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  1. What happens to the insurance cost if our cruise is cancelled? Will we be reimbursed or an FCC provided. We purchased standard through NCL.
  2. Thanks, I was told that the credit will remain in my account but it will expire in June i believe. It cannot be used for any of the extras.
  3. Wondering of anyone has run into this. We had a cruise cancelled in April. We were provided 125% future cruise credit. I just called to book a cruise using the credit and was told only my husband and myself would get 125% credit. Since our boys will be in the cabin as 3rd and 4th free, we cannot use the 25% additional credit so only 100% would be applied. Since cruise pricing has increased i was hoping to take advantage of the kids free promo but wasn't aware we lose the additional 25% credit when doing so. It actually may be more beneficial to get the 2nd cabin. Anyone else run into this?
  4. Techically the consumer has not been notified either. Did anyone get an email on this? I have not. I only know about this due to these boards.
  5. I tried calling to get the refund and the person who answered did not know anything about this. I guess we have to wait for the information to get to the PCCs before we can get refunded. I only booked about 3 weeks back so I may contact my credit card company to hold the payment. Anything can happen in 90days.
  6. Here is our experience…. We booked 2 inside cabins (2 months from cruising). Within a few days of our booking, I logged in and noticed the upgrade bid link (I did not get an email). Bid for cabin #1 Ocean view $60 Balcony $130 We received the upgrade to Ocean view a few days after bidding. Total $120 Bid for Cabin #2 Ocean View $60 Balcony $170 We received the upgrade to the Balcony a few days after bidding. Total $340 We cruise April 11th during spring break.
  7. I did receive the upgrade once I updated my card info.
  8. I just recieved an email advising that they attempted to upgrade me but my card declined. I was provided an option to add a new card and start the process over. Thanks all for your help.
  9. This did not work for me. I do not get the option to cancel as the offer states processing.
  10. Hello, I bid for an upgrade on my upcoming cruise. I used a card that I have recently found has been compromised. The bank sent me a new card. My question is how do I update the card? I did som e research and found that I should cancel current offer and resubmit. The problem is current offer is not allowing me to cancel. When I select, it says expired. Anyone have any suggestions on how I may fix this? I tried calling NCL to no avail. Thank you
  11. Thanks all for your responses. I have to consider the pros and cons. I look forward to the upsell emails so if using and agent means this feature is unavailable, it might just be better to book direct.
  12. I am looking to book a cruise for April. Is it worth using a travel agent? I enjoy the research and planning and already have my eye on a cruise. Do you use a travel agent? If yes, why? Thanks
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