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  1. I had it and I didn't specify anything and it definitely was not spicy at all. But it was very good.
  2. I think my wife booked this through Casino Royale, based on a discount from her previous play. But I knew all along about the propulsion issues and the likelihood of an itinerary change I was just a little curios at how long they took to officially inform us.
  3. We are on Allure's sailing tomorrow with what would have been the same itinerary however they didn't notify us of the change until right around final payment. They are not very upfront about the itinerary change at all. So yes there are still propulsion problems that will persist until the upcoming dry dock.
  4. Is there any other venue covered by the UDP that is open on Allure on embarkation day besides Sabor?
  5. Hi Greg, I wanted to thank you for the review, it is excellant. I will be on Allure next week and am trying to stay focused until till then and this is a wonderful distraction. Your style and content are just what I was looking, thanks.
  6. I sailed on her last year, just before she went to Cuba for the first time, and I thought that is was a "little ship with a big heart". And this really was true, not a lot of bells and whistles but an extremely friendly crew, one of the best I have ever seen. There was an issue with the Casino being a bit too hot but other than that it was really nice, if small ship. I would not be concerned in the least, but expect a very small cabin.
  7. Excellent review! Enjoying the read, especially since I also have avoided the "big ship" so far and I have just booked our first one on the Allure in November. Very interested in the rest of your review.
  8. The 11/10/18 Adventure roll call has also disappeared.
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