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  1. Before Hubby started cruising alone we always booked an aft wrap around. On the Vista ships we did our best to book Deck 5 aft wraps. We never ever heard engine noise, nor any other noises. Joanie
  2. Uh Yeah I definitely get it Sail!! I am doing OK:) I'd love to be on a cruise instead of home but...... So while Roger is cruising I get a chance to have a StayCation:) I I LOVE having Grubhub and Doordash:) Joanie
  3. Oh yeah it was very very ouchy:) But heck, it allowed me to give the middle finger salute to the Captain:) It was also hilarious when we pointed out to the Canadian Nurse, who'd bandaged me, that the way it was wrapped and looked like a 'male' uh..er....how to say this and stay in family mode..........body part.....LOL She was so embarrassed:) Joanie
  4. A Freaking Men!!!!!!!!!!! Did I ask or demand ComPensation from HAL when my Veranda door slammed shut with 4 of my fingers getting caught in it, when 1 of them requiring stitches? NO I did not! I did not ask for or even demand all the required medical attention that was required for the daily Doctor's care I had to undergo. HAL did not charge me a dime for the Medical. Sail, I think in this day and age, people are enabled to the point of a kind of Gimme, Gimme mentality? Joanie
  5. From your mouth (well fingers)........ LOL. Roger can be very thoughtful, but........I doubt it will happen.... Joanie
  6. Santa visited early. He's on a DAM ship:) LOL Joanie
  7. Better than the ship tenders we had KK when we were there:) Joanie
  8. Here is Roger (Crew News) site: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/ Josnie
  9. You were either on our ship Zuiderdam or Westerdam. We were the last 2 HAL ships closing out the Alaska Season. And we both ended up about a mile apart in the Pacific:) Was the door you are talking about the LIDA Aft doors? If so, YES that was the same cruise. The Captain had shut down all outside decks and the crews had placed semi blockades to the Lido Aft so the idiot opening and causing it's breakage had no excuse. Joanie
  10. Believe me there were messes all over the ship, to include the Crow's Nest when all of the goodies provided by the ship hit the floor. I felt awful for the Chef and his staff because they'd worked gorgeous goodies, carved melons and more and the only thing that survived was the Ice Water and the 50 person flat cake.... Oh well, we got a lot in return though...Memories of all that seemed disastrous at the time, is absolutely hilarious in the retelling:) Joanie
  11. I also forgot to mention that the last Bomb Cyclone (week of 24 September 2011) was so wild and Unexpected by the highest Ship Officers were Standing around at 9:45am PST with all of our 60+CC members for our M&G when alarms started going off, Sat phones or Ship Phones (not sure which) started ringing as the ship took her first of many extreme lists. That is how unexpected it was. We took 2 (two)20% lists and headed out about 1 mile into the Pacific Ocean, as did the Westerdam. \ No my friend the Yikes came 2 fold for hubby and I....... Hubby was leaving the Crow's Nest to return to our stateroom to take some Dramamine. As he entered the elevator a very dear friend (God rest her soul) start to scooter into the elevator on her geriatric scooter when the 1st of the 20% lists hit. Would not have been bad... except for the fact the list shot her scooter shooting into the elevator and hubby!!!! Thankfully the ship righted itself before they made contact:) Mine almost became the Media Headline "Cruise Line announces missing passenger in Gulf of Alaska. It is believed the passenger jumped from her rear facing stateroom after Cruise Critic Meet and Greet she was hosting turned into major catastrophe." I had been feeling the rocking and rolling of the storm and for me the relief is sitting in fresh air and watching the horizon, which is what I was doing when the ship did that infamous first list............I sat there in one deck chair closest to my door and watched as 1/2 our deck furniture went piling OFF the ship!!! It was the same moment I realized I was looking down to the sea below......................I was able to get to my knees (trying to make my self smaller and grabbed the door handle and get back into my stateroom and sit on a suite chair to calm down.............. Those were our 2 Yikes moment:) BTW the funniest thing ever happened as the storm started to subsided. Roger had been trying to ease his sea sickness ny Dramamine and nap. As he woke he started searching for something on his chest and then his cell phone. I asked him why he needed his cell, he said, "So I can call 911." Huhhhhhhhhhh???? Why do you want to call 911? I don't think they can do a better job than the Captain........... Joanie
  12. I've been in the sister stateroom on her older sister Nieuw Amsterdam as well as the most of the Vista class ships. For me, it is the best stateroom on the ship(s). But then again, I went through 3 cyclones in a little more than a week on board the Zuiderdam. off the Coast of Alaska in September 2011. Let me tell ya, when there is Green water going over the Bridge, ya knows ya is seeing something rarely see my large cruise ship passengers. And I LOVED them all:) However, I seldom find passengers who also enjoy the wave action like me:) I happened to see something that made me see the light as to why your cruise was aRockin and aRollen so much. You went through or near to a BOMB CYCLONE!!! QUOTE "A record 75-foot wave off California coast was produced by ... https://www.latimes.com › california › story › thanksgiving-week-storm-re... 2 days ago - The historic 'bomb cyclone' winter storm set records for big waves and low pressure off northwest California." UNQUOTE
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