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  1. I've never had an angled balcony before nor a room with an angled exterior wall. That will take some getting used to. Plus side is no connecting.
  2. Easy peasy got an A1 8252. Anyone familiar with that one?
  3. Good to know. Only one of us drinks so bubbly is useless on us and I hate sparkling cider with a pasion.
  4. Do they do a sail away party to Alaska or is that a Mexican Riviera and Caribbean thing? If they do, what is it like?
  5. The new TA would reach to the original booking source, the other TA or the cruise line directly, and ask if the new TA can take over the booking.
  6. Due to personal financial situations that have arisen, we need to downgrade our reservation. We are currently on Solstice from Seattle round trip in Sept to Alaska in a Retreat suite. This is our first time to Alaska as the last one got canceled thanks to a world wide event. It is also our first Celebrity changing from HAL. What is the difference between Sky Suite where we are booked and a Concierge Class or an Verandah. We would lose the private dining and club and the OBC would be reduced I am sure.
  7. Just my two cents, I used a TA in the past who is a personal friend of mine and he couldn't separate business calls from personal calls so this is my first to go without a TA. As he pointed out to me when I first started using him, a TA sometimes is easier to get hold of, but while the TA might be able to get better prices, compare with the savings vs. perks going directly with the cruise line. Sometimes the cruise line has higher OBC than the TA can offer. Example my cruise in Sept 2023 has $300 pp obc but if I booked through him it would be $0.
  8. I would only do an afternoon departure for a morning arrival. Contact Delta and let them know that THEY switched your flight to a departure that does not work and THEY need to change it to something else without the fees.
  9. If you have seen my previous posts elsewhere lamenting the downturn of dress codes and missing the old days of dressing up, I have to say I actually enjoy not having to schlep a tux and having to wrap my tux shoes so they don't get ruined in the travel. I am an officer at an Elks Lodge and have to wear a tux at every installation once a month plus dignitary visitations so I really don't miss having to formalize while on vacation. I will still slack and tie maybe a jacket on formal night but that is the extent now. I would never wear shorts and flip flops in the dining room for any meal.
  10. I received an email from the President of the Cruise Line stating: Dear Scott, The world is opening again and Celebrity Cruises is opening along with it. Earlier today we announced our long-awaited return to Alaska! The beautifully revolutionized Celebrity Summit will set sail beginning July 23 on a series of 7-night itineraries roundtrip from Seattle. It’s been a long road and there’s more to do but this milestone calls for celebration. I want to thank all of you, our crew, our shore side teams and everyone who made this possible. The future is looking very bright. I just can't say enough about how wonderful it is to return to Alaska. I have always had a special place in my heart for the incredible people, amazing wildlife and the beauty of this great state. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to Alaska many times. My last visit was in 2019 on a ‘Celebrate with the CEO’ sailing. We went whale watching, tasted the local salmon and watched performances from Alaskan bands and dance troupes. It was an experience I will always treasure. The people of Alaska are really what make it so special. The Alaskan communities have been hurting without the economic support they receive from tourism, and especially, the cruise industry. I am grateful to our elected officials across the country for recognizing the need and finding a way to restore them to their livelihoods. I truly believe that the best way to experience Alaska is by cruise ship. Our new 2021 Alaska sailings open for booking on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 and you can find more information about them at https://www.celebritycruises.com/destinations/alaska-cruises. If you've never been to Alaska, now Is the time to go. All sailings will depart with vaccinated crew and everyone over the age of 16 must be vaccinated; as of August 1, 2021, all US guests ages 12 and older must be fully vaccinated. We are looking forward to sharing more of these announcements as we work to bring our entire fleet back into service. All of us here at Celebrity Cruises continue to be so grateful for your loyalty and support. Celebrity is all about opening the world and I look forward to seeing you back on board very soon. All my best, http://image.email.celebritycruises.com/lib/fe741570746504797615/m/23/8b77d321-0f1a-4923-a9a6-6fca4d55158a.jpg LLP President & CEO, Celebrity Cruises
  11. The main thing I can imagine us needing is a nice coffee service on the veranda, nice pot of coffee, some creamers and sweeteners, and maybe a pastry or two just to get the morning taste out of our mouths before we head out to breakfast. Perhaps a small bite and my first Old Fashioned in the room before we head to dinner.
