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  1. I think that it is more than a possibility that you’ll miss the stop in the Azores. They are expected to take a direct hit from the hurricane as reported on the news just now.
  2. That’s for the great postings on your cruise. I will be interested in your weather on the crossing since the Atlantic seems to be a mess right now.
  3. With EZ air you are guaranteed to get to the next acceptable port at no additional cost. Your travel insurance or YOU will pay for your hotel accommodations and food.
  4. Cheated by selling the cards on eBay so that someone could purchase it at a very reduced rate some of which were counterfeit cards but looked exactly like the real ones.
  5. We were on the Crown on her TA in fall 2018 and she didn’t have it then but know they just added the Medallion system. We like the on demand so am happy to hear it’s been added. We will be on her again this fall
  6. No. The Crown does not have the on demand system.
  7. Thank you VERY much for this information. We successfully purchased multiple gift cards.
  8. We just did the Norwegian Fjords in early July on the Sapphire. It was a fantastic itinerary and it was one of our favorite cruises. Do not hesitate to book the itinerary. We were most recently on the Crown in the fall of 2018 for a Transatlantic Crossing. The ship is in good shape. We thought the crew excellent. Food is subjective but we had no complaints. Crown Grill was top notch on the ship. We are sailing again on the Crown this fall in the Caribbean. You would not be disappointed in either the ship or the itinerary!
  9. Positano, Italy is about 470 miles from Genoa. Not something you could do on a stop from Genoa. Did you mean Portofino?
  10. The reason that cabins are "blocked out" is that Princess has many ways that a cruise can be booked. So depending on how you book a cruse...say for instance a 7 day...14 day...21 day or with a Transatlantic...the Transatlantic and the first cruise after.....will determine which cabins are open for the sailing you are looking at. We are looking at a 21 day transatlantic and the cabin we want is "blocked out". However, if we look at the 14 day Transatlantic and the 7 day after we can get the cabin we want by booking as 2 cruises. Booking as one 21 day we can not get that same cabin. It's crazy if you ask me. Your Princess representative should have know this. This has been the standard practice for several years.
  11. That can’t be entirely true or the only reason ships stoppedgoing there for a while. We were there twice AFTER 2005 on a Princess ship several years apart.
  12. We received ours several months ago.
  13. All Europe 2020 sailings have been released. All are listed on their website.
  14. There are no positive comments to be made on the buffet food on the Caribbean Princess. I don’t speak of the new decor which is very nice or the concept of the World Fresh Marketplace. The concept is great but the implementation is poor. All those photos posted of the food in the buffet look ok but they don’t show the dried out old food that has been sitting in the cardboard containers under hot lights or the little containers of salad with a ton of dressing on them making them wilted, or the addition of a great amount of weird spices to many things, or the use of a lot of oil in most dishes making everything floating in grease, or the addition of highly spiced ingredients added to what should be a normal sandwich like a Turkey or BLT. not to mention all these pre-made sandwiches were soggy and dried out as well. My BLT with Turkey had essentially raw bacon on it. I heard the complaints about the buffet on the Caribbean but really didn’t believe them until I experienced it for myself.
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