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  1. Interestingly, this happened on our cruise. I noticed that the tier credit counter was actually going backwards at one point. The slot tech explained that it had to do with the upload of data to the server and something about "lag time" while at sea. I didn't really buy it but after awhile I noticed a large jump in the tier credits so I figured he must have known what he was talking about. Now I wonder... Wish I could help you with that one. They are very tight lipped about what goes into their secret sauce. I've heard that they look at the average bet, amount of time you play and even whether you win or lose. My formula is simple, I always take the amount of money the cruise would have cost me if I had paid for it and that's what I gamble. Most of the time, I'll make it through the cruise without losing it all. Once in awhile I'll even come out ahead. 🙂
  2. Thanks for your replies. All very good suggestions. I did win a couple of hand pays so they do have those in the system. And, I always make it a point of meeting the host and spending time getting to know them. This cruise the host was Sylvia and we spoke every day. I know she had record of my play because we discussed discretionary comps on the final day of the cruise. If I had an email for her I would write her directly because I am sure she remembers me and my wife. There were very few regulars in the casino on that sailing. If I have any resolution I will post what I find out.
  3. I've been hesitant to post this because I wanted to give Celebrity ample opportunity to fix the problem. But seeing as though they haven't been able to, and won't communicate with me unless I call them, I thought I would see if anyone else has experienced this. I cruised on a third party casino offer on the Apex June 26th. We returned on July 3rd and two weeks later I called my TA to see if there were any other offers based on my play on the Apex. They informed me that they had not received notice of my play yet and they couldn't book another trip until they do. That's understandable, so I called BCC and asked about the record of my play from the Apex trip. They informed me that they had no record of me playing in the casino on the trip. I emphatically disagreed with them and asked them to please check with the ship to get this resolved. Long story short, It's been over a month since my first call with them and each time I call them, they act like they haven't heard of this problem. Each time, they promise to open an IT ticket to have it resolved within a few days and it never is. My call with them yesterday sounded promising since the BCC agent said she would send an urgent email to the head of casino operations, copying me, and that I should have a call from someone before the end of the day. Never saw an email and never received a call. My TA, has had no better luck on their end. Those of you that travel on Blue Chip Club offers know how important the record of play is. I'm convinced that they have lost the data and just won't tell me while they try to figure it out. Celebrity is our favorite line and we've cruised a dozen or more times with them but I find this situation frustrating and I'm not sure where to turn now. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Thanks.
  4. Bartender in Eden said it took three days to get over the feeling of being watched by this sculpture. Said it "freaked him the heck out".
  5. Last cruise pre-covid on the Edge, the waitstaff in Luminae learned that my wife loved carpaccio for an appetizer. They subsequently brought her a plate every evening as soon as she arrived. Luminae was definitely the best overall dining we've had on any cruise.
  6. Steve, we just did this on the second Apex sailing. My advice is to run, not walk, to your assigned Land Rover so you don’t get stuck sitting sideways in the back. Here is a photo of the vehicles.
  7. The embarkation day is a placeholder for the actual day. Our day was on Monday night, Limassol port day.
  8. We decided to stay on the ship for the sunset. It was beautiful but I can't wonder what it would have looked like from the altitude of Santorini.
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