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  1. You must go to the early show I never have the problem second showing..
  2. ohh I don;t know if I agree with that last comment. I think Princess entertainers are fantastic.. They could be on off broadway.... I still think they do a good job I just didn't enjoy Magic to do...None of my party did to be honest. I have not see Once upon a dream so hopefully they are doing that one instead 😛 my husband and I just watched crazy rich Asians last night and we did not get what all the hype was about so I will skip that. My husband will be bummed if Antman isn't playing because I already told him it was since the person above said it was .... Christopher robin hopefully is good but I bet it's a quiet movie and will be hard to hear haha ...we shall see, getting on the boat in less than 10 hours....Can't sleep at 4:12 am lol
  3. yeah but i've been to Puerto V a lot and I've done a lot... I just wanted to chill at the pool and then switch to the beach for the best of both worlds... I never get a good seat next to the pool on the boat thanks to seat hogs so I don't utilize it that often and my mother gets paranoid about missing the boat so she feel comfortable doing Princess excursions. We love PV but I don't feel like doing a lot of thinking, I just want to relax... Hopefully it's a pretty beach.. I'll be bummed if it's not... haha I appreciate your suggestions and normally I agree 🙂 We have a place in Costa Rica and I love the local towns . I can totally see why people purchase vacation home in Puerto Vallarta.. i wish Princess would do a double day there instead of Cabo... Cabo just doesn't have the beauty that PV has... Thanks ALL
  4. It's 4 am ...I can't sleep.. Getting on the boat tomorrow and I'm looking forward to all the food 🙂 and I agree, I don't care about the name as long as it's yummy!
  5. oh okay thanks. I have zero desire to go on the internet when I'm on vacation so that wouldn't apply to me. I think I get a certain amount of internet minutes being platinum on Princess but never used them. If I did happen to use them It would be to get my candy crush rewards lol.... It's only 7 day though, I can live without the internet.. That's cool for people who like to use the internet to contact family and stuff .. 🙂
  6. Get this...The last Cruise I was on (Carnival Feb 2018) Some lady hit the jack pot for $20,000.00 ..she was in my roll call..... Everyone jokingly asked what machine it was so they could avoid it because it already hit ..and i crap you not the same Machine hit again for $20,000.00 Never say never my friends 🙂
  7. My first cruise on Carnival had a midnight buffet and yes it was a beautiful layout, lots of fruit carving displays and ice sculptures BUT I would never eat the food because the germs freaked me out. The first thing I noticed was all the people lined up to take pictures of it....leaning over the food and talking and breathing all over it LOL No thank you, turned me right off. I barely eat at the regular buffet while cruising.. I haven't seen a midnight buffet since but I also switched to Princess so I have no idea if Carnival still does them. 🙂
  8. Awesome! Thank you so much. One of our cruises stopped at Grand Turk in the Caribbean and there was a really nice pool at Margaritaville (If I remember correctly) so we thought we'd spend the day there.... only the water was soooooo cold we couldn't even get it. Thankfully that pool was free but this one we will have to pay for so I wanted to make sure the pool water isn't going to be too cold to where we can't get in it. Thanks
  9. Sorry for the multiple posts... SO, Banana Splits are made with a banana that's Split open with 3 scoops of ice cream on top Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry...Then it is topped with chocolate sauce/fudge ,whipped creme, cherries and nuts and it is called a Banana Split...and it's pretty much called a banana Split everywhere. According to the photo posted here, The Volcano from Princess does not look like a traditional Banana Split so technically it's not a Banana Split, it is a Princess Volcano 😛 Bon Appetite 🙂
  10. Ohhhhh I see the banana now... Yummy! Thanks for the info on that one... I will for sure order that
  11. oh no... My husband will enjoy antman haha he's been begging me to see it and I told him I simply DO NOT want to see it.. I guess I will have to cave as I have no choice..I won't make him suffer through mama mia haha Super bummed about that Magic to do.. It was not good at all in my opinion, I was hoping to see something else.. Oh well I guess I'll go to bed early that night or hit the casino... Thank you
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