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  1. I use both ....the very convenient laundry especially for delicate items I prefer to wash myself....everything else is sent out....the pressing is second to none....the added bonus of the laundry room is I have met some lovely passengers that we have ended up dining with and are now friends. For 7 days cruises I don’t bother with either the laundry or laundry service.
  2. You have to go with whatever you feel comfortable with...the last thing you want is to be worrying that the certificate of testing will be rejected. Certainly the PCR/NAAT test result we had from CVS was returned in under 24 hours. The lab report contained all of the necessary information/format required for travel. We paid the non-refundable $139 each upfront by cc when we made the appointment.
  3. Glad you found an appropriate test site.Maybe it has changed but it is interesting about the CVS test because in case you are not aware several CVS pharmacies offer two types of tests... the rapid test and the RT(PCR) NAAT test intended for Hawaii and International travel purposes. I used their self-pay voluntary PCR travel test In July. It costs $139 ($39 for CVS and $100 for lab services). No type of insurance accepted. After the test they send a link for My Chart and the results are posted within 48 hours....the printable result includes all of the usual personal information including the name of the lab, the name and qualifications of the pharmacist who oversaw the test etc. Anyway our negative CVS PCR tests were acceptable to cross the barbed wire at the very strict closed Canadian border!!!! Apparently it is also acceptable In most countries but I can only speak of my own experience.
  4. Thanks for pointing this out as copied from the FAQs. As with all insurance a clear and concise ( and hopefully correct!) interpretation in writing relative to one’s own circumstances (current and potential) should be obtained from the company prior to enrolling. The reason for my reply was in relation to Crystal Cruises ( not RCI) and was in regards to @tinaincc ‘s friend who tested positive prior to embarkation in Nassau. She was therefore precluded from travelling on a cruise ship. As I understand the facts the friend and her husband were required to quarantine in a less-than-pleasant environment in Nassau.
  5. I think there is more to the story than what has been reported. Agree that if it is true that Royal paid for this repatriation of its passengers there has to be a rationale such as those that you have suggested. At some point there has to be some kind of cross-subsidization either through insurance or if it is their policy by increased fares. Is it possible that the Royal passengers had insurance coverage through Royal and the underwriter Berkeley or whomever the company they use will settle? Or is it possible that Royal simply paid the bill for convenience/expediency and the passengers will receive an invoice from Royal.
  6. It exists ....should you be diagnosed with Covid19 while traveling this company will bring you home. www.covacglobal.com
  7. More excellent info! Thanks! The plan I have is a top up by a major company to my federal retiree travel health plan. It is prudent that everyone understands their coverage. I know when I checked with various ( Canadian) credit card companies a few months back most had frozen travel coverage because of Covid but things may have changed.
  8. Excellent advice! I was thinking the same when I was reading some of these comments. Our (Canadian) coverage clearly states that we have emergency medical insurance for land, sea or air including Covid even during times of Government advisories ( including advisories for Covid) which is better than most policies. We also have trip cancellation, delay, interruption including during times of Government advisories with the exclusion of cancellation, interruption or delay related directly or indirectly to Novel Coronavirus 2019. So if we were to test positive at embarkation and couldn’t board we would be covered for medical treatment.....but guess what...we would loose the cruise fare. I have confirmed in writing that this is the correct interpretation.
  9. You may want to double check whether your credit card covers. A lot of credit card companies in Canada are not providing travel coverage during the pandemic. Also I cruise with Crystal and I just looked at their travel insurance and one has to be a US resident....you may want to double check with NCL. Now that I have been a Debbie Downer....my insurance company Johnson/Medoc will cover emergency medical for land, sea and air including for Covid-19 regardless of government travel advisories so for emergency travel you may wish to check with them. However, they cover trip delay, cancellation and interruption for everything except Covid-19 either directly or indirectly. My concern if one tests positive for Covid at the embarkation rapid test.....and you can’t board the ship.....you can’t recoup cruise fare. The Canadian Snowbirds Association recommends Medipac insurance which has emergency medical coverage for Covid-19 regardless of government advisories. I am trying to find out if they cover if one tests positive prior to getting on the ship for trip interruption. You could try them for emergency medical. Not sure if there are age restrictions for anyone who is younger than me!
  10. Thank you for sharing your pics. Looks like everyone was having a great time.
  11. I just checked our PCPC for our November/December cruises sailing RT Miami after I read your post 5 minutes ago. . I had not yet gone on to enter the usual information. First of all you must acknowledge that Crystal has the right at their discretion to change all policies, procedures, etc. It then asks you to attest that your rights are limited vis a vis medical services, the right to sue etc...We last cruised in December 2019.. I do not recall see all this wording in the past. It has to do with Covid and liability and they can’t protect you etc. ( my words) However it states For all voyages on all ships, guests will be required to be fully inoculated at least 14 days prior to departure date with a COVID-19 vaccine (both doses if recommended by manufacturer). Verified documentation and/or evidence of vaccination will be required at the time of boarding and failure to provide this documentation will result in denial of boarding. Guests will also be given a PCR or antigen test on day of embarkation and must test negative to board the ship. There is no cost for the embarkation test for guests. Crystal is developing plans to facilitate its guests to meet the antigen test requirement for air travel back to the U.S. This testing plan may vary by ship and guests will be responsible for cost of the test, which may be reimbursable by insurance
  12. SMH but if you want to be petty.... I received an email from my TA at the beginning of March CLOSE TO HOME | NASSAU OR BIMINI ROUNDTRIP DOUBLE CRYSTAL SOCIETY SAVINGS RESERVATIONS OPEN MARCH 18, 2021
  13. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this clear and concise explanation. As a Canadian I was unaware of the HIPAA legislation until a friend mentioned it over lunch. I tried to research the HIPAA laws but I wasn’t sure which law superseded and I needed assistance in understanding the nuances which weren’t clear to me!!! Now I get it! Thanks again!
