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  1. I have a final payment coming up soon on a Viking 15 day cruise and have serious reservations about making it. When I read about some of the things being talked about it is starting to sound more like being hassled than going on a vacation. We had our June Viking Cruise cancelled and were able to get a full refund. With the money the cruise industry is hemorrhaging I have got to wonder how much longer they will be able to give full refunds. The fact that Holland America just sold 4 ships is an indicator how much they are hurting. We took our first cruise on our honeymoon in 1969 from Miami to
  2. Here is a link to the European Unions interim guidance for restarting cruise ship operations in Europe. https://www.healthygateways.eu/Portals/0/plcdocs/EU_HEALTHY_GATEWAYS_COVID-19_RESTARTING_CRUISES.pdf?ver=2020-07-01-115942-557
  3. Thank you for the idea, I contacted AMX and they are disputing the charges.
  4. Viking cancelled our June 3, 2020 Iceland’s Majestic Landscapes Cruise on March 30. I applied for a refund and just got the final payment amount, which I paid by e-check, deposited back into my account today. I made the initial deposit, pre-paid gratuities, silver spirits package and tours on 2 different credit cards, and that has been put back on the credit cards. I initially had Viking Air but found out I could do better booking Business Class tickets direct so I cancelled Viking Air and that amount paid by e-check was previously refunded. I purchased nonrefundable tickets direct from Delta
  5. We did Israel, Egypt and Jordan with Viking and the whole 24 days were amazing but three of the most memorable moments were riding a camel 2 miles to the pyramids, visiting the Temple mount and Petra.
  6. I want to book an Eastern Caribbean Cruise out of Port Canaveral for June 2021. How will I know when June 2021 Cruises will be available for booking? I have taken 2 previous Disney Cruises so I believe I can book a day or 2 before the booking period opens to the general public. I will be booking for some other family members and there are some particular cabin numbers we would like to book. Thank you, Tom
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