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  1. Just confirmed with the Crown & Anchor rep that Royal allows two 750 ML bottles of wine or champagne to be brought on board in your carry-on luggage. This is per cabin not per passenger.
  2. what do the free buses look like? Is there signage that says 'free shuttle'? this is great for those of us repeat visitors. thanks.
  3. Not sure why Celebrity has changed a successful program. I've taken the 14-day New England/Canada cruise five times. It appears the cruise has been shortened to 12 days and some offerings leave Quebec City early in the morning. This is a shame. Boston seems to be 'hot' at this time perhaps that's why the Cape Liberty cruises a sparse.
  4. The original 'glass beach' is near St. George's; this one is near the Dockyard.
  5. Remember when Cunard was criticized for being all about accommodations by class, for being elitist? Well, I'm feeling like the steerage equivalent on Celebrity with the open, enjoyable areas of the ships being taken over for more suites, etc. Have a Royal and B2B on Celebrity this year, but also Princess and Holland America for 2020.
  6. :hearteyes: Btank: I LOVE you for your kindness and your love for Aunt Sister and your brother, Mark. Thanks for the comment about the frustrating way the cruise lines handle the Grand Cayman tours. Two years ago, I friend and I demanded refunds after waiting an hour in the heat and the bus had not yet arrived. Regarding Cuba: I did a marvelous Azamara 10-night Intensive Cuba (plus Key West) cruise this past March/April. Six marvelous nights in Cuba: three in Havana and then Cienfuegos/Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba. Azamara is cruising to Cuba this year and maybe next but not in 2020. The ship is small (under 700 very well-travelled passengers [not me so much]) with great service. I took all the ships tours but many others did not. Go before access is closed off to us again. Beautiful architecture, 50/60's cars, exquisite churches (my thing), nice people. I did the touristy old cars, the Tropicana, the Club Parsien and enjoyed every minute. If you go, take Euros or Canadian money....save on the 13% conversion fee on US money. But GOOOOO! I the pleasure of spending time with a passenger who emigrated with his family when he was 13; it was special hearing how he found his parents' and his aunts' former homes, etc.
  7. Winsome Tours is great; take the ferries to both Hamilton and St. Georges. I take the ship's excursion to Horseshoe Bay on the last day: no worry about walking up the step hill to the bus stop, no worry about being passed by due to overcrowded public buses, allows for a walk around the Dockyards for last minute shopping or relaxing with a drink. As I've been to Bermuda seven times, I sometimes like riding the various bus routes for different views of the islands. Remember: This is not a shopping mecca like the Caribbean, food and drink off board ship is expensive. Citizens are lovely.:cool:
  8. Also agree with this post. Leave the suggested tips in place and bring extra cash to reward those who provide direct service to you.
  9. Not to spoil your anticipation, but a fairly large percentage of the time, this stop is cancelled due to sea conditions.
  10. While on the Quest recently I booked a 2019 cruise as a 'place holder' with the intention of switching to a 2020 sailing. The booking supervisor really pushed these place-holder bookings to everyone throughout the cruise. I told the supervisor that I don't fly and needed itineraries that are round-trip east coast USA. "No problem" he said. Now the new 2020 sailings are out and there are no round-trip USA sailings, period. If I cancel, I'm out $50 (or more for the cancellation. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. JHU


    I purchased Canadian dollars via AAA and will convert them to CUC once in port. No conversion fee of 13% for Canadian or Euros. As Bonnie said, my travel agent also mentioned there isn't much to purchase but I do want to be prepared in case something catches my eye. Our credit cards are invalid in Cuba.
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