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  1. Can you use your fifty dollars excursion perk as a walk-up for the snorkel gear? Is there other things such as getting a clam shell, or going on the zipline using your perk money as a walk up. I am not sure if reserving is a requirement.
  2. We ate at Margaritaville in Hollywood and can confirm the nicest pool I have seen in the area. It rivals Vegas pools. But one ups Vegas as it is on the beach also. But I have a feeling it would cost you.
  3. I see there are a few excursions that pick you up at the cruise port, then take you on a tour of the Los Angles area, then drop you of at the air port for our flight home. The excursions note that this is for those with flights after 5:00 p.m. and they say they try to get you to LAX at 2:30. I am wondering if anyone has done this , and what their experience was like. We have a 5:30 p.m. flight. I want to end the cruise in a relaxed state of mind.
  4. But, if you reserve a table for eight on the ship and only four come, you are charged for the four no shows unlike at a restaurant on land. That is the part I wondered about.
  5. David, thanks for asking these questions. I would particularly want to hear a confirmed answer to question four, as I have what sounds like the same scenario. We are cruising with another couple , and we would like to eat with them. If I reserve a speciality dinning for four, I am worried that I might be charged for the two extra seats. Both us and the other couple have free specialty dinning.
  6. On an upcoming cruise, I have the option of a couple of different excursions to the crocodile safari riverboat . One excursion goes via bus to the river boat and back, and the other takes you on a train ride, then bus to riverboat. Has anyone done these excursions? Is the train ride nice? Or is it better to go straight to the riverboat safari?
  7. Yes, but are the touch screens like the website, and only show limited amout? Or is it actually showing the true amount like the person at Teppenyaki must be able to see.
  8. It appears that you can go to Teppenyaki on the day you board to get reservations for speciality restaurants. Is that correct? What is your secret for getting speciality restaurants reservations on the Joy. How are the elevator crowds? Any tips.
  9. I am wondering how hard it is going to be to get into the late comedy shows if I show up as a standby. I don't want to make reservations as I want to decide on going based on how I feel. Any secrets just walking right in?
  10. I personally would call NCL right away and tell them about the airlines flight time change. I am sure they don't know about the time change. They would at least be able to tell you how to proceed. I think the airline itself would be willing to change flights, but might be subject to some charges. I have had airlines change times on some of my previous flights. It stinks, but you can get through it.
  11. Let me know if you happen to run into a place to get a complimentary latte or cappuccino. I am not in Haven. I have no problem going to Starbucks, but if there is a good alternative secret , why not.
  12. Good news. At 54 days out I received an email to say I could download Edocs. The website had said that for quit some time, but was not able to download them. This time, I was able to download the Edocs and yes the air flight confirmation was included!! The flights and times, are probably the same ones that I would have chosen myself. So my one concern turned out great. Just a note; I had to use a link from the Norwegian website (in edocs) to access the airline website to find my flights so I could select my seats. At first when I went directly to the airline website, it did not recognize my confirmation number. I now have an airline confirmation number also. All happy and ready to sail.
  13. So, you were notified via email?? Right now at 55 days out, it says my Edocs are ready to download, then when I click on that, it says they are not ready to be retrieved. Anyone run into that?
  14. Thank you for the details. I am wondering if the brand new Norwegian terminal in Miami is open yet. Was it in operation for your cruise.
  15. I have a question. We are now under 55 days until our cruise. How am I notifed that our air flights have been set up and confirmed ? Do I get an email? Does it show up somewhere on the web site? Do I need to call? At this point the web site says the Edocs can not be retrieved. Does this seen normal. Am I missing something?
  16. My last two cruise have been on Norwegian Bliss, and Celebrity Equinox in that order. I enjoyed both. Both were the first time I ever had an unlimited drink package. I liked Norwegians drink package better. I was able to get two drinks at a time to bring back to the balcony as compared to making two trips on Celebrity. On Celebrity, I had to pay around three dollars per drink extra to get the drinks we wanted on most occasions. I did not run into that on Norwegian. On Celebrity, the first day I was bombarded relentlessly by crew members to upgrade my drink package and buy speciality dinning. They were like street hawkers. Celebrity may have had the edge on dinning service, as I was Aqua class and ate at Blu every day. But actually I preferred the multiple speciality restaurants on Norwegian and going to the pub food at the Local. I never went to the buffet on either, although the Bliss had a small buffet set up on the observation deck that I snacked at. Norwegian had the best cruise director and more overall energy on board. Both were equal on cleanliness. I felt the crew on Norwegian was happier. Even though I had to pay for a Latte everyday on Norwegian, at least it was a comforting Starbucks. I had a heck of a time communicating with the Celebrity Baristas. Most of the times, I did not get what I asked for. But it was free/included. It also had long lines. The rooms were equally nice. Norwegian had a bigger bathroom. But Celebrity had balcony chairs that laid back. My next cruise is Norwegian.
  17. Drink list shows, Woodford Old Fashion, and Matador also.
  18. We will be taking a 16 day Panama canal cruise on the Joy. I know that Footloose, Elements, the Beatles tribute, and comedians are scheduled. I have only been on seven day cruise in the past, and that entertainment schedule is the same. I am wondering if they bring on additional entertainment to fill the 16 days. I know they repeat the same performances on a back to back cruise, but this must be different. Maybe someone that was just on the recent16 day Joy Panama canal cruise knows. And I would love to hear about any other tips or advice for taking a longer cruise.
  19. My opinion after having had the beverage package on the Bliss is to not upgrade, since you are wanting mostly tropical type drinks. Also, you are not really that far from a bar area. And they let you order two drinks to take back to your balcony. That is not the case on other cruise lines, and a policy that helped me become a repeat customer. And another thing is, that if you don't call out your brand, they will use whatever brand they normally use. So just call out the brand that is included in the package. An example in my case was, Pina Colada with Malibu rum, or Moscow Mule with Absolute. And even then, the pool bars pushed the pre-mixed versions, so because of the wait, I drank those. Poor me.
  20. I have had the pool bartenders act put-out when I called out a brand name . Even had them ignore my request.
  21. One of the nice things about Norwegian drink package is that they let me order two drinks , which meant that my wife did not have to go to the mojito bar with me to get her drink . We had Moscow mules, Margeritas , Mojitos on the balcany often . It was convenient .
  22. Hilarious memories describes Halloween night well. I am envious of your Encore cruise. I hope to hear all about it.
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