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  1. Are you suggesting they are 'open to all' meaning you do not need to rent a cabana to sit in those loungers?
  2. Lovely tidbits to read while lounging on deck 😍 I'm too excited. Clothing packed, wait. Forgot my nightlight... lol ok heading off to the dollar store (where nothing is a dollar anymore) 🤨😎
  3. Well, I don't think I'm a coffee snob 😂 BUT I do enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee and an espresso and latte too... so it looks like I AM A COFFEE SNOB 😳😂 Its the little things that make me happy and an excellent cup of coffee is one of the little things 💝 See you all soon xo
  4. Thanks - another crazy question, we requested late seating and said table of 8 even though we are a party of 4 - we were hoping to mingle with other guests. Will we be seated with others? Or should I amend our table request to just 4 instead of 8? Not really sure what I'm doing... 😜
  5. Also someone stated Coffee was 'horrible'. Tell me this isn't so? I do need a good cup of java to kick start my day 😳
  6. I'm curious as to why people want/need to know their seat assignments? I've never been on Holland and now I'm worried I will have horrible seating if I don't pick something? Is there a suggestion or preferred seating? Thanks
  7. What a lovely, wonderful and kind thing to do. Wish we were on your cruise. Happy Holidays 'Crew News' aka Santa? 😊
  8. We are boarding on Dec. 22nd, 1) is there a fee to go on a ship tour? And 2) how do I sign up? Sorry new here havent cruised in a few years and first time with HAL 😄
  9. I'm having trouble logging into Navigator app 😕 Could it be I have to wait until my trip? We board in 6 days 😊
  10. OR I could follow behind a 5* and say 'I'm with them' 😂
  11. I was given a Mariner number but this is my first Holland cruise so I guess I wouldn't qualify? Will probably be stuck swabbing the decks? lol
  12. Um HOLY COW I just looked at the wines offered for sale... apparently savings up to 25% if you order ahead. The Barringers I drink here is $17 bottle but $75 on the Ship. OUCH. Sorry, that's so surprising as well. We are Canadian so US funds are an additional %35 more to convert to us funds... Hmmmm deciding possibly no alcohol 😞 Waaaaaa OR each of us carry on a bottle in our carry ons? so 4 bottles reasonable (but I have to drink in my room?) plus 2 crazy $$$ expensive on the ship.
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