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  1. Karaoke is not necessarily about singing well, it is about having fun. It was started by a group of Japanese business who wanted to get drunk and sing. If you don't like it, then don't go. Personally, I love it and have a blast doing it. My late husband had been a professional musician at one point so he was my mentor. Now when I do karaoke, I know he is by my side.
  2. I've done karaoke on HAL, back in 2014. It actually was the first time I ever did it. Love, love, love karaoke!
  3. Wow, everyone but you using rental gear would be a big red flag for me.
  4. Unless it has changed in recent years, Subway doesn't charge for transportation. Barefoot is one of the closest, yet they charged $20 for transportation when I was there. I would pay more to avoid a cruise ship dive. Cattle boats are not my cup of tea.
  5. Germs do not fly off of napkins, come on people.
  6. Never have had anything stolen in almost 20 cruises on six different cruiselines. I have underwater camera equipment in my room worth almost $10,000 and never have had a problem. I do make certain it is not visible when the door is open because, IMHO, most thefts are by people passing an open door. Crime of opportunity.
  7. I always carry my titanium dive tool, which is 4 inches long and has a pointed tip. Never have had a problem taking that on the ship, probably because the sheath is riveted to my bcd. What's funny is that my occasional cruise buddy has an identical dive tool, but with a blunt tip. His has been caught by security twice so far, probably because it's on the shoulder of his bcd and not the front. I have used mine on numerous occasions while diving. I also have shears, but got tired of them rusting all the time. Now I only take them to cut the zip ties off my luggage after getting to my cabin.
  8. What exactly is the Voice of the Ocean and how does it work?
  9. When my husband was alive, I did get insurance for two long trips since his healthy could take a bad turn suddenly. Never needed it. Now that he is gone, I won't bother for myself. I always drive or fly in the day before and live in Arizona, so bad weather would not be problem. Have no intention of ever going on a cruise from the northeast. I am a professional diver, so I have the top level PADI insurance, which includes medical evacuation and a lot of coverage. I have no family to have to end a cruise for so no problem there, either. So, no I do not, nor will I get, cruise insurance. Waste of money for me.
  10. I love karaoke and sure hope they have it on Golden Princess on my May 6th Mexican Riviera cruise. If not, I will be complaining loudly and often.
  11. I have a home San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez. We do not change time here, it always is the same as Arizona, my other home. So, part of the year we are on Pacific time, part of the year on Mountain time, just like Arizona.
  12. We flew Turkish Airlines from LAX to Istanbul, and then on to Hurghada, Egypt. Very nice airline, I recommend them.
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