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  1. Thanks for that RR To be fair apart from one cruise never really had any issue with the service we,ve been given or shortage of staff on our cruises with Thomson/TUI/Marella.End of the day I suppose pluses and minuses for other cruise lines as there is with Marella
  2. Passing ships in the night RR but one day How have you found other cruise lines to Marella?Not got the courage/urge to try others as happy with Marella.Fullful our needs
  3. We,ve always been an outside plus on our numerous cruises on the Dream until our last cruise a few months ago when opted for an inside.Yes the inside cabin is smaller but more than enough space and strangely enough actually preferred the inside to the outside plus.We were midship on deck 6,cabin 6107 Would have no hesitation going for an inside again
  4. A thought the reason you were asking was because you were going on her next month 15th. Although we have been to the ports numerous times we got it at a good price and thought,why not,were only here once,no practice swing.Couldn,t do this when Mrs Jim The Scot was working (timewise) with her now retired we can,its money now that will stop us 😂
  5. Hi RR, Next month(3rd time this year 😁)and next May.Lost count on how many times it is now but its double figures if not close to it
  6. NO!!!!!so were we Pity you hadnt been on here prior to your cruise,we could have shared that drink we always threatened years ago if we happened to be on same cruise
  7. RR What date in May were you on the Dream?
  8. Your driver might have been having a bad day 😉 Just prior to turning left at fort theres a turning circle which is where we were dropped off then shuttle continued to town centre drop off. If you do get off at 1st stop be aware you dont get picked up there.You get picked up across the road from drop off point
  9. Hey RR,how you doing?Good to see/hear from you again,its been a while.. . like yourself was posting missing for a while on here as we had a wee break from cruising but missed it and back in the groove We got a bit adventurous a year or so ago and tried the Discovery.Enjoyed her but back to our fav the Dream
  10. We have done two cruises on the Dream this year from Palma from Edinburgh(6-30 am)Once we collected our luggage we made our way to the coaches and having done this numerous times knew where to go to get the coaches.Allocated our coach by rep,waited no longer than 5 mins and we were off.Arrived at port in not much more than 20 mins Straight forward and very slick
  11. There was 2 drop off points when we were their a few months back.First stop( the one we got off) was to the side of the fort close to the beach.Shortish walk to the port gates.Shuttle bus then continued further around to the left.Think they called it the town centre stop
  12. Been on the Dream twice this year and not a gin drinking but gins listed on drinks menu are Gordons,Beefeater London Dry and New Amsterdam.Might be the case that pink gin is available on the Premium Drinks Package
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