  12. My how we have gotten off topic. Last time I checked, Marriott does not offer cruises and this is not the MSC Cruises board.
  13. I guess I should have said my PCC is a PCC with X so I would think they would have more accurate information than just a regular TA.
  14. Well that is what he said and the words coming out of the telephone receiver to my ear.
  15. My PCC at X and I were discussing when I booked my Sky Suite for Alaska 2022. He said they changed the butlers so it is 1:1 ratio. What exactly does a butler on X do? I am reminded of the scene in Clue where Tim Curry is asked what a butler does and he response that he buttles.
  16. My travel consultant at X said that Congress is trying to work out kinks so that Canada can be temporarily skipped as a required port for the moment. The Alaskan cruise towns are dying with that in place right now.
  17. Well, I made the jump. We canceled our Mediterranean cruise in May of next year for a Labor Day Weekend cruise to Alaska Seattle round trip next year. 12th deck Sky Suite right under the cafe and ocean view bar. That was the only deck left in my category. Fingers crossed.
  18. Switching FROM HAL. When we did our first HAL cruise, it was hard to get into the MDR with all the walkers and scooters outside the doors. When we went from RCCL to HAL we were looking for an older crowd, SLIGHTLY. We apparently passed slightly and could see it in the rear view mirror. That is why I thought X would bring us back a little where we were expecting without feeling like someones grandchildren.
  19. I am supposed to love vacation not hate it. HAHAHA!
  20. More than just sit around and wait to be fed again.
  21. I am thinking of changing my HAL cruise next spring (2022) to a Celebrity Cruise Mexican Riviera fall 2022 instead. It would be my first time on X. Last time we did the Riviera we never got off the ship except to go to Wal-Mart in Mazatlán. One of those, been there done that. We did enjoy the peace and quiet of the ship on port days but there was nothing repeat NOTHING going on on board save for eating, drinking, and soaking. Even the drinks I think we were down to one bar only and not even a nice quiet indoor bar, it was the pool bar. Is X going to be the same?
  22. Well, I guess gone are the days of cruises like back in the Titanic days of morning dress, day dress, afternoon dress, evening dress. Like an actress said from Downton Abby, "no wonder people had personal valets, they were always changing their clothes."
  23. We have a HAL cruise booked Athens to Rome and will be our second and dare say probably last, then 2023 I am looking at Tokyo to Vancouver on X for our first time. I spent the better part of this morning looking at the X site and videos and here is what I am thinking, perhaps someone seeing my cruising thread can see where I am heading: First Cruise, Premier cruises in 1987. I am surprised I got on another cruise ship after this one. RCCL 1994 - A real cruise loved it. Stuck with RCCL due to price but watched quality go down. Tired of the pool parties and belly flop contests as well as the thump da thump da thump night clubs. From 1995 - 2019 did RCCL and Princess. I thought P was a little fancier than RCCL but to me RCCL was a little classier. 2019 Tried my first HAL cruise. Everything I was looking for in customer service, but felt I was boxed in. Not much in the way of outdoor spaces or windows except from your stateroom. Food was okay. At 56 I felt on the young side of the spectrum. Formal night is gone and now Gala night. Miss not seeing tuxedos but being in my fraternal organization as an officer and having to wear a tux once a month, it was nice not having to bring it. 2022 Doing one more HAL cruise Athens to Rome 2023 Trying X as it looks like it is a very outdoor ship with quite spaces and doesn't seem to do an emphasis on pool parties. I want a nice cozy bar to sip a beverage with newly met friends with a window to see the moonlight reflect in the water. Still miss the old days of cruising but seems like X tries to hang on to it to an extent. It seems people still dress up to go out in the evening, may not be old school formal black tie, but seems X enforces the dress code at night. Opinions, comments?
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