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  1. I thought that too but since it’s only a nose swab and you don’t need to do your throat it’s fine, found my nose 😂
  2. You can do the Covid swab test yourself if you want. At check in they offered so I did, and for the mid cruise swab yesterday I reached out for the stick and he was happy for me to do it.
  3. Thanks, good advice but luckily ours has stayed the same.
  4. Fingers crossed the upgrade fairy pays you a visit too! I'm not sure it's going to be much of a difference from our original balcony but who knows.
  5. Have had 2 more cabin change emails in the space of half an hour and am now on Deck 12 in an Aurea rather than Fantastica category. If they want to upgrade me to a Yacht Club balcony in the next hour that's fine by me!
  6. I just got an email from MSC re-issuing my booking confirmation due to a cabin change, although the document just says "booked" rather than the new cabin. The app still lists my previous cabin but by logging into the website I can see I've moved down from deck 11 to deck 10 in a similar spot. No idea why, maybe they're moving around which decks are staying empty or maybe there's a maintenance issue with that cabin. Thought I'd post in case it helps anyone else find their new cabin. Very happy to have stayed in a similar position on the ship! Denise
  7. Thanks so much for taking the trouble to ask. Fingers crossed for a speedy boarding!
  8. Thanks for all the updates, is making me even more excited for boarding on Saturday! From looking at your daily from Southampton it looks like the speciality restaurants are open for lunch on boarding? Did you happen to notice? Would love to get to Hola cantina if we’re on in time.
  9. Thanks, looks like we're all queueing up at the machines onboard then!
  10. Has anyone managed to add their credit card details via the web page or app? The app doesn't offer it to me as part of check in (unless it's somewhere else?) and on MSC's webpage I just get a box coming up saying ERROR Service Not Available Error
  11. True, also I guess they may increase capacity at short notice if they think it's safe to do so.
  12. Thanks, that's really useful to know.
  13. I’m trying to find if NCL have issued any guidance on initially sailing with reduced passenger numbers? I’d love to sail on one of their newer ships with less people aboard but can’t see any announcements. For example I’m booked to sail on an around the UK cruise next month with MSC on a ship that can carry 6000 passengers but will sail with only 1000. I thought this year might be a good opportunity to enjoy ships with fewer numbers. Thanks for the help. Denise
  14. I sent a screenshot of my Celebrity points account 2 weeks ago and got my card back in a couple of hours. Sent my husband's in the same way a couple of hours later and still haven't heard anything.
  15. I’m planning to use Boots for the PCR test just because it’s local and it’s a company I know. So many providers for them now but would rather go with someone I’ve heard of.
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