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  1. Yes, they do plan on keeping Arrival Groups in the post-Covid return to normal life. However, they have the option to schedule earlier times and to enlarge or shrink the number of guests allowed to select each Group. So, things will likely return to what we were used to before - you will have people who have time slots that will be earlier than general boarding and we will be waiting in the terminals as we did in 2019. Then, they will call Suites & Elites, etc. I don't book Suites and I cannot begrudge a perk for all the money paid that they get to board ahead of others. I
  2. Great question! But I have not seen a photo of the insert page that would be in the menu folder. On past cruise, it didn't appear until night 3 I think?
  3. Fine. Suit yourself and cruise your way. You guys can select a later Arrival Group. I do know one of the truly hard-to-impossible ones to get late would be Sanctuary in the Caribbean, especially for sea days. The boarding times are only assigned if one fails to select an Arrival Group. Wondering why you seem emphatic about enforcement?
  4. Whether that and the Chef's Table are advertised in Patter or not, I wouldn't wait. Call the Dine Line after boarding and get your name down on a list as it may be highly popular. I would mention again at dinner to my HW or the MD if I met him.
  5. Seeing the menus makes me wonder if the famous Twice-Baked Goat Cheese app has made an appearance? I still see no Curtis Stone features like the Sea Bass and Mussels dish, the Chicken Pot Pie dish. I wonder if they intend to add these in time?
  6. It is actually better to get these on board as it means no shipping charges.
  7. Sorry, but I disagree. If you have sailed many cruises, you must be Platinum if not Elite. Surely, you will recall the days of checking in early at the terminal and then waiting in groups until general boarding opened. This situation will return once social distancing for Covid-19 goes away. Many folks want to get on board early to start their vacation and get settled in before lunch. Some of those also want to book highly popular items such as special dinners like Chef's Table, a ship tour, Sanctuary (depending on voyage). In order to have success or a high chance of being se
  8. I don't see why a B2B pax couldn't just walk off the ship and "ping" out anytime. You do not have to stay and go through the group clearance and re-board. But you do still need to clear US CBP like the departing pax. When you return to the ship, you should have an In-Transit card in order to quickly get back on board. I am aware of multiple couples heading off the ship early in PE to do personal business and later return to the ship. Often, you are going to return after new pax have been boarding and then you just proceed on with your Medallions which will already be programme
  9. Club Class guests and Suite guests have access to Club Class Dining section and do not need to use DMW feature to book dining. In fact, you should NOT use it to book regular dining - unless dining with other guests who do not qualify for Club Class so you are joining them in the DR. The main reason you might use DMW is to book a Specialty Restaurant. ETA - Normally, Deck 6 Mid-Ship DR has the Club Class section. It is always just inside one of the entrances.
  10. Have you got rid of any of the old OCEANxxxx Apps? You didn't explicitly state this. Look for and delete any old OCEAN xxxxx Apps. Next, delete MC App if you still have that (you indicated quite an old version). Now to Play Store and download the MC App to install fresh copy.
  11. I think of it like a Crown Grill type meal with with wine included. The $11 up-charge from a CG meal is well worth it. More intimate. My preference has always been the Mondavi theme WM dinner which I think is the most common/popular. It is very nice to have it in the special area of mid-ship Deck 5 DR. You can see it on the deck plans as the typical location. But, yes, I think we both think it is good value - IMO, better value than the Chef's Table.
  12. It can depend on where the cruise is traveling and length of the voyage, but my recent experience has been more like 50/50.
  13. Green Lane means you have completed all the info necessary that you can at this point in time. If you are Blue Lane, something is missing. If you have Yellow, then you have been flagged for a Health reason. If you look at OceanReady section, there are five major items that make up the Lane. You should be able to complete all but #4 (Arrival Groups) ahead of time. You can answer the Health Status section, but will need to re-certify within a couple of days of sail date. If not, I expect you would turn Yellow. I am guessing that when Arrival Groups is released for a
  14. Also tagging @kjg46. I think I know what is going on here. I have seen enough posts about MC App versions in Apple to know the version number of the App in Apple is not the same as the Android version. Apple has been something like 3.1.3 - and now apparently 3.1.4. The most recent Android update was 3.0.93241 (from 3.0.92725). It appears to me that those sharp-as-tacks IT folks managed to get the Android version number mixed into the last Apple update. So either the description info in the Apple Store is wrong or the version number embedded in the MC Ap
  15. Agree with @Thrak post. You can just close the App and not sign out. When you open the App next time, you will be auto-logged back in.
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