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  1. I am sure they were doing plenty of planning. Logistics of how to operate within the impact of the virus. Lots of pieces to shift around and it seems accounting was last priority. Holding back on refunds seems to be priority now. Cash flow has to be the issue. Still waiting for ours.
  2. Hard to tell. We have never been in this type of cabin. Tub is upstairs in master bed area. probably combo. I would guess that most likely it would be like the older mini suites on NCL. They are tub/shower combo. . Newer mini’s have large shower area.
  3. Also, they are not in the YC enclave area. For families, this is probably a good thing. I am not sure small children would like the YC dining room menus. They would probably be happy just grabbing something from buffet.(like Froot Loops)
  4. We need to differentiate between YC Deluxe and YC Duplex. MSC is now offering the duplex suites as YC suites. Those are 2 stories and does have 2 bathrooms. Royal Suite and deluxe suite has 1 bathroom. these get sold out very quickly....we were going to take one but decided taking stairs up and down to master bedroom would be a pain. Younger folks, no problem . Did like the idea of 2 bathrooms. And jacuzzi on balcony.
  5. OK, you are looking at Yacht Club? Quick answer, take deck 16. (Look at thread above, Meraviglia YCD cabin help for my pictures) We had 15001 on our last cruise on Meraviglia. Actually selected it over other choices. Did not like how dark our cabin was as glass over solid balcony was tinted dark. Asst. Butlers did comment that cabins on Port and Starboard sides are much nicer. Balcony bottom is glass and upper is open. Luck was with us on that cruise. It was Mediterranean so, each day some on and some off. Our Butler knew we wanted to move. We were offered Royal Suite for an upgrade. (Passengers cancelled) It was one day into our cruise and we were happy to pay to move up.
  6. I second that motion by Debde. Or, increase TV choices when sailing out of US ports.
  7. This is why we requested a refund for our cancelled cruise in April. (And booked right away for next year) we realized that once FCC was applied to a cruise, it could not be transferred to a different cruise. We are still not sure how things will play out next year and with hurricane season going until November.(Caribbean) So, we put deposits on 3 cruises for next October /November. Our travel agent said he can transfer deposits from cruises we decide not to take to the one we keep. With voucher, we would have no flexibility.
  8. When MSC started offering FCC for 125% for cancelled cruises, We realized that prices would probably go way up next year. FCC have to be used by end of 2021. The cruise we booked for November 2021 has increased $2,000. (YC deluxe cabin )
  9. Current list of Drink packages on MSC show what is included in each package. This List includes Non-alcoholic and soda packages along with Easy, Premium and Premium Plus drink packages. It is also broken down by region sailing (Europe or Caribbean) My concern is that champagne by the glass is only listed for Premium Plus. As is mini fridge refills and room service. It would be helpful I’d they had a column for YC and indicate what they include for that.
  10. Will we be able to get a glass of champagne at dinner on our next MSC YC Cruise next summer? we did not have issue with this last year . seems like anything can happen to amenities in YC before next year.
  11. We cruised NCL in the past,. We have done Haven a couple of times and appreciated the free movies available to check out from the library they had for the Haven guests. Then we sailed Meraviglia, in YC, and were very surprised that movie selections were pay per view. Frustrating, as they only had one English Channel on TV.
  12. We had cabin upfront, in the middle. First time on MSC and liked the layout of the cabin. The balcony was pretty useless as it does have exposure to winds. Also , railing does not allow full use of space. Dark tinted glass above railing which made cabin pretty dark inside. I will try to attach photos. Also, glass is always dirty so photos had to be taken from the small open space Below glass.
  13. We use an agency based out of Orlando. name of agency starts with Cruise and website is easy to use. Cruise price we found got discounted once we had a TA. TA we were first assigned has been our TA ever since. He has done a great job with MSC. First booking, was able to change cabin and keep us updated regarding our booking and payments. He handled our cancelled cruise last month, submitting the forms and emailing us the confirmation info. Booked 2 cruises for late next year with him. I usually do most of,the research myself before I call him. He has all our information for MSC and always gets us a pretty good discount on final price. He has mentioned that agency does have a lot of contact with MSC USA and seems to be able to get things handled. Maybe they have someone “in house” that just deals with MSC for clients. Never had indication that he does not want to deal with MSC .
  14. On MSC site, look for Travel Updates and click. There is a section for cancelled cruises next year . It sounds like you have to wait until June 19 to submit request for either refund or FCC. If you booked with travel agent, contact them for processing refund.
  15. We are booked on Meraviglia, Oct and Nov 2021. It is a B2B. We wanted to maximize our cruise to enjoy both itineraries. going to Ocean Cay more than once is fine by us😊
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