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  1. Jimmy Rhodes has moved on….Director of Entertainment with Virgin Cruises.
  2. The Barricade Boys on Independence last year were great.
  3. Why do you think it’s funny. It’s the truth....
  4. A full fleet of crew who are currently on vacation are ready to return to work. Cheers!
  5. Crew currently at home on vacation for some time will be recalled first before those currently on ships or being brought/sent home. Cheers!
  6. Sadly a crew member from Jewel of the Seas went overboard on 30th April. 26 year old Polish Electrician. It’s not just the virus the crew are battling but mental health too. RIP Kristoff....
  7. Elizabeth Hackett is currently the CD on Radiance. Cheers!
  8. Jimmy Rhodes is currently on Oasis but only for this week’s Charter cruise. Cheers!
  9. Dennis Charles will be taking over from Bobby on Oasis. He is currently onboard. Cheers!
  10. If you are D+ with 340+ points and trying to book Solo then you really need to call direct. Even after putting in your C&A number the website is not recognising or showing the reduction (C&A benefit) in the final pricing. Also if do the second fake booking you will need to check that person in and then at the port say they couldn’t make it (e.g. work commitments/unwell). As said before taxes etc will be returned and the bonus for you will be double C&A points. Cheers! Joan Dublin Ireland
  11. Is there a ‘Solo’ promo code for Elite status guests? Cheers!
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