  14. Firstly, I am very much against this change in policy and we are considering cancelling our three booked cruises for later this year and in 2022. Two of them embark in Miami. We will think it through before we rush to a decision as final payment is a few weeks away. The issue to me is not only the contentious “science” of whether vaccinated individuals can catch Covid from potentially unvaccinated carriers but also the potential change in the ambiance and atmosphere on the ship....different privileges for different classes of people based on a bracelet that could be removed. YIKES! Secondly, I was told...not sure if it is true...that Governor DeSantis’ position is based on the interpretation of the USA federal HIPPA laws and that it is against these laws to ask for one’s health status which would include vaccinations. Would anyone care to enlighten me on this? Thirdly....The bottom line is Crystal is a business...not one’s second home....not one’s friend but a business...and as a consumer one has a choice whether to buy or not to buy.
  15. Glad you had a good cruise despite the mix-up in weeks with your friends’ and your friend’s hotel confinement. In brief the rationale for your friend not being allowed to return home...... The CDC issued an Order in January 2021 requiring proof of a negative Covid-19 test result or recovery from Covid -19 for all airline passengers entering the US from a foreign country. The Order applies to all airline passengers including US citizens and legal residents. As for medical evacuation/private plane etc....there is a company called CovacGlobal which will evacuate/repatriate a person back to the US for care/treatment should a person be diagnosed with Covid-19 while traveling but you need to be a member etc prior to travel. The “premium” is less than cheap but probably less than 14 nights at a Marriott property hotel in Nassau. Hopefully your friend is at the Courtyard and not the Royal at Atlantis which is also a Marriott property.
  16. Maybe one section was updated and not another. This is what I am seeing as of 5 minutes ago under Crystal 5.0. dated July 14. A DECLARATION OF SAFETY Your promise to us is your Declaration of Safety via Crystal’s secure, online portal, Priority Check-In and Planning Center (PCPC). When you sign your Declaration of Safety, you're giving us a true picture of your health and telling Crystal exactly what you need to travel in confidence and safety. All guests 12 years or older will be required to be fully inoculated with a COVID-19 vaccine (both doses if recommended by manufacturer) at least 14 days prior to boarding any Crystal ship. Verified documentation and/or evidence of vaccination will be required at the time of boarding and failure to provide this documentation will result in denial of boarding. Crystal will accept a limited number of children under the age of 12. Bookings that include children under the age of 12 will be initially waitlisted, and those bookings will be reviewed weekly. Waitlisted bookings will be confirmed as soon as possible. Vaccines must be accepted by the country Crystal guests are entering if it requires one. Crystal will accept all verified vaccine documentation.
  17. Thank you for the clarification. I live in Ottawa and I am aware of the vaccine situation but I won’t go there! I am one of those awful people who travelled to my vacation home in FLA to ensure that my second dose of the vaccine aligned with the manufacturer’s guidelines. I understand your point. Maybe using the term “lying” is a bit strong however to indicate that all passengers would be 100% vaccinated (and the marketing which was issued with the former policy) then to allow an unspecified amount of unvaccinated children on board is somewhat misleading. We all know and agree/acknowledge up front that the rules on any cruise can change. To change a port or itinerary is one thing but to a change policy on an issue that could potentially have serious consequences for all-ready booked immune-compromised passengers (especially with the unknown variant situation) is another. It would indicate a little more integrity and “good faith” if at least a rationale was issued. The latest “science” from John Hopkins etc states that unvaccinated children under the age of 12 need to wear a mask while indoors and socially distance etc. Again, this may change, but I can’t see this being enforced.
  18. Unless something has changed very recently, AZ has not been approved for use in the United States by the CDC/FDA. Therefore if your first dose is AZ and your second dose is Moderna/Pfizer you are not “fully” vaccinated by a “ CDC approved” vaccine. No change...just a clarification. AZ was never acceptable under those policies.
  19. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2786599-revised-crystal-clean-protocols-including-the-bahamas-cruise +1. There is a discussion about the change and children in this link. The marketing materials all stated 100% vaccinated.
  20. I am sure that you are both very disappointed. Please take good care of yourselves. Cheers to happy sailings in the near future!
  21. Had it been a month long med cruise we would have taken a different approach because we would have probably wanted car service, reservations etc. It was a 12 day pre-Christmas Caribbean cruise. Our needs were little in the Caribbean...no birthday cakes to order, no cars required etc. Who wants to ruin someone’s Christmas including our own by dealing with it regardless of ineptness...and as you say he no doubt knew better. I don’t think it was a new situation...he told us he had been with Crystal for 10 years. I am sure his other staterooms were not treated any differently. We would also have the awkward situation of dealing with the Butler every day after any complaint. My TA’s company is a very high volume Crystal seller. We certainly let them know. I am not looking for excuses for our lack of “on board” action but I will add that on that cruise we received word that my husband’s brother had passed unexpectedly ...that’s life....but as you are no doubt aware sometimes in life you have to choose your battles. I certainly did not mention our situation two years later to be negative anonymously. I just wanted you to know that life aboard is not always perfect. Regardless I hope that you and your wife have the time of your life on your cruise and that all of your expectations are exceeded.
  22. It is up to the cruise line to market it’s product with a positive focus. Attacks such as this is why many people don’t post..
  23. Yes but without specifics. It is a fine balance between not wanting someone (who does the bare minimum) to potentially loose their job and the fact that as you are no doubt aware that staterooms are less than cheap on Crystal and therefore the service should be stellar. Hopefully he hasn’t returned post-Covid. 🤞 Our “work-around“ will be to ask for a specific butler.
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