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  1. We're booked on Carnival, Princess, and Viking this year, 2022, and 2023. Six cruises for now, maybe more in 2023.
  2. We're booked for October 30th on Carnival, November 30th on Princess, and March 24th next year on Princess. I'm hoping they all happen!
  3. The amount I'm willing to pay? Nothing.
  4. I have no problem with a tracking device. We'll be diving, so I don't think it will do too well underwater.
  5. Never had any interest in participating one before, sure won't now.
  6. We're booked on her for October 30th. Have been wanting to do a Halloween cruise for several years now, so I hope this one goes. Our other one (on Miracle) out of San Diego was cancelled.
  7. I have so many, but one will always be very special to me. My fiancée and I were on our pre-wedding cruise on Carnival Legend, which was doing a repositioning cruise to Australia. He used to be a professional musician and we loved karaoke. We had a special song and on the last night, I got up to sing it to him. Halfway through the song, something went wrong with the screen and it stopped displaying the lyrics. I knew the Spanish lyrics, but hadn't fully memorized the English portion. Russ got up, grabbed the other microphone, and went down on one knee in front of me to sing them to me.
  8. Thanks! We're on Deck 7, the space looks great to me. Smaller than I'm used to on Spirit class, but close enough to work. The Havana aft room would have been horrible.
  9. It absolutely is. Until you dive and are an underwater photographer, you have no idea how much stuff there is. I prefer Spirit class and it's the only class I ever have sailed on with Carnival. I always get the aftwrap suite on Deck 4. Can't beat that! There were no rooms available in the Havana area, and I would never get an interior room regardless of what the perks are. I rarely hang out at the pool anyway. Give me a room with a large balcony so we can dry our equipment, have drinks, and watch the waves and I'm happy.
  10. I decided to go with the Ocean Suite for the room and the sofa bed, thanks!
  11. Can anyone tell me which room is larger on Panorama? Also, do either of these cabins have a sofa bed? Our Miracle cruise out of San Diego was cancelled today and we're looking for a replacement. I love the aft view, but room for our diving gear also is important. Thanks!
  12. Booked with a friend for the Southern Caribbean on November 30th. Can't wait! Just got our plane tickets yesterday using our flight credit from last year.
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