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  1. Yep. I received notification today. It's been redeployed. I don't know to where, but this cruise has been cancelled. :(
  2. yj2cute

    Adventure Chartered Aug 31, 2018?

    This sucks. :mad: I'm booked on this cruise and received notification that it's been redeployed. It gives a choice of sailings that I can switch to on Adventure as well as Anthem and Serenade, at protected rates, but I chose this sailing specifically. Oh well. Another day with RCCL.
  3. Hey, Ken. Great review! I can't seem to catch you live on Periscope, some of us have to work you know, :D . Great pics!
  4. yj2cute

    Exotique Band on Princess Cruises

    Really? Wow. Unfortunately I don't really care for NCL so looks unlikely that I'll get to enjoy them again. :( Thanks for the info.
  5. yj2cute

    Beaches in Aruba

    I'm interested as well. Hopefully someone will respond.
  6. yj2cute

    Oasis - New Menu Questions

    I just clicked the link above to view the new menus. Is it me or is day 1 missing?
  7. I would be disappointed to be switched to Martinique from St. Lucia. SL has beautiful beaches and lush backdrop. I was totally unimpressed with Martinique and will use it as a ship day if it's on any of my future itineraries.
  8. [quote name='cruisenfever']Yes, the menus are not the same as what we remember on Quantum. We were told that all 4 restaurants have added and removed items from appetizers to desserts. [I][B][COLOR="Red"]We remembered being served fried wontons with sweet chili sauce when we were first seated. They don't do that any more.[/COLOR][/B][/I] I will say that Silk is still our most favorite and everything we have tried is fantastic. The glazed lamb chops are especially delicious. In Coastal Kitchen they had a wonderful salted carmel pudding with waffer cone crumbled on top. That is no longer available. You're welcome. We would have done the 2 cruises prior to the 10/23 repo because that would have been a "legal" b2b2b.:D Thanks for the name of the Executive Chef.[/QUOTE] They're not service the fried wontons any more? They were this past November. Also, thanks for the tip about the lamb chop. Do you remember if it was on the first or 2nd menu in Silk?
  9. [quote name='beachbuddy']You know what? We are very lucky to have a ship right here in NJ! Actually, if there was anything smaller than say Radiance Class here in NJ, I'd most likely be flying elsewhere to cruise and not complain that Royal sent us a small ship. There are people that prefer smaller ships but out of NJ, I'd rather be on a big one. I have sailed Enchantment but sailed it out of Florida and it was fine. Actually, I loved Enchantment. Actually, we do fly elsewhere to cruise but it's nice to be able to jump on Anthem now and then.[/QUOTE] My feelings as well. I have sailed out of NJ quite a few times and love it every time. Love being able to drive 20 minutes to the ship. But if what I'd like to do on a future cruise doesn't fit well with what's in the area, I just hop on a plane. No complaining. I just go to the ship that fits my plans best.
  10. The point of the matter is is, it doesn't matter if it's RCL's only ship in NJ, most of the world has to fly to their cruise. Those of us in places that have a driveable homeport are just lucky. But if the closest ship isn't to your liking, then don't book it. It's not the cruise line's responsibility nor ability to appeal to the likes of every individual. The bottom line is, if you don't like the Anthem's features or what it has to offer, DON'T BOOK IT.
  11. yj2cute

    Live from Anthem

    Yes, AI is open for lunch during sea days and they offer the salad. And yes, there is a penny presser machine.
  12. yj2cute

    Live from Anthem

    The fridge on the Anthem is the coldest I've had on any ship. Actually made room temperature water bottles COLD. I'm curious why the kids are in the Solarium when there is a covered pool for all to use? :confused: I enjoyed the food on the Anthem. Of the 2 menus in Silk, I preferred the first one. Didn't really care for the 2nd one at all. I think my favorite venue was Chic. As others mentioned, the crab cakes are excellent! The Grande was OK, nothing terribly special about the food. Actually not even planning on dining there on my cruise next month since I don't want to dress formal and I don't feel like I'll be missing anything.
  13. [quote name='bouhunter']Apparently RCCL is confident there are enough customers who book "for the ship" and not the ports. I suppose Oasis class ships have shown them that is working just fine. We're looking forward to 7 booked cruises, but I don't know if we'll still be sailing them in 5-10 years if this mega ship/minimal ports trend continues......:rolleyes:[/QUOTE] I'm usually one of those people, but Oasis class goes to the CARIBBEAN. St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Labadee, etc. I do not want to sail to Florida and the Bahamas in the winter. It's not even warm in those places. I'm glad I've already experienced this ship because I don't see it in my future.
  14. [quote name='celebrity_fan']That's the typical RCCL problem with it's huge ships - due to the size, the choice of itineraries is limited... :rolleyes: - very sad, the megalomania of RCCL is reducing the flexibility of ship's deploymentsmore and more. Look at Radiance or Vision Class- those are the ships offering more varied and longer itineraries. I must admit: The Canada/NE itineraries on Rhapsody including Quebec are quite appealing! :)[/QUOTE] We've had pretty good Caribbean itins out of CL in the past. Anthem did a nice mix of between 9-12 night Caribbean itineraries. It did 12 night Western as well as 12 night Southern and 9 night Eastern Caribbean going to Labadee, St. Thomas. 7 night Bahamas are pitiful and what Anthem seems to be doing the most during 2017-2018. :mad:
  15. Is anyone else disappointed with the Anthem's new itineraries? It seems to be mostly Bahamas. Where are the 9 night Caribbean sailings? And there's only a handful of 12 night Southern. Where are the 12 night Western? I personally think these itineraries are terrible.