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  1. steelers36

    Storage of luggage under the bed

  2. Not sure where you are going with the remark about "first ship holding onto it". You can bring as much wine on the cruise as you like. Normally, you are assessed corkage fees for anything over the two free bottles (one for each of you). If sailing B2B on same ship, it is not an issue to get the additional free bottles for the second or subsequent cruises. B2B and changing ships might work with a nice attitude and friendly question. If your issue is simply bringing on the quantity at one time and managing with bags and all, well I managed 2 cases last January with an inexpensive roller and bungy cords. Otherwise, like another poster said, try picking up more wine in each port if you come across some. You can pre-order from TW and they will have the case ready for you, so a driver can wait while you go into the store and come back. Yes, it will cost more, but if you need quantity and selection, might be your best bet. TW could gain even more business if they would deliver to the port terminals at Port Everglades.
  3. steelers36

    Island Princess

    I had plans to use the Sanctuary a lot on our long cruise last winter. I am not a fan of Island's Sanctuary because virtually all chairs are exposed to the sun all the time. The overhead gauze "sails" do little to help. Depending on the direction ship is headed and time of day, there is opportunity for full shade on the port side - away from virtually all other loungers. I ended up only using the place for a couple of half days and it was hardly used at all.
  4. steelers36

    Wine makers dinner/chef table question

    Yes, that was the same price this past winter for the special dinners on ISLAND. They were held in Sabatini's. There were no offerings for second pours. However, our final wine at the third dinner with the main course (a steak) was Mondavi Reserve Cabernet and I spied a waiter and gave him the old "Please, sir, may I have some more?". And I did get some!! It was just what I needed. Of course a couple of my tablemates were also able to get some more. I would not have been able to - nor needed to - have more of the earlier wines as it would be a lot to drink. But I just had to have some more of the Mondavi to finish my steak. :cool:
  5. steelers36

    2018 Wine list

    Hi folks. I never did get around to doing what I said I would do this spring. We returned from our 60-night cruise around S.A. and I had all the wine details captured on phone camera. However, I got busy back home and one thing to another. Not long ago, I heard the wine list was all changing and I also knew drinks had gone up, so I expected wine-by-the-glass and bottle pricing to go up. Princess was to be re-vamping the wine list (I can only hope for the better as they had been offering more "plonk" than ever before at ridiculous mark-ups). I don't have any information (details, photos, prices) on new wine menus and would appreciate having same as I would do a new list for this fall. I suspect some labels were running out of stock as Princess intended to make significant changes going forward. Have not been on a ship since March and won't be on again until February - and that is going to be in Australia, so no good. My work was designed for the North American market with sailings from US or Canadian ports. Price comparisons were for buying wine at retail in Florida. If anyone can post current wine menus from MDR and Specialty Restaurants (they may have a few additional labels), that would be appreciated and I can update and post a new spreadsheet. That said, regardless of the changes, I expect that BYOW is still going to be the most economical way to having good value wine on board that you know you will enjoy. I have proven that with three different versions of Princess menus.
  6. steelers36

    3ff booked south america 2020

    We thoroughly enjoyed our 60-nighter around S.A. this past winter on ISLAND. I highly recommend working on private tours. See if you can connect with fellow cruisers on the Roll Call who want a similar experience. We were traveling with another couple, so we already had 4 and then I was able to connect with some other couples who join us on various excursions to make a group of 6 or 8. They were fantastic people and we would love the opportunity to cruise with them again. So, you can meet great people here on CC boards. Good luck.
  7. steelers36

    "Happy Hour" in The Wheelhouse Bar

    As far as I know, Happy Hours exist. Perhaps not every day, but there have been Happy Hours in 2018 since the directive went out. IMO it had to be "walked back" due to passenger reaction.
  8. steelers36

