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  1. The Jubilee was my first cruise way back in 1987. We left out of Miami and went to St Thomas, Nassua and San Juan. My husband's family ( we were engaged) liked to cruise and had been on the other ships. I found it so exciting...having to get dressed up and everything was so Fancy!!
  2. In Roatan, I recommend Maya Key. It is a little island off the dock at Coxen Hole port. They will provide transportation if you dock at Mahogany Bay. You have to book it through the ship excursions because they don't allow other visitors. There are no vendors or other people on the island. They take you our as a group snorkeling and it is great. They have a small pool and lunch is included,
  3. Thanks for the info. I'll be sure to keep an eye on the screens.
  4. We will soon be on our Getaway cruise that stops in Grand Cayman. Does anyone know what the procedure is for getting a tender? Do you have to go pick up a tender ticket number at a certain time? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you. We are really looking forward to having more space.
  6. We just found out that we will be staying in a family veranda at the back of the ship. I've not been able to find many new pictures of these rooms. If anyone has stayed in one?
  7. Thanks for posting those videos. In the first one with the living room and deck, I am amazed that I counted over 30 chachkies/vases/coral. That's not even counting the one's in bedroom and bathrooms.
  8. Any advice? Flying in to Newark early Tuesday, June 4 for the Celebrity Summit sailing on June 5 out of Port Liberty. Party of 4, me, my husband, 16 year old son and Grandma. We generally stay at Marriott/ Spring Hill Suits, mainly because we like having two beds and a sofa bed for my son, but realize that might not be possible. Looking for a hotel with hopefully free shuttles from the airport and to the cruise terminal. Plans for the day are check in, leave the bags and possibly go check out sights. After the cruise, our plans are to rent a car from Enterprise and visit with family in the area for a couple days and then coming back to the area to spend the night at the Newark airport before our flight the next day. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  9. I guess we could also do it the day before in Bar Harbor Maine. Either one would mean less stuff to bring.
  10. We are going on an 11 day Summit Cruise this summer. Boston is the half way point and was thinking about maybe trying to do a load of laundry. Does anyone know if there is a place nearish the port?
  11. It looks to me that they are for the upper berths. You can see them up in the ceiling. I've never seen those in any of the other cabin pictures I've looked at.
  12. I do like that the Celebrity cabins are all the same size. On Carnival, at least on the Breeze, the insides are small (170 sq ft ), the ocean views (220 sq ft) have more sq footage than the balcony cabins (185 sq ft plus 35 for the balcony) , because the balcony area is part of the room. It's nice to have that extra space if you don't really need the balcony.
  13. All the cruise lines are able to have 4 people per room, including Celebrity. They have upper berths that fold down from the ceiling. Kind of like a bunk bed with a ladder at the end. The room steward can fold it up during the day so it's out of the way. Some cabins will use the convertible sofa bed and one upper, and some have two upper berths. One of the NCL ships we were on had one upper and a trundle type bed that was under the regular bed and raised up to be regular height. It was interesting. I've seen a few pictures of the upper berths on Celebrity ships.
  14. We already have our cabin booked, so that's not an issue. I think we just have a regular cabin, but I will check on it. Any other advise or tips about Celebrity are welcomed. I know on Carnival, we love the Chocolate Melting cake. Is there any not to miss desserts?
  15. Thanks for all the replies. It's nice to know we are not the only people that book the "cheap seats". I would rather stay in an inside and go on more cruises. My husband is the one that is usually in the cabin more. He likes it cold and dark, so we call him the caveman. I will be sure call the Captains Club about our status on RCCL. I know my Mother-in-law is probably up there....she is diamond on carnival, but the rest of us are only platinum.
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