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  1. We did MP on our own after a South American cruise. Booked flights to Cusco where we stayed a few days. We then had reservations for the Hiram Bingham train to and from MP where we also stayed overnight at the Sanctuary at the base of MP. This also included a permit and guide for MP who was excellent, transfers to the Sanctuary and all meals and drinks. The cost was a fraction of what we would have paid with Celebrity. Speaking with others who did a Celebrity excursion, ours was definitely the better option.
  2. It is disappointing that there won’t be an Azamazing evening on board. We moved our Dec 7 cruise to Azamara from The Summit and one of the reasons was that we enjoyed the azamazing evenings so much when we sailed last year that we wanted to return to Azamara.
  3. We had no noise from the magic carpet. We actually never saw it go past our suite but it obviously did. The suite was in a great location and really quiet. For those interested in a S3 in this location, try to choose one of the end ones between the magic carpet as there is a plexiglass side window built into the girder on outer side that allows you to view the ocean so it will be less obstructed. Yes, I’ll submit a room report. I’ve found the spreadsheets so helpful in the past when booking cabins.
  4. If the Apex is indeed like the Edge, the S3 between the pillars of the magic carpet are fairly obstructed especially the two middle ones. We were in S3 suite 7200 on the Edge and it was extremely obstructed when viewing to the sides due to the fact that the steel track for the magic carpet sticks out quite far. A great view outwards though. I’ve recently done a mock booking for these suites and it still does not indicate anywhere that it is an obstructed view even though many people have voiced their displeasure to Celebrity. The balcony is very wide which is nice but we only had the two small chairs and even smaller table.
  5. Yes! I’ve got kids in their mid to late twenties and they follow Instagram a lot! These posters that Celebrity have coming on are making the cruise look very luxurious and tempting to them. Captain Kate is nonstop posting on Instagram and has a huge following. I swear the captain on the Edge had some “enhancements” done as he looked younger, more plastic and a bit different from last time we’d sailed with him and his announcements certainly made it sound like he’d had a lot of voice coaching. Celebrity seems to be more concerned about perception now.
  6. We’ve sailed a lot on Celebrity and the only time I’ve seen a lot of the younger Instagram demographic they are now targeting was this past winter on a one week Caribbean cruise. It was over spring break out of Florida and there was definitely a different feel to the cruise. Many were first time cruisers probably early to mid twenties. We were sailing with a bunch of friends and that was the only time they could sail. After that cruise I felt that if this is the is the future demographic on board I think I’ll be looking elsewhere as it definitely didn’t have a modern luxury feel. It felt like a spring break cruise or that I somehow got transported to a Carnival ship. At dinner the women were dressed fairly well but lots of guys were in shorts and backward baseball caps wandering around. Not sure if they got in the MDR like that or were turned away. I’m sure the reason why Celebrity is scheduling a lot shorter cruises now is to get the younger group on board. They can’t afford longer cruises plus don’t have sufficient vacation time.
  7. I’m sure if you brought several of your favourite recipes or suggestions they could create some fabulous dishes for you. I think sometimes people make vegan cooking more difficult than it needs to be because they don’t totally have their head wrapped around it.
  8. If it is prepared non perishable packaged food you may be able to bring it on board but I would check before hand with celebrity. I think that even if you were allowed and did make friends in the OVC, they wouldn’t be allowed to warm up your food. I’m pretty sure public health regulations are quite strict about them handling food items not sourced by them and I would also think it would expose the line to all sorts of liability should any of the food be spoiled etc. My youngest daughter is vegan so I understand your challenge but I would think the cruiseline would be able to prepare meals for you. I would have a notation placed on your booking ahead of time and then arrange to speak with the maître’d on board.
  9. I prefer to think of this as modern luxury when dining in a suite on the Edge. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  10. We’re elite plus and I must say I appreciate the benefits that loyalty brings. With our very poor CAD and recent huge price increases on Celebrity, instead of AQ or balcony cabins we are now occasionally looking to book an OV cabin depending on the itinerary, or checking out other cruise lines or doing land based holidays. I can’t understand why OV are given same number of points per day as an inside as there is often a huge price difference between the two categories. I think OV should receive an additional point per night and be in between inside and balcony level. I would also like to see a new level created between elite plus and zenith.
  11. We had a S3 on deck 7 on the Edge back in January. 7200. The view is extremely obstructed to either side as the railings for the magic carpet stick out quite a distance. I personally never noticed the magic carpet coming up or down. I suppose if your suite was immediately below one of the floors it is sometimes docked at then it could be more instusive. Unfortunately we were never advised that it would be so obstructed. The balconies of the two suites that are on the edge of the magic carpet railings have a plexiglass window in the beams allowing them to be less obstructed on the one end. At the time we had a very tiny little table on the balcony and the footstool/ table in the suite that couldn’t accommodate more than one plate so in room dining was a major fail. Our butler actually advised us against it as he said there was no place to set up breakfast or a meal. It’s nice to see that they’re rectifying that problem.
  12. My girlfriend just did a cruise from LA to Hawaii return with a different cruise line at the end of January and the temperature was in the high teens (celsius) until close to Hawaii and then again for a few days back to LA. She said it definitely wasn’t pool weather. The seas were also quite rough. This may not be normal weather and seas but her hot weather vacation was all but for about half the duration of her trip. We've been to Tahiti and the South Pacific in January and the weather was fabulous.
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