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  1. Following along, thank you for sharing your experiences of this exotic adventure!
  2. Enjoying your adventures, thanks for sharing
  3. homeinboca

    Are You Amped About Sky Princess 2019?

    DW and I have sailed on both the Royal and Regal several times and enjoyed them very much. I have to say I'm surprised at the omission of Crooners. It's our routine to have a martini every evening before dinner there. Not happy with that change. The Vista Lounge revamp looks really nice, so perhaps that, or the CG Bar will be our go to spot for a quiet drink before dinner. Also I'm wondering how we would access the Retreat pool from the Sun Deck, where we normally sit during sea days? Would you have to walk through a hallway of cabins to get to the pool? Doesn't seem to be any outdoor access to that pool.
  4. homeinboca

    Regal Princess- not happy so far...

    HAH! We never go in the hot tubs for that very reason.
  5. Pia, so nice to see you back on the Princess boards. I've always enjoyed your comments and input. I'm so sorry for your loss and hope you have a wonderful time on the ship. Ron
  6. homeinboca

    Regal Princess- not happy so far...

    Couldn’t agree more. My sentiments exactly. Our Europe trips have all been about the ports and excursions. When we get back on board, just want to relax, go for a quick swim, have a cocktail or two, a nice dinner and watch a show. Love the Regal!
  7. Deb, following along. Thanks for sharing your insights. Much appreciated. Ron
  8. Thanks for the great information, this is a cruise we would like to do one day.
  9. I enjoyed your picture and review very much. Thanks for taking the time to share your travel experiences. As far as a choice for next cruise, i don't hesitate to recommend the Mediterranean cruises. They are truly a trip of a lifetime.
  10. Great review, great photos, thanks for sharing, it brought back many wonderful memories.
  11. homeinboca

    Live From Emerald June 4 2016 Baltic Heritage

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, lots of great information as we plan for a Baltic Cruise one day. I'm glad to hear the Tour company has worked out well for you.
  12. homeinboca

    Advice please on pursuing claim against Princess

    Wow, I couldn't believe how long this thread was, it just kept going and going. Very entertaining though! Thanks, I had a few good laughs...
  13. homeinboca

    Comparing Princess and Celebrity

    4000! I'm honoured. I'm looking forward to Belize and Roatan, never been. I do not know what kind of beans they use, but it certainly isn't Lavazza. I usually just drink the brewed or lattes at the IC anyways. Ron
  14. homeinboca

    Comparing Princess and Celebrity

    Great comparison Norris, and happy belated birthday. I finished your X review today also, and was certainly blown away by your pictures, it's a floating luxury resort. The Ruby looks more like an ship to me. Also, I know you are not a fan of the Royal class, but they have replaced the coffee syrup with fresh ground. Not that will change you mind to sail on them, but it might have given another advantage to PCL in the coffee category. We are going on the Caribbean Princess this fall for the first time to the Western Caribbean. I am going to look forward to reading your review of the ship and your experiences. Ron
  15. homeinboca

    First X Cruise:SILHOUETTE JAN 17 2016

    Hello Norris, I've come to the end of your great review. As you know I've followed you and Carol along on your adventures and enjoy your reviews and pictures very much. We did not cruise this winter because we are in the middle of making two weddings as both of our kids decided to get married within a year of each other (those crazy kids!) taking our cruise money. The nerve of them! The ship looked beautiful from the pictures, but as you know we are long time Princess cruisers and it seemed very different to us. I saw you booked your next cruise on X, has PCL lost you? I hope not! Glad you are well and home safe. Ron