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  1. So sad. I have cancelled this cruise. The uncertainly (or certainty that it will not happen) has won out. That combined with the total redeploy of the Australian season has made it all too hard. Good luck all. I hope it happens for your sakes. Raina
  2. I overnighted a few years back. We hired a driver. On day one went out to the Dead Sea, wadi David and Messada. Amazing. then back to Jerusalem for the night. Day two did a huge tour of Jerusalem including walking the Stations of the Cross. brilliant two days.
  3. Hummmm. To strip out more gear? Or just to confuse us more? Hate this!!!
  4. Sadly I agree with you Nancy. She is rusting away at anchor waiting her turn.
  5. I'm confused. I thought you said your observation was in hotels and restaurants. Of course on ships it is totally different. Same as you have very few US staff on ships out of the US.
  6. Doesn't matter where they are from - they all get paid the same basic wage, which is a living wage. Plus Australia is very multi cultural. You wouldn't be able to pick nationality from skin colour or accent.
  7. Pinnace member @Sylvain_Plasse is on board and has been doing updates and posting captains announcements on his Instagram account.
  8. 1 through 5 are correct. Very like when cruising out of Miami the majority of passengers are for the US. The suite areas are amazing...but there is still a huge amount of the ship available to all. Only some activities have a surcharge - North Star being one, but it is a much longer ride where it goes out over the side. There is still plenty of western food to eat. But the Asian food is really good. "DaDong" (the Asian version of Wonderland is amazing), Hot pot is fantastic as is Schezwan (they do not hot dishes). The cabins are lovely. The same as Quantum and Oasis class
  9. Was not giving advise. Just stating a fact. Stupid that it doesn't ask you to say they are a significant other.
  10. IF you change the address the computer has no way of knowing if they are father and son or in a relationship.
  11. I'd second Lijo Jose's tours. But definitely go for two nights. Day 1 - we flew to Delhi, then had a coach to Agra. Got their late, ate and slept. Day 2 was up early - very early - but we were inside the Taj complex to watch the colours come over the building. Magic. After breakfast we then did the Red Fort of Agra, a visit to the marble carvers (descendants of the people who build the Taj), great lunch then a visit to an embroiders. Don't list to people who say the 'factories' are a waste of time. We then bused back to Delhi - the trip was one of the most exciting parts
  12. The Jewel is amazing. I spent 8 hours there before I even went to Air Side of the airport.| It really is a day trip on its own.
  13. So..... Based on what you are saying....if a couple are cruising and one person works and the other is say a stay at home parent - should the non working person get points or just the wage earner. Same thing as kids!
  14. Not a chance. Its bot the length of an O class that would keep it out of the OPT in Sydney. It's the width. It would block half of the ferry channels. Like was said above - maybe Brisbane...in future years. R
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