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  1. Yeah P I intend waiting until my renewal letter comes through.If we,re fortunate and our holiday goes ahead before then calling them wont be necessary
  2. How did you change their mind? Mrs JTS says my renewal is not due until August so a bit of a wait before I can give them a call unless I,ve holidayed by then which would be my preferred option
  3. Thanks P I,ll check with Mrs Jim The Scot when mines is due and will chance my luck when I call Nationwide
  4. Hi P Was your upgrade/ premium nearing renewal as I,m with Nationwide pay a premium for medical conditions every year? Although not been on holiday since my last renewal I do have one booked and when I say I have one booked its one that we have moved 2 or 3 times due to cancellation which I dont expect will go ahead either
  5. Yes disappointing Notts.I know how disappointed we were when our cruise in America this October was cancelled due to them bringing Discovery back to cover The Dream in Europe We,re booked on Discovery start of July and to be honest dont expect that to go ahead
  6. Read the article and they say they are pushing there restart date to May 4 to allow passengers to get vaccinated in time for their cruise. Do they know something I dont? JCV rollout not expecting my vaccine till some time in May and thats on the basis things go according to plan
  7. Merry Xmas to one and all As we say in the bonniest of Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿have a guid yin 🥂and hopefully we,ll be back cruising in the not too distant future
  8. Spot on Tipsy we also have always had travel insurance EHIC isnt a substitute for travel insurance EHIC coming to a probable end might put an end to the just giving pages set up by friends to assist those with medical costs whilst abroad or to bring them home who will now have to take out travel insurance
  9. Thanks P 👍 First time we,ve ever been given an upgrade by TUI which we know is down to the circumstances but welcome nonetheless
  10. Well our cruise we booked on the Dream about a year ago for July 2021 went live last night/ today on TUI website and having not heard anything from my TA regards our automatic transfer to the Discovery which is taking over the Dreams itinerary or cabin allocation took it upon myself to call TUI direct even though I knew that every chance they wouldnt divulge the info having not booked direct with them.How wrong could I have been.My call was answered quickly and they were more than happy to answer my query.Automatic transfer had gone ahead and having booked an outside + on the Dream expected t
  11. For all the cruises we have done we,ve only ever booked one through Tui however,of late the deals from our local TA we use are not a lot better than I can get through Tui so may well be looking to book online in the future
  12. Hi Sheila We have 4 branches within a 15 mile radius of where we stay, One is permanently closed,two are temporarily closed and the one in our town is open It wouldn,t surprise me if the two that are temporarily closed dont reopen
  13. Done a wee bit research and it appears the UK gov have changed their policy to 100 per 100,000
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