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  1. Don't overlook the second to last sentence re the ability to get a refund at the end of the credits usage period, if one is unable to use the credits by 12/31/23
  2. That's very disappointing for you all. Did Crystal say whether you can rebook at the same price?
  3. And the Serenity May cancellation notices were sent out this evening.
  4. I received the May 1 Symphony cancellation email about 1 1/2 hours ago.
  5. I received the May 1 Symphony cancellation notice earlier this evening.
  6. It was to avoid cannibalizing the paying passengers. It is possible to be enrichment, then paying, then enrichment. But not paying, then enrichment, except under exceptional circumstances.
  7. Very few cruises have 8 Ambassador Hosts. 4 is the standard. They generally share rooms, so only 2 rooms are used. Generally these are non-passenger rooms, at least on the Symphony. Another of their duties that no one has mentioned yet, is they host the shared dinner tables in Waterside, generally every other night. While some cruises may have not so many dancers, others such as the Symphony last January have quite a few. We had upwards of 30 ladies without dance partners and only 4 hosts when we left San Diego. Fortunately the Cruise Director was able to get another 2 to board in
  8. I've done one maybe two years ago where we were in a downtown hotel until about 5pm. I left my carry off luggage there and went out sightseeing. I don't recall off hand which port it was; perhaps Auckland.
  9. Mark Farris has a Happy New Year's video: https://www.facebook.com/676211315/posts/10157596193736316/
  10. Happy New Year to all from sunny California.
  11. Thanks, FL42501 for the alert. Definitely a treat. Here is the show: https://www.facebook.com/markfarrisentertainer/videos/686957181971745 . Note you don't have to be a Facebook user in order to access as it is a public page. I think this is #10 in his Quarantine Cabaret series.
  12. Ivi, see my augmented post above.
  13. I don’t think that is correct. Seems to me the cancelled by Crystal cancellation terms say if the FCP/FCC is opted for and the FCP is ultimately not used by X date, then a cash refund will be due for the (unused) FCP. I have already had a cruise cancelled which was paid for using FCP/FCCs. The amounts were returned to the originally cancelled cruise which had earned them and thus are still in my account available for another chance at using.
  14. Clarification: May 1 departure of Symphony is not listed (yet) as cancelled. May 4 departure of Serenity is. Thus currently both ships are scheduled to start from Rome, Symphony on May 1 and Serenity on May 12.
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