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  1. Every ship but Royal/Regal has the Princess Luxury Bed and Regal/Royal should be at 100% soon. Therefore have built-in top sheet. Unless like @TM you don't want the duvet.
  2. I don't think there is any difference in the wines-by-the-glass and they should be able to get you any bottle from the menus that they have in stock.
  3. @XBGuy and @Cruise Raider - like your posts. On Cali Chard's, if there is one thing to say about them, many are OVER-oaked, so I agree should be no problem finding that. IMO, the new wine list is far superior over-all to the old one. That said, I still prefer to bring my own when at all possible.
  4. No Silver because either no or virtually no wines fit into the price limit that package used to have.
  5. I thought I had read where other posters had indicated that TA's can declare various periods of time during the year when they want to offer the coupon books so I ended up assuming they had more autonomy over it as opposed to a Princess sales promotion. It's not clear to me when these come available. Had them as part of a couple of past reservations unexpectedly. But certainly makes sense there is no one to give an extra set of books to if all other reservations during a time period already have them.
  6. Thanks for clarifying. Guess I didn't quite understand it.
  7. I understand that. My meaning was for the TA to give to another of their clients - on their booking instead.
  8. Not true. Just bring proof of sailing on the B2B's and they will exempt one bottle per cruise. The most I have done is B2B2B and my wife and I were exempted six bottles in Port Everglades at check-in and I was assessed for the balance.
  9. Just received an email today from OCEAN Medallion support team informing me my issue was resolved. They had to reset my password in doing so which explained why I could not login earlier today and had to use Forgot My Password process in order to make a new one. LOL - if only their email had come sooner letting me know my temporary password was "Princess1". When I did get in, I noticed we are both 100% green. Medallions not indicated as shipped yet, so I do hope my direction to our pre-cruise hotel works.
  10. Then why not tell your TA "Thanks, but no thanks" and they can give your books to someone who will appreciate them. They do not grow on trees.
  11. IMO, the only ships needing extra top sheet have been Regal and Royal of late as they were last to get the new Princess Luxury Bed. Once that turnover is completed this year, then the old top sheet issue should just melt away.
  12. Don't know what to say. The other Carnival conflicts were all changed. This late change by Princess may not be accommodated, but I expected Carnival to swap P Cay and Nassau. Maybe they will; maybe they won't. If a conflict occurred, I wouldn't be getting off the ship either (been there several times). P Cay was built long before Royal Class came along.
  13. I seem to recall reading on one of these threads that the policy changed to only charge the excess over $12.
  14. Unless there has been another change, this situation was discussed a while back and the sources for these supposed conflicts at P Cay were debunked. Carnival itineraries were adjusted to avoid conflicts and the official Carnival info indicated no conflicts this fall.
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