    Wine makers dinner/chef table question

    Yes, the WM Dinner is offered on Royal Class. However, wine lovers may find that there will be a special wine-food matching dinner offered on some cruises that is similar to WM Dinner, but for a larger group and held in a specialty restaurant. There were three of those on our 60-night South America trip. I learned of it through HW in MDR.
  9. steelers36

    Three Questions

    I believe the incorrect posters have been suitably corrected, but for certainty, passengers are NOT limited to one bottle of wine. More my be brought on board, but expect to pay the corkage fee for anything above 1/passenger. If sailing B2B and present both BP's at the wine desk, you should be allowed your free bottle(s) for the second leg up-front. I brought two cases on a 60-night trip and was correctly billed for 16 bottles because it was 3 segments (6 free bottles for two people).
  10. steelers36

    Moving booking from online TA to princess

    Your discount may be fine. It is hard to compare discount rates reported unless folks are specific. You calculated on total invoice. Had you calculated based on your bottom line net (after deducting the extra OBC), your discount percent would be even higher. Whatever an agency discount is, it will be calculated on the commissionable fare only. So you need to know what the non-commissionable portion is and it may or my not be shown on the agency invoice. My agent discounts Princess 15% from commissionable fare, so the percent amount off the total fare is less than that. Higher category cabins will result in larger discounts because the fares are higher (the non-comm portion remains constant). I can calculate my TA's invoice quote before she gives it to me and I am correct to the penny. Typically, use $25/night for non-comm portion, unless cruise is very long when it can be $20/night. I have never had a bad situation with a TA - just varied in low savings to better savings as I gained experience and knowledge. Now I have both a great TA and great pricing. I have not come across a better net discount situation. But, it is not all about price - the service and response has to be as expected too. The only thing I wish is that I had direct notice if anticipating a room upgrade or upsell offer because the latter requires a speedy response. The one time we received an offer, I did hear in timely fashion from the agency. I do like to be in control of my travel bookings, but it is worth it to me to give up some of the self-service control to a person I trust and to save good money.
  11. steelers36

    Regal/Royal Above R318-338 & R319-337

    Thanks - much appreciated reading first hand report. I was thinking it might be an area as described in post #4, but I won't worry about noise from above now.
  12. I don't get this itinerary either. But - to each their own.
  13. steelers36

    Regal/Royal Above R318-338 & R319-337

    Thanks. We have R425 on another cruise and we had it on the one I am asking about, but I am dropping from IA down to IB to take advantage of 3-For-Free sale, so need to forego the IA which you had in 424. Glad to hear you liked it. So far, no one else has mentioned what is above on Marina. If no one knows, I will take a chance because I know it isn't outdoor deck nor entertainment room.
  14. steelers36

    Can I make a 10:10 flight out of FLL

    Yes, but perhaps not. If you have NEXUS or GLOBAL ENTRY and travel with carry on, it should have a high degree of success. I would say 9.9/10 times you are going to make the flight. We have had flight around 10:20 or so and I didn't even break into a sweat over it. We would have had enough time to drop off checked bags if we had them. This past spring, we had 11:10am flights when Princess official time was 11:30am (we booked our own). This time we had luggage and there were delays in the luggage hall at our terminal (21), but we got the bags and I was able to nab a taxi van for the four of us and our luggage was checked in before the 10:10 deadline. If you have bags to pick up in the hall (we were on a 60-night cruise), then you need more time. If you can just walk off la-dee-da, then NP. If you have an earlier flight, just make sure you get the early disembark time.
  15. Our friends have a BW under Landmark promo with $1000 OBC. They can book a BB now under 3FF and bottom line net-net (net invoice price, less OBC) saving $5 (total for two). So a better Balcony cabin for essentially same out-of-pocket bottom line and they greatly reduce OBC which goes into fare savings and gratuities savings. They - and we - prefer to have less costs and less OBC than a ton of OBC to try and spend. We are on same cruise and will drop from IA to IB and do 3FF and save net-net about $140. These are Baltic cruises on Regal.