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  1. I received same email. Assuming it is about changing our Nov 13 cruise to nov 20 and changing ship to seashore. They did this 2 months ago with no notice. I Got it changed back to meraviglia , for Nov 13 but had to pay $2,000 more. Ugh, MSC you are a mess.
  2. Booked a cruise on Sunday for February 2022 and now it is not listed on MSC site. Hoping it is just a glitch. Waiting to reach TA. Final invoicing not received yet on this cruise.
  3. We have 2 B2B cruises this fall/winter. Out of Miami. Curious to see how policy will be implemented if vaccinations are factored into decision.
  4. We are in Ventura county California. Currently, 75 and older and healthcare workers. Husband was able to get first dose (over 75) and has appointment for second dose at 22 days . I have to wait for next tier to open up. 65 and over and front line workers (teachers etc). Progressing slowly but orderly.
  5. MSC seems to cancel cruises after final payment. They then drag their feet when providing FCC for cancelled cruise. Also, deposits on YC cabins are non refundable for any cancellations. Looks like they need to keep cash on the books , during this difficult time.
  6. I agree . It does seem ,they are shooting themselves in the foot. MSC put so much into attracting US passengers and positioning themselves in US cruise ports. With their response to cancellations, they have lost any goodwill they garnered from positive cruise experiences. The very poor handling of refunds and FCC’s has now left most with a very bad taste in our mouths.
  7. I am working on changing dates for a couple of our booked cruises in YC. Booked with TA . Agency is in Orlando and works with MSC quite a bit. He still has not been able to get answer regarding deposit refunds. he still stands by 120 day policy. Yesterday, MSC suggested that we just cancel existing YC booking and book new date as new cruise. We were concerned that new booking would result in non refundable deposit. Our existing booking (with $49ppdeposit) made last year has 120 day cutoff for refund. Waiting to get confirmation of date and fare change for “new” cruise. Wo
  8. We have 3 cruises booked this fall with MSC YC. They were booked last year when deposits were $98.00 for two passengers. Decided to change early October to February of next year. TA got back to me after speaking with MSC rep. They claimed it would be much "easier" for them if I cancelled the October cruise and made February a new booking with new deposit . "Since they would get they get their old deposit back to CC, booking a new cruise would be easy". I told TA that MSC seems to now consider YC deposits ($398.00) NON Refundable. Not happy about that, he did not weigh in on tha
  9. This is what happened to us. Booked B2B with 3 days total for Ocean Cay. now, all stops at Ocean Cay are missing. Just listed as Sea Days. Seems to be “new normal” for MSC. We cancelled another cruise after the ports scheduled were changed to the “usual” Caribbean 4 ports.
  10. Steve So glad MSC has straightened out your cruise arrangements. This gives the us hope they are going to respond to this issue. stay safe and hopefully, we will see you onboard this fall. Pat
  11. We were on Meraviglia, in YC , disembarking Barcelona . Spring of 2019. we requested late disembarkation and were granted request. We had lunch onboard and allowed to stay in cabin. Because MSC does “circuit” in Med, passengers get on and off at each port. Our cabin was not booked until Marseille. Around 2pm , concierge called a couple of Jr. Butlers to assist us off the ship. I think they loved getting off the ship and lingered as we waited for car service. The whole experience was amazing. Our next cruise from Miami will not be as pleasant and we are prepared for that.
  12. we also thought we had a good deal on a cruise . Booked early (April2020) for Nov 2021 cruise. MSC moved us to another ship sailing 2 weeks later to different ports. No notice or email. Roll call members noticed their cruise info was changed. 1 week later, the 15 day cruise back on MSC site. Cruise fare now $2,000 more (YC). Had MSC put us back to original date and ship but, they are charging us the increase in fare. They said it is now a new reservation. Hope you are able to keep your cruise intact.
  13. Oh man, just realized we know each other. Part of my brain kept looking at your CC name and bugging me. sounds like you you’re experience is almost like mine. Had YC booked for 15 day cruise, out of Miami, for November. Roll call member alerted me to cruise disappearing and MSC changing us to different ship, different ports and leaving two weeks later. Cabin was listed as unassigned on that one. Then the 15 day came back on MSC site. Had my TA change us back to the original 15 day but, MSC wants $2,000 more now. He is working on getting it fixed. Our original cabin is not avai
  14. Decided to post question here... just pulled up MSC USA terms and Conditions and noticed that now it indicates that deposit for YC cruise is NOT REFUNDABLE. When we booked in May, we were told that up to 90 days before cruise, it was refundable. Not sure if they will honor previous policy...thoughts?
  15. We booked cruises for late in the year. With slow roll out of vaccine etc, seemed like October and December seemed doable. Time will tell.
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