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  1. They have designed the 7-nighters with you in mind. Just combine two for 14 nights with no repeated ports.
  2. I finally got an offer. 5%, max $240, on Chase United Airlines card.
  3. I inquired, Meet & Mingle is 1/22 5:30pm.
  4. Getting back on topic, an improved smoke extraction system for the Connoisseur Club. I cannot wait!
  5. Room service has access to microwave on all or most decks - not sure about 5. They heat up my eye therapy mask for me (most) every morning, 20-30 seconds depending on location of my stateroom vis a vis the microwave. I just call room service and say “microwave time”.
  6. Yes, just a immigration/customs stop.
  7. Symphony now arriving San Diego noon tomorrow for an overnight before disembarkation on 5th.
  8. I was on this cruise as well. Clearly we were hanging out in different venues as I saw the Cruise Director several times daily such as introducing each of the lecturers, closing the 2 or 4 nightly shows, leading YMCA at the White Extravaganza, dancing with the guests at the dance parties post shows, wandering the ship checking the various entertainment venues before bedtime and live on TV at 5pm for the ever important 5 o’clock trivia.
  9. I was on these cruises and regularly had tea with another guest. She would inquire what the sandwiches of the day were, select two and have only them delivered. We also saw other tables who just had a single tier of the otherwise three tier stand at their table (usually the pastry tier if I recall correctly). As the weather cooled off outside as the ship journeyed north, it did get cold on board. I, who am always hot, did put on a sweater. They did adjust the a/c to less cold after all the complaints.
  10. And again I’m trying to understand why you can’t understand that I was trying to be helpful to let those who might expect a package know the packages were shipping to on the lookout for them. It came via a shipping company I have never heard of so I am not registered with it and thus received no advance notification. Perhaps this applies to others as well.
  11. In the USA the banking industry doesn’t want to switch from signature to pin as it can charge the merchants higher fees for signature. Thus we are as others pointed out years behind in adopting better technology. You can add a pin to your USA credit card for use abroad, but be sure you know whether your USA bank is going to treat any pin processed transaction abroad as a charge or as a cash advance with resultant fees.
  12. I don’t know whether the rest of you get it or not. On the off chance that someone may get it and may not be home, I’m letting them know so that they can make arrangements to have the candy retrieved before it is stolen, frozen, melted, eaten by a neighborhood dog etc. I consider this a public service announcement. Should you not be in the candy receiving demographic or live in a ritzy building with door personnel to receive packages, just ignore.
  13. Gee whiz. I was just trying to let those not at home know that this week, as opposed say to sometime in January, was when candy was arriving so they could make arrangements to have it retrieved before porch pirates or the like absconded with it.
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