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  1. Steelers36


    There isn't "a" drink menu. Almost every location with a bar has it's own menu - usually themed to the location. But you should be able to order any drink anywhere - or at least any drink at more than one location.
  2. I was thinking the same thing!!
  3. Or FP Date, whichever comes first. You cannot transfer a booking that has been fully paid.
  4. If you book with a TA, you can similarly defer adding Princess insurance until FP. You cannot select/order insurance via the Personalizer. It is offered at initial booking. After that, per Princess, this notice appears in Personalizer: The protection plan you have previously selected is shown here: If you would like to change your level of protection, please call us at 800-774-6237 or contact your travel agent.
  5. After some Googling, I don't see anything in this regard. Source(s)? (Frankly, I don't really care whether it is sold or kept).
  6. Cannot disagree, but since it is first stop out from PE generally, my wife likes to hit the beach for a while at least. IMO the food is really down from what it was 10 or so years ago. I'd say go over early while it is still cool and come back to ship for a mid to late lunch and stay on board.
  7. Google 'Princess Cay images' and you will see lots of photos including some with clamshells.
  8. Yes, they have the clamshell umbrella covers everywhere now (but not in the Sanctuary area). For those not been there as yet, be aware that the sun shines from the ocean to the beach in that area for the afternoon. Those shells can be hot, so make sure you want to open in the rear some for venting. And they aren't going to provide a lot of shade into the afternoon due to sun angle. Depends what you want out of a day at the beach.
  9. I gather that is when you are thinking of taking a cruise next. There won't be a cruise line left to sail with if they don't get back to the seas before then. I am not even sure how many survive with zero ships operating in 2020. I still expect the Caribbean sector to be among the first to start up.
  10. Perhaps the point was that Princess may have spent about as much on attorney bills as the rebate would have been in the first place.
  11. From past experience, and reading many posts over the years about returning TA cruises, I have no issues with early flights from FLL for a closed-loop cruise from PE. If we were to be arriving from a TA, I think I would just plan to stay over in FLL and fly the next day or two after.
  12. Princess has schedules sent to staterooms for disembarking and they begin as early as 15 mins after official arrival time. Note that the ships are in Port Everglades and docked well ahead of the stated times - unless something unusual occurs. You didn't state which port, but you probably are more interested in the Cali ports.
  13. You can access either location, notwithstanding where your cabin is located.
  14. "I'm confused on the ORDER OF REFUNDS by Princess" I think most of us are in the same boat -- er.. ship.
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