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  1. Let's just hope the dreadful fire situation will improve, mainly for the sake of the residents of course but also for those of us soon to embark on once-in-a-lifetime trips down under. Won't be seeing much of the Sydney harbour otherwise.
  2. Thanks, Gut. After further reading, I think the train will be our best option from airport to city. I see that there's a route to Circular Quay station but couldn't tell whether this involves a transfer from Central station. I guess it will all become clear eventually.
  3. Can anyone say (in general) about the traffic/taxi situation on Sunday mornings from airport to Rocks area? Thanks.
  4. Anyone can check the Sydney Morning Herald online for updates.
  5. Seems strange that our itinerary on the HAL website offers no information on the departure port (Amsterdam). I have no doubts about finding its location and other details, but why wouldn't there be at least a general description, such as specific address, number of docks, distance from airport, etc.? Or is all that mentioned later when boarding passes are printed? (No big deal, I'm sure, but we're more accustomed to the Princess site where there is an abundance of such information readily accessible.
  6. I'm wondering how long it might take to get a response to a simple question sent via the website e-mail link. I would have thought five days is sufficient. Also tried phoning but gave up after plowing through voicemail only to finally get busy signals.
  7. We really enjoyed the Duck tour. Our guide was a young local teacher, very knowledgable and personable, and the driver was excellent as well. After the tour there was plenty of time to explore the town on our own.
  8. << From yesterday...just down the board:>> ... Thanks. That should've come up in our searches but didn't.
  9. Never have a problem finding things on the Princess website, but unfortunately the HAL site continues to baffle us. So can someone please say where one's onboard credits are listed, if they are. (I understand that credits supplied by travel agents aren't necessarily included.) Thanks.
  10. << Was this three more times with the exact same flights? >> The booking is for a rather complicated international trip with quite a few stops and plane changes, and I think at least one of the flights did indeed change, presumably each of the times I tried to book. . . . . Anyway, thanks for all the interesting replies and I'll keep checking.
  11. We were checking our EZAir flights for possible fare reductions and quickly pounced on some lower prices. But by the time we got to the confirmation page (within a minute or so) the flights were "no longer available." So we tried again -- three more times, and the same thing happened each time. So we wonder: Is this a common occurrence, or just a sudden run of bad luck?
  12. Both replies helpful. Thanks.
  13. Anyone know if it's ok to "borrow" an Internet room computer's USB connection just to charge a smartwatch? Without having to pay for Internet time, that is.
  14. The best excursion we've had anywhere was the seaplane/salmon feast/lodge adventure in Juneau. The plane ride among the glaciers was spectacular.
  15. We had the Explore4 promotion for an upcoming cruise but lost it when we chose to rebook at a much lower fare. But the reservation does now include a Pinnacle lunch. Is this a common occurrence? We are curious.
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