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  1. Testing how to post pictures.
  2. Not on deck 8, but in an aft facing vista suite on deck 7. Pictures are here: https://halfacts.com/pinnacle-class/7193-koningsdam/
  3. You should join your roll call to meet other cruisers on this cruise. It is located here:
  4. It did say that if you plan to travel before your cruise, you would have to get the Form filled out no more than 7 days before your land tour or whatever you do before your cruise. Why aren't they also requiring people of any age, who have respiratory issues like COPD or Asthma, to get a Certificate of Medical Fitness?
  5. You can get info about Alaska Tour tips at this location. Click on "Alaska Tour Tips" https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/faq.html
  6. After you sign up for whatever unlimited package you want, there will be a $30 credit appear automatically on your statement. That's what happened on my last cruise.
  7. She is a true Canadian, even apoligized to Serena for winning. She's a class act. 😊 A generator is a requirement around here. The power feed in our subdivision is so un-reliable. It does't take much to knock it out. 😧
  8. Your friend now has his power back on. It came back about 45 min ago. It was out for 5 hours. Thank goodness I have a generator and am able to keep the internet and TV going. Got to watch the US Open and see our Canadian win. 😊
  9. If you are using a regular computer to access Navigator, there is an option to actually download the menu in DOC format and hence not have to take a screen short or right click as Dave mentions.
  10. You will receive a can and you can ask that it not be opened. That way you can take them back to your cabin.
  11. Based on the table in post #2, the Surf Plan would be $169.99 for 14 days. I was on a recent 11 day cruise and paid $139.99 for the Surf Plan, so I believe the table to be accurate.
  12. look at this thread to start. It should help with your questions. The table with prices only goes out to 31 days, so you'll need to contact HAL for a price for 40 days.
  13. The Surf Plan supports POP3 mail accounts. I have one myself and it worked fine with the Surf Plan.
  14. The ships wi-fi is not connected to the internet unless you purchase a package. When you connect to the ships intranet, you communicate with the internal Navigator app either by downloading the HAL Navigator app beforehand or using a web browser and typing in Navigator.com. Once you create your account on the intranet, you can decide if you want to connect to the internet by purchasing a package from HAL. That is the only way you will be able to receive text messages unless you use Cellular Data to connect to the internet. Don't recommend this unless you have a Roaming package from your Cellular provider.
  15. You have to buy a package if you want to receive text calls from home. The ship's intranet only allows you to connect to certain web sites free of charge (HAL site, NY Times). I believe all ships offer the unlimited internet plans now. Once you have signed up for a package, you can leave your phone logged into the internet continuously.
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