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  1. I walked off with 2 large bottles of water as I had so many from foolishly buying RCCIs "water package" and I had no issue whatsoever. I used oldcartours.com for my 1954 Chevy convertible ride around Havana and the driver most appreciated the 1 large bottle of the 2 that I took with me.
  2. Absolutely! Don't ask the line that question however, they will always lie to you and tell you that you are required to take one of their tours. Heard you could get off on your own from so many people and finally went on Nordic Empress last fall with 2 port days including overnight and got off on my own 4 different times!
  3. Could not be said better! When I first heard this I could not believe! In my 137 cruises I maybe ordered a 2nd entree 5 times. That said, hearing this now just further cements my disdain for cruising which is a vacation the quality of which is dictated by Wall Street!
  4. I had this cabin down to Havana this past Sept 6th. While it is small it was bright and airy. Surely enough closet space for a shorter cruise and a big enough area to get dressed. Ample space in the bathroom for storing things and a desk where I was able to work with my laptop. Quiet yet convenient to a major stairwell that got me to the Windjammer quickly. My only criticism would be that the cabin soft goods have a worn look and there are a lot of scuff marks on the walls/baseboard. Hope that helps!
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