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  1. Yes, and I would even settle for a Miami to Miami cruise to nowhere.
  2. Covid cases in Greece are increasing rapidly, according to Worldometer.com data.
  3. Why would all of the Western Mediterranean Welcome Back cruises (all in September) be sold out when all the other Malta cruises still have good availability?
  4. It looks like one of the Malta Welcome Back cruises is a B2B on Viking Sea.
  5. So I could have booked and paid for a 2022 cruise on the Sun a week ago, and it would be cancelled already?
  6. Viking Sun is no longer on the website. Are all Viking Sun cruises through 2023 cancelled?
  7. I am planning a late 2021 cruise, but haven’t booked. I’m watching the cabin availability for the cruise on the website and will hold off for as long as possible. Risk is the price might go up, less cabin selection. So far all categories are available.
  8. Has anyone recently booked (and paid for) an October cruise with the intent of the cruise cancelling and receiving a 125% voucher?
  9. Did not word that very well. It is a question, not a fact.
  10. I would think that % of capacity is going to be another issue.
  11. Since a cruise line bankruptcy would likely be caused by COVID-19, travel insurance would not cover a loss?
  12. Viking sent a check for our deposit refund. Guess it was too difficult to ask for the new credit card expiration date. Too bad the travel insurance isn't as responsible as Viking.
  13. Same for our May cruise. Paid within a month.
  14. So about 5 weeks DrJJ? Not bad.
  15. Is there any problem receiving credit card refunds due to a new expiration date on the card? Our deposit on our card was 2 years ago and has changed.
  16. Thank you for the correction.
  17. Are those of you with March/April cancellations, receiving your refunds within 3 weeks?
  18. Viking should be really nice to those that take and use the 125% voucher.
  19. I imagine that Viking will announce the May cancellations very soon.
  20. Thought we better check out the lounge to prepare for our May Adriatic sailing. Viking newbies. 2 glasses of Chianti please.
  21. Glad you had a safe cruise. Thanks for keeping us informed.
  22. My Generali Global Assistance policy requires that In the event of bankruptcy, the policy be purchased when final payment is made.
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