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  1. Fabulous job! Now, we just have to wait for our cruise in November☺️
  2. Thank you for for responding. We have always been YC also. Previously, European cruises. This fall will be first US port MSC cruise.
  3. Monitoring this as our cruise is this fall. I think that MSC has come down on the side of caution …they cannot have the future of cruises ,out of Florida, in jeopardy. Many concerned With the current surge of Delta variant throughout the country. in Florida, positive cases higher now than last year. My 2 cents.
  4. How are drinks consumed in US Port handled . Are port taxes charged to passenger account?
  5. You cannot bring your champagne onboard. Meraviglia has champagne bar and if you are in YC, they will gladly pour champagne 🥂 for you!
  6. Contact your TA and have them add your Voyagers Club number to your reservation. It is not done automatically. They should send you copy of new invoicing with the discount from MSC. No need for them to make new reservation .
  7. MSC is providing Covid insurance free of charge for cruises on and before October 31, 2021. Out of Florida. (Reassurance program) my question, what happens for cruises after November 1? Since insurance will be mandatory for all non vaccinated, assuming they will have to purchase it after October 31. What if fully vaccinated passengers want to purchase this insurance?
  8. I would temper your expectations…we also booked very early 2021 and got great deals on four cruises. So far, 2 have been cancelled . One reappeared on schedule 2 weeks later. We had to pay current fare to get that cruise back . MSC would not budge. Will not make travel plans yet. Waiting to see how it all shakes out.
  9. phissy


    regarding laundry package policy enforcement, Terms of packages state that all items must be sent out at once. there have been mixed reports of room stewards enforcing this policy. Going forward, not sure what will happen. I would not plan sending items out throughout your cruise. YC cruisers may be given more leeway on this policy 🙄
  10. Very true, however, I found lower prices than he was able to see. he escalated this until they confirmed the new price. It seems the website is about a week ahead of their master list. Here is an example of pricing on same cruise on MSC November 13, Meraviglia YC Deluxe Suite no voyager number. $5478 Voyager number $5219 5% discount page. $4973
  11. This is a pet peeve of mine. If I log in with member number and search cruises, the price shown is the 5+ discount price. They will not give you the additional discount price unless you go through Cruise Deals , % then Voyagers Club process. You have to “hunt” it down on your own. And check every week or so, as it is always changing.
  12. If you book through site or TA, they will give you the 5% voyagers discount. we booked with TA and when I found our cruises on Voyagers Discount page, I called him and he called to get the new price. One cruise went from 5 to 10%. I took screenshot when I emailed him. Should note that your category must show availability. We are in YC and now they just show Deluxe Suite member prices. on discount page… You have to look up cruises in each category. +5, +10 or +15% discounts On MSC site, top of page, click on Cruise Deals. Click on %. Then scroll down to Voyagers members , click on “learn more” orange box. click on 5+5% picture. There you can also click on 10 or 15% to see those selected cruises. If you find your cruise, you have to enter your member number before they show you Member Price.
  13. Thanks for pointing that out. looks like everything has been sorted. To sum up… Voyagers Selection Voyages. 5+5,10, or 15 discounts Silver, Gold and Diamond get additional $50pp OBC. Oceanview and above cabins get $50pp and double points.
  14. Thanks for clarification on what determines the amounts. Always wondered what the cut off was for the $50 amounts.🙏
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