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  1. On the Norwegian web site, look at frequently asked questions. It clearly states that you are responsible to pay for no-shows. But they do have a cancellation policy. Check it out.
  2. About the same time as the golf balls and the stringed quartet . Sorry, I could not resist. To bad we can't turn back the clock.
  3. Zacapa old fashioned for me, Sailers crush for my wife. Signed for three dollars each drink, plus tip several times a day. I would do it again. My point is, that was my free drink perk on Celebrity .
  4. My last Celebrity cruise, I had to sign for an additional three dollars on almost every drink I got. And , I was only able to get one drink at a time. I had to make two trips to the bar each time that I wanted one for my wife and I to have out on our balcony. Poor me.
  5. I don't wear rose colored glasses, but, let me know when you find free drinks, and free tips at recent NCL prices anywhere else.
  6. I was on Deck 9 right above Caravan Club on the Bliss and I could hear everything people were saying at its outside bar, while I was on my balcony. I don't know if Joy has that senario. I chose Deck 10 for my next cruise.
  7. I ask about the comedians having multiple acts as it is two week cruise..
  8. Do the comedians have multiple acts. I know they have a general and an adult rated set. For example, is the g-rated show by Joe on day 2 the same as day4 and day 5.
  9. Although I am a little confused by how your bad experience all went down. I do sympathize with you. I had experienced an out of control employee than was overreacting to passengers. I could tell he had the potential to flip out, so I did my best to ignore him. What trigger him to physically harm you.
  10. So, what do most of you do with your carry-ons.
  11. How do you rent them in advance? I do not see it on-line at the web site.
  12. OK. So you gave your luggage to a porter right when you got out of your transportation. Did you keep your carry-ons ? I know we will want control of our carry-ons. Many say there is no signs directing you where to go. What did you encounter and what was your secret as compared to others. I am happy the original poster is asking for a detailed step by step description of boarding. I had a bad experience at San Pedro in 2018. I could not even figure out where to take my luggage. I stood in line with my luggage before getting to the scanners, then was told I needed to go stand in a different line for luggage. The point is, I stood in a one hour line, only to be told to go stand in a different one hour line. I should have been informed by someone along the wait that I was in the wrong line with my luggage instead of waiting until I got to the scanners.. Many in the line had luggage.and everyone was asking each other if they were in the right line. I am just relaying what happened to us. I hope to avoid it for the future.
  13. My opinion is, he has been on cruise ships before, totally let him decide. I have been on a cruise during spring break and it was like any other cruise. On the other hand, the motel on Ft. Lauderdale beach was packed with party animal college spring breakers for our pre-cruise stay.
  14. I have heard that if you reserve for eight, and only seven show up, you are responsible for paying for the no show. I heard that once you are on board, you must cancel the extra seat within twenty-four hours to avoid this. Can this be confirmed.
  15. Thank you for the great post. I do have a couple of questions if you or others have time. Is the Capriana drink you described on the menu? If not will they know what I am talking about. Are the snacks on the menu at the District complementary? I did not even know they had snacks on the menu. Our cruise on the Joy is just around the corner, and your post is perfect timing.
  16. But they usually understand what I order. They have been the best on any of the cruises I have been on.
  17. Try to go when kids are back in school. Our Alaska cruise in July seemed like 50 percent kids on board. And half of them were running wild. I am twenty years younger than your parents, and those kids turned me into "grumpy old man" at times. I know I will avoid going on another cruise while school is out if possible. It is not a big deal, or game breaker, but something to consider.
  18. We did the Mexican Riviera on the Bliss, after having been only to the Caribbean in the past. Like you, we wanted to see a new area. It was also our first time on Norwegian. We liked the Bliss so much that our next cruise is on her sister ship, the Joy. And we really enjoyed the stops in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta , and Mazatlan . If your top priority is beach days, I would say the Caribean ports have the advantage . St. Thomas, St.Marteen, Caymen Islands come to mind. I did not see the tourqois waters on the west side. But Cabo's deep blue water was a close rival. Now if you like ports with a marina, shopping, restaurants , drinks, and nice boardwalks, then the Mexican Riviera would be a nice change for you. When we were younger, the beach days were more important to us, but now a nice tiki style bar and local cuisine is what we seek out. You can't go wrong on either side.
  19. My communication skills must be pretty bad, because I have problems ordering the cappuccino too. It's 50-50 for me with getting the right call drinks also. Thanks for the report.
  20. Did you have any problems at some of the bars calling out your brand. For example, at the pool bar, if I wanted a pina colada and called out Malibu rum, the bartenders acted put out. I felt like I was doing something wrong. What kind of advice do you have ordering/calling out your brand and having the bartenders understand. A few times I called out my drink, and they still poured the generic stuff. It frustrated me enough that I will not upgrade.
  21. I for sure would use cruise line transportation. That will be a crazy day for taxi's and uber. Don't end your relaxing vacation being stood up. Unlike others, I have had problems in Miami/Ft.Lauderdale with both taxi's and uber being no shows.
  22. Thank you all. That is good news. I wonder why they don't include those in the shore excursion list.
  23. OK, the question that I am asking is , can you use your free shore excursion fifty dollar perk to get either snorkel gear, or a clam shell once you get to great stirrup cay . I understand that they might run out, but I am wanting to decide once I am on the island. Also if the answer is yes, does anyone know if you can use your perk on the zipline.
  24. I do not see a way to reserve a clam shell on the web site. But you did confirm that you can walk up to get them. Anyone know about the zipline?
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