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  1. HA! I can only dream of a pinnacle suite. My TA called me last minute with an upgrade offer from our standard Veranda state room. He said it was an offer he hasn't seen dollar wise in ages. We jumped.
  2. We leave for the Eurodam out of San Diego in exactly 14 days and if all goes well we would have boarded by now, had a nice lunch, and enjoying or nice Aft corner Neptune Suite veranda. I cannot sleep, cannot focus on anything but the cruise. Is this normal? How will I survive the next two weeks.
  3. Sounds scammy to me. This is the only official website to search for unclaimed property in the State of California. https://www.sco.ca.gov/upd_msg.html If your letter shows a different address it is probably a scam.
  4. Close enough we can easily walk. That is what i love about wheels on luggage.
  5. I just logged onto my HAL booking and says I have 19 days till my cruise. Must remember to breath. We are driving down and found a hotel that offers 7 nights parking while we are on our cruise walking distance from the terminal.
  6. That is us. First seating is way too early and the late seating is too late for us. By 7 PM we are chewing on the furniture for our 815 seating. We are trying my choice dining this time.
  7. As one who has majored in hospitality there are a couple of views: 1. If the plates are not immediately removed, diners consider it bad inattentive service. 2. if the plates are removed as soon as a diner at the table finishes it is considered being rushed. Now in my opinion I would rather have them removed quickly so as not to run the risk of draping a cuff or sleeve accidentally in the leftover food, however the desert menu should have waited until all plates were removed because now it is rushing you and at no time should one diner be given the next course while others are still on the previous. Now what wasn't explained by the OP was if this was the first or second seating. I hate the first seating one because it is so early and two you are rushed through it because they need to flip the table and get the dining room all ready for the next service.
  8. One of our ports in Puerto Valarta and we are not departing until 11 PM. I thought it would be nice to have dinner that night on our veranda. How is the room service menu for dinner in the Neptune Suites?
  9. Doesn't matter to me. I'd be happier if they had a bridge channel so you can see what the captain sees from the bridge, a few info channels and some music channels. I am on vacation.
  10. We are in a Neptune Suite corner aft. Okay everyone together...Oooo...Ahhhh! HA! We plan to do like pastries and pot of coffee early in the mornings and then wander up to the Pinnacle Grill for a real breakfast. Since we have that wonderful veranda, I'd hate for it to go to waste.
  11. So annoying when people do that. Occasionally I get to fly first overseas and trying to get to the first class lane to board with all the coach passengers hovering is difficult, even the last group hovers before the first group has been called.
  12. This is my first HAL Cruise. So when we get back to San Diego we wait in our stateroom for our number to be called? I usually sail on RCCL and they cram everyone into public rooms until your group is called so the stewards can start turning the staterooms over for the next wave of passengers.
  13. While I personally think it is sloppy, I do understand there are people with feet issues that cannot wear regular shoes. Someone posted on another thread seeing someone remove said sandals in the main dining room at dinner. Just don't please don't. It is like those in airplanes, I am guilty of this as my feet swell on long flights, remove their shoes. That is where I stop. I have seen passengers in the bulkhead row immediately put their foot on the bulkhead wall. EWWW!!! Even if they had shoes one which had probably been to the public restroom or airplane lavatory EWWW EWWW!
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