughly cooked and it came back a second time still transparent in the middle. I could not eat it that way. Is rare cooked Salmon the way most enjoy? I struck out on all the fish entrees I tried.
  5. Just got off ship on Sunday. It seemed like more than usual were coughing the last few nights of the cruise. I even had a little laryngitis. I blamed it on all the disenfectant on board. Anyone else have a problem.
  6. I just got off the Joy on Sunday. I was surprised that I did not see one person with a mask. There was no paranoia at all. I am glad about that. When I finally made it to the buffet the second day, it smelled so overpowering with disinfectant that I had to get out of there and never went back until the last night and it was not as bad . I also noticed that crew attendants had spray bottles of waterery disinfectant that they spayed on dinners hands along with the regular purex type dispensers. I started to wonder if you could get poisened from the active ingredient because I used so much. Everyone was nonstop putting disenfectant on there hands. I guess better than not enough. I thought that people would not pack so tightly on the elevators, but that was not the case. I stopped using the elevators when I had a drink in hand to take back to the room. I did notice more coughing at the end of the cruise than previous cruises. And although you tried hard to not think about it, you couldn't help but worry and wonder during those packed elevator rides. Everyone was very upbeat.
  7. The Joy was sold out of Lanyards. Can you believe that. Had four at home and forgot to pack one. I figured the port vendors would be hawking some, but never seen one for sale the whole trip. To answer your questions; No the cruise ship does not provide them, and yes bring one if you have one in case the ship sells out . But we usually always buy one on board.
  8. Just back . Miami took two hours. But big time passport screening going on. You will be at the new terminal, and all the bugs should be worked out by then.
  9. Here are a few. Tennessee lemonade, made with Tennessee honey. Any mojito made with calling out Bacardi 8. Woodford old fashion. Coconut pineapple mojito. Absolute mudslide. Old fashion in dinning room while dinning if wine gets old.
  10. Just cruised the Joy. Had to fill out one extra questioner regarding the new virus. Then delayed because passport screening was really being looked at closely. They were looking for past recent travel locations and home towns. Each group of about eight processing windows had one person flipping through the passports. You can imagine what that job would be like. It did back up the line. Just be prepared for about a hour extra time to board, and if it is less, you will be happy.
  11. That is a snowflake for sure. I would have thought pressing it meant cool, then arrow up and down in cool mode. But I guess not. So what actually happens when you press it, and how do you get it out if you did press it.
  12. Thank you. Do not want a hot room.
  13. I remember reading about a snowflake symbol on the room thermostat that has been confusing on the newer ships. I want to make sure the room is a consistent temperature all the time. You would think the snowflake symbol would make the room colder. But what is it for? And how do you correct things if you mess up.
  14. Thank you for the replys.
  15. We chose the 250 minute free Wi-Fi. We have never used a ships Wi-Fi before but this will be a nice way to stay in touch with family. We are both bringing our Android phones with internet access and G-mail to stay in contact. My question is . - Will only one device be able to be logged into the ships account, or can multiple device be logged into our free account? And while I am asking questions, I would like to hear tips and other do's and dont's, learn on the fly experiences, from those that have used it. Thanks in advance. Signed, Grandpa.
  16. How is the mood on the ship. Is the current virus ordeal effecting anything. I hope everyone can relax and enjoy like any other time.
  17. Thank you. Like you, I have pre-cruise booked this and am only going to the walled city. My question now is, once I am ready to return to the ship from the old city, will I easily be able to catch a cab back if the cattamerand don't pan out. And did you use U.S. cash and how much to expect.
  18. Ok, thank you. That's what I was looking for. It looks like I will bring less cash and use the card.
  19. We went on a cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale during spring break last year. I found that not many college age students were even on the ship. But there was noticeably more K thru 12 students than other cruises we have taken at other times. We did run into some wild unsupervised children, but never had a problem with any unruly drunks. We enjoyed the cruise. Now the Hilton motel pre-cruise in Ft. Lauderdale was packed with college kids. They congregated at the motel pool, and during the day were very polite and respectful . My advice for your husband, have a good time, and remember to bring his sunglasses for the motel pool.
  20. Are you able to use United States cash and/or Visa card in ports such as Cartagena Columbia for payment at restaurants, and jewelry stores. What has been your experience?
  21. Will the restaurants and jewelry stores in Cartagena (walled city) accept United States cash and/or Visa card. What has been your experience.
  22. Has anyone taken this ride to the old city?
  23. Thank you for the report. We will be leaving on sister ship Joy out of Miami soon, and your details are very helpfull. I noticed you said the buffet and the Local was open when you boarded. Do you or any others know if any other dinning options are open before sail away ? Also, I have always had my carry-on luggage with me from boaring time to until are room is ready. Does anyone have any tips to help make this less awkward dragging around. I have noticed many others without carry-ons and always wondered what they were doing.
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