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  1. Sounds like you haven’t been vaccinated yet. You will have to provide proof of each vaccination. Your card letter documents vaccine passport etc will list each jab with the vaccination manufacturer lot number date jabbed and locational jab. Showing proof of one jab unless J&J is worthless.
  2. Exactly, the US FDA has not approved AstraZeneca in any way so CDC cannot list it as approved therefore not acceptable for sailing using US Ports.
  3. Not Canadian but, many have been given mixed vaccinations which may not match the applicable criteria.
  4. Can pretty much guarantee it will be far from similar.
  5. Great information. We had to do our own previously. As I said, these issues change quite frequently so need to get the latest information for the current time.
  6. I know prior to Coved the India e visa was not valid for cruise ship arrival as had a limo nites number if entry points. Things may or may not have changed plus believe cruise lines cannot do e visas like Australia as last time there we had to do our own e visa. As they say things like this change over time so have to get the current process.
  7. Marc sincerely doubt Regent will get you a Russia visa since no need if on ships tour. This will confuse people who wish doing Russia on their Own although private tours provide visa coverage only reason fir a personnel visa in Russia is if you want to get off ship on your own.
  8. No, was not on a WC with a package for the Visas. Most Visas were gotten by the ship and charged to our ship account with the passport in the hands of the ship. With your package, will work that way without the charges. As to Hong Kong, so far no need for a Visa as Hong Kong so far is considered different from the mainland and no visas are required. As to Vietnam, on our cruise that was a visa on arrival handled by the ship but, know it continues to change in and out with sometimes yes you have to get it and other times gotten on arrival. No telling for you. Based on what you wrote, am guessing you may not need to send your visa to Regent's processing company and any Visas should be on arrival. The only countries I know you have to get the passport to the consulate in advance are Russia, India, and Mainland China. May be others I am not currently aware of. Hope this helps.
  9. Time and process for Visas depends on the Countries. You do always need to send or bring your passport into the countries consulate. Like said previous some of the Visa's are done by the ship on arrival in the country and charged to your shipboard account. Until you have all of the countries you will be going to cannot be much more specific. We did a world cruise several years ago and the only countries we needed to do on our own were China and Brazil which we were able to do in person. Brazil can now be done on the internet. Also India is a need to do yourself or with a service. Another Regent can't do is Russia. Suggest you post the countries so we can provide more information but, like lots these days requirements can change well before your cruise which is in ?????
  10. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/people-opinions/nclh-directors-chad-leat-john-chidsey-are-resigning?NL=ST-004&Issue=ST-004_20210817_ST-004_608&sfvc4enews=42&cl=article_3&utm_campaign=STRADE_News_Seatrade Cruise News Weekly Headline_News_NL_08172021_2269&utm_emailname=STRADE_News_Seatrade Cruise News Weekly Headline_News_NL_08172021_2269&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua&utm_MDMContactID=04296ed0-12fe-4c8a-a0f9-1855a7492dca&utm_campaigntype=Newsletter&utm_sub=Seatrade Cruise News Latest Headlines&eM=dd71f9cac1f372bccde63ff20d0b35f7736bdda7a135f2560c14b4f1e951ac88&eventSeriesCode=ES_SEATRDCRSCTNT&eventEditionCode=MTM00SCC&sessionCode=S_STRDCRSNEWS
  11. Simply part of another change to their T's and C's that you have no choice in signing or not and going on your cruise. You didn't agree to anything in the T's and C's before other than book and pay your deposit so just another lawyer thing to cover their butts in case you choose to sue. Not sure if the T's and C's say anything about checking the box or not and if they don't you may not have to check the box unless the website simply won't you go any further in the check-in process meaning I believe without completing check-in you are likely in essence canceling. Sure the Regent lawyers have covered them selves and I still believe it is a unilateral contract with the checking of the box simply a new requirement that you don't have to agree with but, not checking the box likely will mean no boarding pass and no cruise.
  12. Not completely true. You still have the driver and tour guide not part of the bubble plus you are outside the bubble once you get off the bus. Nothing anymore is completely safe.
  13. Unfortunately most if not all cruise lines including Regent write their terms and conditions as unilateral not requiring your agreement and without any time limit on changes. You are stuck with whatever changes they choose with no prior notice and no ability to disagree. You agree to all of this by booking your cruise and giving them money. This is unfortunately from a cruisers point of view but, the facts.
  14. True but, just like NCL rules are different than Regent, CCL rules are different than Seabourn. Only when the holding company sets rules are those rules common to all of the cruise lines under the holding company.
  15. Also to insert date in excel or other spreadsheet and subtract 60 from the date. No need for internet
  16. While it would be nice if all cruise lines under a single holding company had the same policies and procedures sincerely doubt that will ever happen. The different levels of cruise lines from Mainstream to Luxury have many many differences and no way can they all be made the same As they say, viva la difference! Would hope policies regarding at least Coved would be the same but, strongly doubt we will see them all coming together to a single set of policies as the last few posts show. If they were going to have the same policies, doubt the new revised Regent T's and C's would have been released this close to first cruise if they wee going to mimic NCL.
  17. Not exactly true flossie009. At least in the US T's and C's they state a future cruise credit or refund if required.
  18. Don't believe there can be changes after you accept unless they are presented to you and you again accept. Regarding waiting to accept/attest, there are positives and negatives to that wait and they all revolve around the T's and C's becoming more or less restrictive. Signing now and the T's and C's getting less restrictive would be a negative to the cruiser while the reverse would be a positive. Do expect that any changes would be provided prior to the cruise and require another attest/accept so waiting or not waiting would be a non-issue.
  19. The T's and C's have always allowed for changes at anytime so no change to that issue and changes can occur at any time.
  20. Yes, not sending the change to booked people to let them make their decision at their leisure before penalties kick in or increased rather than having many people surprised by this Contract Change or like many people not reading the significant changes they are agreeing to only a few weeks prior to their cruise when for sure in the 100% penalty phase is extremely disingenuous.
  21. Believe the right answer is that unless or until you attest to accepting the new Terms and Conditions you are covered by the old ones. However the catch is that if you don't attest and sign acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions you will not have completed the pre-check in and thus not be able to board and cruise. A clever lawyer way to force people to accept the new Terms and Conditions. To precisely answer your question, not retroactive but, applicable to those attesting and signing their acceptance. A Contract cannot be changed without the agreement of both parties and the attesting and signing is the cruisers agreement.
  22. Cannot completely answer your question however for sure you would not get back the deviation fee. In over 10 years on this board have not seen this asked. Best to ask your TA or Regent what is the policy. Know you can change from Regent to the credit late in the game so would seem you could do what you want losing the $350 you paid for the deviation. Have you realized that likely flights you want at a late date might be higher in price and difficult to book?? Good luck in whatever you choose.
  23. Discussing per the BBC does not make it official until it is announced by the Government and likely a multitude of reasons for changes.
  24. With all cruise lines deeply in debt sincerely doubt there will be anyone buying any cruise lines for the foreseeable future.
  25. Don't know and don't really care as won't be sailing either of those Holding Company ships . Am guessing it's probably somewhat what you say and like you say managing disruptive passengers was a problem before the pandemic and with the pandemic, it will be much worse of a problem so they better have a way to enforce the rules.
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