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  1. I'm very familiar with the PVSA retirement to visit a foreign port. I just don't understand why some make such a short stop in in such an interesting city, and do it in the late evening. I suppose it's a timing issue, to fit in with the rest of the itinerary. Since it's such a short distance to Seattle. ships can stay late and still make their early morning arrival. BTW, are you from Illinois?
  2. Yes. I've always wondered why so many ships make only a short evening visit to Victoria. We were on Ovation from Hawaii to Vancouver in 2019. We had a longer stop scheduled for Victoria, but it had to be cut to a few afternoon hours, because we had to get to Vancouver to pass under the bridge by 7 PM. It was Ovation's first visit to Vancouver, and the captain had to carefully time the arrival. Next time to be able to pass under the bridge was on departure the next day.
  3. Thanks for the picture. I guess I expected a side privacy wall .on the bump-out balcony.
  4. Vice versa? How does that work? (I had a condo in Honolulu which had a balcony on a "bump-out." I could look into their balcony and living room, but they sure couldn't see into mine.)
  5. Booked Symphony for 9/12/20 for two adults and two children (6 and 4 yrs old). Had Kids Sail Free offer. After cancellation, received, this week, FCC for 125% of total Cruise Fare. No fare for kids, but FCC was allocated 1/4 to each guest. So now the kids have FCC, and I want to use the FCC on another sailing with Kids Sail Free. Can I roll the kids FCC into the booking? Why did they get FCC when they had no Cruise Fare on the original booking? Seems the FCC should have have been divided among the two adults. Anyone have experience in this area? Am I overthinking this?
  6. All the cruise lines are doing the same. It's not a Princess thing.
  7. A lot can happen in five months. We are booked on the Island 14 day Circle Caribbean for 12/20/20. I am hopeful, but I am also considering changing to Panama Canal on the Coral for late April.
  8. Yes, 45 days is correct. Also, if Princess cancels the cruise, they will also cancel the EZ Air arrangements.
  9. I'm looking at doing the Canal trip from FLL, then staying on for the next two. I like the itinerary of that 12 day portion with Sitka. Haven't been there yet.
  10. Princess has been cancelling by blocks of time. First was mid-March when they cancelled 60 days of the schedule. Some of those were ready to leave, or even onboard. So some others had 60 days notice. Currently, everything is cancelled up to Sept 30. Certain cruises in specific areas have been cancelled beyond that point. I would expect another announcement in 4 to 6 weeks that could extend the general cruise stoppage. I'm hoping they will resume in time for my Caribbean Circle on Island Princess, scheduled fro Dec 20. That will be the first, and last, sailing of the Island before it begins the 2021 World Cruise.
  11. Hurtigen (sp?) and Aida have announced plans to resume sailing very soon.
  12. Here's how I resolved this. I called Royal's Customer Service number and spoke to Mike. He was extremely helpful. He made my booking for Symphony for Sep 18, 2021. He created an Option, to be kept open until Aug 15. FCC is supposed to be posted by July 31. He said the option could be extended if FCC is delayed. This reservation is for a couple with three children under six years of age. It is for a Jr Suite, w/capacity of 5. Total paid for cancelled Sep 12, 2020 cruise was $5,900. The total price for 2021 cruise (same ship/category/time/itinerary) is just under $4,200. Bottom line, no money due now; cruise will be fully paid w/FCC.
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