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  1. It appears like Pacific is out of service after we disembark in Venice on OCT 14 and not in service again until Fort Lauderdale on Nov 16 when it is scheduled through the Panama Canal and on to the South Pacific. Maybe they are waiting to re-jig voyages or maybe they are going to install Medallion. Wish it was on that ship for sure. Maybe they are going to assign a different ship to the Med season.
  2. The ships won't be near full in the early days. Again, mass vaccination is going to be the key to eliminating - or almost eliminating - all the new rigamarole.
  3. I would think if passengers can select their preferred timeslots, then once the early ones are filled, only others will be available - and so forth. Likely the final slot of the day will be the last one open. My concern about arbitrary times being enforced (for an example, refer to the Princess suggested check-in times we all receive and has been frequently posted in this forum to ignore if so choose), is that those who are arbitrarily selected for the earliest check-ins are going to be the only ones to be able to get Sanctuary and special dinner reservations. One would hope Elit
  4. Are you sure you have same id/login for Princess.com as for OCEAN? Did you try this thread?
  5. I don't see how they will stop someone from doing a B2B2B2B on PCL, then RCL, then PCL, then RCL - for example. Even if they want to stop B2B on a particular line. If they do not stop that, seems to me no different than having a 14-night booking. Anyway, it's all speculation at this point in time.
  6. Gotcha. But I presume the cruise lines will just go by whatever rules affect them. I see this no different than the various ways countries have approached masks, lockdowns, etc. Which all goes to say there isn't one definitive set of rules or precautions with this virus. We are not doing anything much different in our lives except wearing masks in most places that ask for them while friends of ours are a lot more careful and sensitive. None of us have caught it, so who's to say which approach is best?
  7. It depends who is doing the deeming. I don't think it is necessarily that 8 - 10 nights is unsafe. It's just that as time goes on, the risk goes up for an outbreak of cases. It is baby steps to make sure the lines are following new guidelines and can operate safely. If it goes smoothly, I don't see why longer voyages won't return before Nov 2021. It will mean a short-selling period if things change. Cruise lines work so far ahead to setup ports and itineraries, IDK if they can react quicker. It is certainly a bummer if they don't try longer voyages for ~11 months
  8. Who knows now which ships will be where and sailing what itineraries and for how long? No way to know where US ports are concerned. I know I have used the phrase "hard to believe" umpteen times since COVID began, but seems hard to believe there won't be SOME voyages >7 nights before a year from now. We shall see.
  9. Or, to put it another way, masks are no guarantee at all for not catching the virus. They just reduce the chances.
  10. https://www.foxbusiness.com/healthcare/pfizers-covid-19-vaccine-proves-90-effective-in-latest-trials News from Pfizer. Great news if it pans out.
  11. You have given a better understanding of what you meant by quarantine. It doesn't have to apply to an entire region or city. And I wouldn't believe half the stuff that comes out of China. I am sure you do feel good because about 99% of Canadians have some level of TDS and it is far more rampant than COVID-19.
  12. Sure a lockdown can work to quell the growth of cases. But it certainly causes a whole lot of hurt in other ways that has been well documented. There has to be a happy medium of some sort where schools and business can remain open, people take care of themselves and others with reasonable guidelines, and the vulnerable protect themselves by keeping isolated from a lot of people contact. And so forth. But I think you need a new CC handle since you are a "glass half-empty" type and don't sound very happy in Vancouver at all, while continually posting negative things. Look on the
  13. Just a note that the provisions do not apply if simply driving through the State. Example PA to NY State Thruway to Buffalo and into Ontario.
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