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  1. Talk about positive conditioning response. Simple psychology. Give positive reward (attention) and behavior is/may be changed. (We are all primates after all)
  2. We noticed that also. I did make reservations for Manhattan Room dinner. Hoping it will allow us to bypass lines and get seated rather quickly. I think they are doing this so they can see where the trends are for dining preference and get prepared ahead of time. (always thinking the best of NCL 😉)
  3. Havana has been cancelled for Bliss Cruise to Alaska. So far, we have not seen any replacement for that show on our plan and explore area of current reservation. Many of us had reserved Havana show on our cruise but NCL removed from our booked items. That is when we knew something was up. NCL confirmed show has been cancelled.
  4. BIRD, had no idea you were going again this year!! It will be good to hear your views on Joy vs Bliss to Alaska. Smooth waters.
  5. My experience on M&G’s is slightly different . Recently, NCL has moved beyond the late morning juice, coffee, cookies and muffins. This was on breakaway class ship. We had what I would characterize as cocktail party. Assortment of drinks offered, canapés and cheeses. Held at noon, first day at sea. Waiter passed appetizers on trays which are like the ones from the Haven. Very nice and elevated experience for this cruise line. Depends on HD and ship.
  6. Depends on where you want to fly into. Bliss sails out of Seattle. Jewel out of Vancouver BC. Having sailed both ships, I would lean towards the Bliss for Alaska. We sailed the Jewel from Australia to Hong Kong. Yes, it is a smaller ship, what NCL calls jewel class ship . (Pearl, Jade, Jewel etc are ships in this class) It went through a refurbishment when it finished repositioning cruise last year. Location of cabin more critical on this class ship. Could have obstructed views. Of the jewel-class ships, we really prefer the Pearl. The buffet set up and seating is much better. Great Outdoors at rear of ship is nice on that class ship. Bliss we sailed last fall, from Seattle. We do this cruise every year. In the past, we have been on the Pearl. We were not sure we would like Bliss , as it is much larger. We loved it. Had balcony cabin. They all seem to have great views. The big thing we noticed was the new ship had better tech. Normally when sailing north and south for Alaska, the waters can be rough. On the Bliss, the movement was minimal. We really noticed how much more we enjoyed the days at sea on the Bliss. Touch screens around the ship made it easy to schedule things. We did not do go karts or laser tag. I did do the big water slide, WOW. it was fun. Water was heated. Food in buffet and set up of buffet , we liked better on the Bliss. We are sailing again on the Bliss this year. We waited and booked Mini Suite right after final payment time for this cruise. Keep an eye on pricing, if it goes down, you can call and ask them if they can do something for you. Some have been upgraded to next level cabin when price falls on same sailing. Congratulations on the wedding.
  7. hello all. We are on Preziosa next year, cruise out of Hamburg Germany. Any recommendations from fellow cruisers for hotel close to port.?? Thanks in advance.
  8. Totally depends on what your favorite type of special meal .. If you are a steak or meat lover, then go to Cagney's. If you enjoy asian food, go for Teppanyaki. If you want to try French food, go to LeBistro. Italian Food is La Cucina. All these also offer some cross-over items like Filet at La Cucina. As you can tell from responses, some are always mentioned in top three. Your final choice will be yours alone. Bon Appetit!!
  9. You have received a pretty good “idea” of who and what to tip from previous posts. I would add that on some of our cruises, the Butler was MIA and only showed up last evening just to say “Hope you had a wonderful cruise, with his hand out”. He received a verbal thank you and nothing more. The room steward covered for butler and he received the butlers tip. The Concierge is in charge of the butlers, and we did mention to him the situation with the Butler. They do need that feedback from guests to assess how things are going. There is no standard set amount ...just your experience and how you want to respond to those employees. Each cruise is unique.
  10. Yes, they have limited amount of wheelchairs available onboard. Go to NCL site and at bottom , click on Accessible Cruising. There you will find information and phone numbers to special reps who arrange cabins, reserve wheelchairs and information about scooters on board.
  11. TK Maxx, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Homegoods are all off price stores owned by TJX corporation , in the US and Canada. Also, Winners in Canada.
  12. Booked cruise yesterday for next year on Preziosa. Used same TA we had for our first MSC Cruise on Meraviglia. Booked Y2 Cabin and he saved us over $900 over booking directly with MSC US online. Will continue to use this agency, out of Miami, in the future. He did tell me that they have a direct working relationship with MSC , in Miami. When they have issues with booking , they pass it on to MSC and they take care of it quickly. He also mentioned that he no longer has the long wait time when calling MSC to inquire about bookings. (I had him check to make sure our cabin had separate shower and tub in bathroom) Took him 5 minutes.
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