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  1. Countess K

    Aqua Expeditions - Amazon

    You'll be in the skiffs out on the water or on nature trails during the day so I would recommend long, khaki (or light colored) trousers & tops. Mosquitoes are drawn to black or dark colored garments, so choose your wardrobe accordingly. To avoid sunburn, bugs and contact with plants that can cause pain or injury, I would suggest wearing long sleeves (the sort that can be rolled up or down as needed) and long pants, both in light-weight fabrics. Out on the water after sundown it can get cool and you'll be glad for long sleeves and trousers. After your last outing of the day, you'll want a shower and then you can dress up a bit for dinner, if you like. A pretty top & a long skirt or slacks is fine with sandals. Pack bug repellent (individually packaged wipes are very handy), some sort of packable sun-shading hat and DON'T FORGET your camera and a good pair of binoculars. You'll probably have a chance to swim in the river (we did), so bring your swimsuit. Is that helpful? Let me know if you have other questions.
  2. Countess K

    Aqua Expeditions - Amazon

    Lucky you! I did a 4-nite cruise on the Aqua's sister ship, the Aria, this past May (which is highwater season) and it was fabulous! The ships are basically the same - they are both very intimate but beautifully laid out & elegantly decorated. There's a feeling of openness and spaciousness that is very luxurious & relaxing. The guides were extremely well-versed in flora & fauna (including the care & feeding of tourists) the food was delicious, and of course cruising the Amazonian headwaters itself is an experience never-to-be-forgotten. If you have specific questions, fire away. Happy to give you my impressions.
  3. Countess K

    Silver Cloud Cape Town to Mombasa Dec. 2015

    Greetings, Duct Tape and thank you so much for your very helpful reply. I definitely am planning on booking this cruise (along with Natalie), especially given your recommendations. All the ports sound so exotic, and the opportunity to do a land safari as well is just icing on the cake. Also, the Wind and the Cloud are my fav' SS ships, so am drawn to their itins. Noticed on the forum that mention has been made of health issues; do hope these are behind you now. As you say, mustn't let anything deter one from cruising! Best wishes, Kathy
  4. Having done the SS Cape Town to Cape Verde cruise a couple of years ago (it was the by far the best cruise I've ever been on!), I'm very interested in exploring the opposite coast of Africa on the Cloud's Dec. 2105 cruise #1534. I'm thinking this itin looks a bit different from past SS East Africa cruises, but would very much like to get input from those of you who may have done some or all of these ports. Duct Tape, I'm thinking I recall you may have done this (or a similiar cruise) and would welcome your input/advice.
  5. Countess K

    Dress Code changes

    Good point, Canadian Kate - be realistic and re-arrange/re-use. And Duct Tape, you're right, while I can't recall exactly each formal ensemble, I do remember you looked wonderful and I was quite impressed with your dressmaker. I truly enjoy all the formal nights and hope they long remain part of the Silversea experience; it's one of the things that distinguishes SS from the rest of the pack.
  6. Countess K

    Passenger List

    This can't be true?!?!?! :eek: I totally rely on the printed Passenger List both during and after the cruise. Without it, I will be hopeless with remembering names and hometowns. Seriously, without my 'cheat sheet' to study every night, I don't know what I'll do! Gosh, yes - do bring it back. Opt in/Opt out, whatever, just please don't take away this criticial aide-memoire.
  7. Countess K

    Silver shadow live review: 3213 Tokyo to seward

    Thanx, CMHMarine for the detailed posts - keep 'em coming. Having never been to Japan or Alaska, I am really looking forward to doing this cruise in May 2013 & am most anxious to hear your experiences so that I can get the most out of this itinerary.
  8. Countess K

    single supplements?

    Thank you, PhilipB! How clever of you to notice that. I will keep that in my bag of tricks.
  9. Countess K

    single supplements?

    Yes, I quite agree - I love to cruise solo on Silversea (such intimate ships make me feel like I've joined a lovely house party to which I am warmly welcomed) and quite often it's the lure of a reasonable single supplement alone that guides my choice of cruise. An unusual itin with a low supplement can persuade me to book a cruise I might not even consider otherwise. Please Silversea, put specific single supplement information back on the fare pages of the website. I've already booked my solo cruise for 2013, and would consider booking another, if the supplement was attractive - and easy to find.
  10. Countess K

    Silver Wind - Vista cabin 738?

    Absolutely right, Duct Tape. #738 is far and away the best Vista on the Wind. I had the luxury of staying in that suite solo on the Med last year and I felt like I'd hit the lottery. It's very large, private and quiet. Instead of a balcony, there are 2 large windows (one in the bed alcove and one in the sitting area), which makes it seem even larger. If you can get that suite, book it today!
  11. Countess K

    Tower bridge, cloud 10july ex copenhagen

    Bravo, Duct Tape - that's an absolutely brilliant analogy (and so true)!
  12. Countess K

    Live posting from 2205 Wind Cape Town to Las Palmas

    Have finally arrived home (spent a little time in Madrid before heading back to the workaday world) and have enjoyed re-living this great cruise thru your posts, CKate! Thanx for taking the time to put it all down for both those who weren't there to enjoy it all with us, and esp. for me, who was there having such fun, I didn't take time out to do any live posting. Meeting you and DuctTape (and your respective other halves) was a delight. This cruise was something of a revelation to me as I found that sea days can be even more fun than port days. The luxury of staying in your swimsuit all day by the pool snoozing, chatting with friends, playing cards, gossiping (!), reading and being catered to at every turn by the great pool staff is addictive. The port days, of course were terrific too-this West African itin is really special. I booked some independent tours in Walvis Bay and in Ghana that were superb and I would highly recommend these great local operators to anyone interested in getting off on your own. If you're interested in further info, let me know and we can discuss offline.
  13. Countess K

    Silver Wind #2205 Feb 2012 West Africa

    Just got my "Silver Box" the other day and am really looking foward to our Feb. 13th departure from Cape Town! I've also been booking a few special port excursions that are not offered by Silversea and would like to know if anyone else would be interested in joining us for (1) at Walvis Bay, a private scenic Sossusvlei flight over the magnificant dunes bordering the Atlantic; (2) an Historians Dune Quad Tour (this is a NOT a dune-bashing rally); or (3) private car/driver day-tour of Dakar and Goree Island with lunch. While I've never been unhappy with any Silversea excursion I've taken, I've found that a small group, a small[er] price and private arrangements make for a memorable personal experience. Send me your email if you would like to discuss details.
  14. Countess K

    Silver Wind #2205 Feb 2012 West Africa

    Thought I'd revive this thread as we are quickly closing in on our Feb. 13th departure from Cape Town - yipee! I don't know about the rest of you, but I am getting so excited about this cruise! Have been doing some research on the various ports and am wondering if we need to get visas for any of these West African countries? I have come across info that seems to indicate Ghana requires visas. Especially if one is going to do some exploring while in port on their own, or with a private guide (i.e., not with a Silversea excursion) this might be problematic. Anyone have any experience of knowledge re: visas needed for this itin?
  15. Countess K

    Silversea Experience - Walvis Bay...

    Yes, I quite understand that SilverSea is not doing away with the Dinner in the Desert excursion completely, it's just deleting it from the options available to the Wind passengers on #2205. What's with that? :confused: Obviously, since they will be doing this experience for the World Tour and the Whisper, they still have the local tour arrangers that can & will provide the experience. So why can't they at least make it available to us on the Wind? What are we - chopped liver?? It's not like the SS ships are routinely overnight in Walvis Bay - this is an unusual and special stop on an unsual and special itinerary. At least give us the option to opt to pay for the experience, if we wish.