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  1. Keith Next time you update, would you change my listing to: Oct 26 (OCY211026-24) New York to the Amazon - mreasier (Wayne/Bonnie) It is the name Crystal give the cruise and also we will be consistent with krb1000 Thanks
  2. Keith, first of all I want to thank you for providing all this wonderful information. We just booked our first Crystal cruise after going on almost 40 cruises on other cruise lines. The information you have provided is incredibly useful. I do have one small suggestion. When you post an update, could you provide some kind of indicator of what has changed? That way, we would not have to read through the entire post to find the change. Perhaps you have already done this and I missed it or you have decided not to do it. Again, thanks for all your hard work.
  3. Thanks for the info. Those aft deck spaces sound really nice. Love to watch the wake.
  4. After almost 40 cruises on other cruise lines, we have booked our 1st Crystal cruise, on the Serenity. One of the many things we think we are going to like about the ship is the wide full wrap around Promenade Deck. However, any pictures I have seen of the promenade do not show any chairs. Is the a reason for this? Relaxing on a chair in the shade on the promenade is one of our favorite things to do.
  5. Hi Keith Please add us to this 2021 Serenity cruise: Oct 26 (OCY211026-24) New York to Miami - mreasier (Wayne/Bonnie) Our 1st Crystal Cruise!
  6. Yes, could be they were on a private car tour, maybe even booked at the dock. We avoid these types of "tours". Or they could have been at a bar and caught ride back to the port or a number of other possibilities. We book with tour companies who tend to have multiple vehicles and drivers who communicate problems with each other. They also have a reputation to protect. Something else everyone should do is bring the Princess Port Guide with them in each port. It has phone numbers to call in case there are problems. If the captain knows you are only a few minutes away, he might stay. If he doesn't have any idea where you are, he will probably leave.
  7. All I was trying to say was that the risk of being left behind if on a private tour is way overstated. I have not seen a single post here on CC where someone on a private tour reported being left behind. I have not seen a single YouTube video that said the that the late people were on a private tour. I have seen plenty where it was clear the people were shopping, drinking or just unaware of time. I'm not saying it hasn't happened, but I have not heard of it. While we have not cruised as much as many here, we have cruised over 400 days on 36 cruises, stopping at over 150 ports in over 50 countries. We have done mostly private tours on these cruises, most in small groups of 5 to 15. No one in any of these tours has ever mentioned even being close to being late. As others have stated, common sense and precautions should be followed. On any tour I organize, I make it clear we are to return to the ship 1 hour before all aboard time. If the tour involves some distance driving, I make sure we go to the furthest point 1st, and then work our way back. As others have also stated, we only book with reputable companies with liberal cancellation policies and missed port refunds if any up front payments are required. The savings are considerable. In June of 2018 in Stavanger, Norway, we booked a 3 hour scenic cruise down the Lysefjord thru a local company. Princess offered almost the exact same tour. Their price was $380 for two. It cost us $125 for two. The Princess tour did include “refreshments”. Unless they were Dom Perignon and beluga caviar, not exactly a good deal. That is the way they get around their best price guarantee. You will usually find that the Princess tour is just a little different than those offered by private companies. Not anywhere near enough to justify the additional cost, just to make it different.
  8. Yes, I am quite aware of Princess waiting for one of their tours being late. I still have not heard of anyone being left behind because a private tour was late.
  9. Interesting wording from Princess. The guarantee is "return to ship". Waiting is a "promise". The chance of Princess not waiting and the chance of a private tour being late are both infinitesimal.
  10. Just a couple of points. First, has anyone actually heard of someone missing the ship while on a private tour booked ahead from a private tour company? I certainly have not. Those I have heard about or seen on YouTube all appear to be power shoppers or power drinkers who lost track of time. Second, it is not true that the ship will wait for you if you are on a Princess tour. They do guarantee to get you back to the ship at no additional cost, but it may be at the next port (or 2 or 3). On a 49 day cruise around South America on the Grand Princess in 2013, our roll call organized about 90 private tours. Not a single one of them was late getting back to the ship. However, a Princess tour to Machu Picchu had transportation delays. The ship did not wait and the passengers did not catch up with the ship for a port or two. It did not cost them any $ but they were not happy. Many private tour companies do offer the same guarantee. There can be several reasons why a ship cannot wait, even for a ship's tour. Tides and berth reservations are just a couple of them.
  11. In general, I agree with the OP. We have a special spot in our hearts for the CB - we got married on her in 2006. But we much prefer the original Grand Class ships. Agreed, the capacity of the CB is not 3,600 but the 500 additional passengers from the original Grand Class ships do make the "Super" Grand Class ships more crowded. In addition, the elimination of the covered pool Conservatory area makes them much less desirable than the original Grand Class, especially on a cool weather cruise. At least the Emerald, Ruby and Crown did add the Adagio lounge which helped a little. The sad news to us is that the original Grand Class ships are rapidly disappearing from the fleet.
  12. We have done 28 days on the Royal and 100's of days on Grand Class ships. We much prefer the Grand Class, especially the original size with a covered pool area and without a Riviera Deck. Royal Pluses: - Buffet with huge selection and coffee made from grounds - Expanded menu Alfredo's - Gorgeous large Piazza Royal Minuses: - No Explorer's Lounge or similar venue. Resulted in the Piazza being used for noisy activities and entertainment. Some like it but we found it hard to enjoy the Piazza with all the noise going on there for contests, music, etc. Seating and sight lines there are poor. - No place to get a forward view, either inside or outside, except for the extra cost Sanctuary. - No covered pool area. Especially missed on a cool weather cruise. - Use of Princess Live for trivia, etc. - Small balconies - Lack of walk around covered Promenade
  13. I think you were seeing people in the Sanctuary who paid $$$$ to be there. According to an article here in Cruise Critic, "During special cruise experiences -- such as scenic cruising through Glacier Bay, Tracy Arm, College Fjord, Panama Canal or Suez Canal -- Princess offers a "Scenic Sanctuary Package" with a higher price tag -- roughly $60 to $75 per person -- depending on the itinerary. The package gives passengers exclusive access to The Sanctuary while scenic cruising; it's the only way to access the space on these days." I would not take a ship to Alaska where I had to pay $60 to $75 pp just to get a forward view.
  14. Sorry about that. I guess I had a senior brain f..t. Somehow my feeble mind equated the Faroe Islands with the Lofoten islands. We did go to the Faroe Islands on a different cruise in 2011. Unfortunately, we could not find a ship's or an independent tour we found interesting enough to join. We took a ship's shuttle up to some sort of museum at the top of the hill above Tórshavn. We then spent a few hours walking back down the hill and explored the interesting town. Again, sorry for the confusion.
  15. My strategy on private tours is to go to the furthest point first and then work our way back. It is safer just in case there is any problem. On this tour we went to Å first. On the way we made a quick stop at the Flakstad Church and a photo stop at one of the beaches. Å is a fishing village at the end of the road. We stayed there for a while and then stopped for lunch. Trip Advisor said that Anitas in Sakrisoya had the best fish sandwiches in Norway. We stopped there and confirmed it. Nothing like fresh baked bread, lighted breaded fresh fish, and fresh greens all topped with shrimp. Our next stop was Nusfjord which is an open air museum and the best-preserved fishing village in the Islands. The final stop was in Vikten, another small village with a family-owned glassblowing company. We watched them make glass for a while and then enjoyed the sights of the area and listened to the waves breaking on the shore. It was a full but not rushed day and we got back to the tender dock in plenty of time.
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