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    Alaska - HAL or Princess?

    I also have done Alaska multiple times but only on Princess once, and that was enough. I am an avid HAL fan in both Alaska and the rest of the world. HAL's crew is what makes it stand out. Well that and the most comfortable beds on sea. It's a little bit old school classic and that is what makes the experience for us. It's fun to dress up cuz we never do that at home. You are soooo going to love Alaska. Get up early and head outside and just wait for the wildlife to show up. It's amazing!

    Pets on cruises?

    Are there any cruise lines that allow non service dogs on board. I would love to cruise lots more but I am not willing to leave my very well behaved small dog behind longer then I have to. I am getting ready for our second cruise this year and it is such a downer that she has to stay behind. I may have to give up cruising for a vacation where she can come along...

    Sea/Motion Sickness...tips please

    Don't borrow trouble. I too get really bad motion sickness but I am not really bothered except in really rough seas because the ship is so large. It also depends on where you are going. The carribean is almost a non-issue unless you get in the middle of a storm because the waves are so small. Alaska mostly is only bad when you are outside the passage on the first and last day at sea (the only time I've been affected). Panama would only be iffy on the Pacific side. I do not take any medication because I do not like how it makes me feel. If a green apple does not settle my stomach I just go take a nap and I always feel better afterwards. The doctor on the ship was also advising parents with small children to put them down for naps and let their bodies adjust and they would feel better when they woke up. The only other time I was affected (also on the outside passage) was at dinner time when they placed us at the back of the ship next to the windows. I was watching the wake and the ship was making small adjustments. If I would have traded places I probably would have been fine.

    New Member, New Cruiser

    [quote name='TheCarlaG']Ahoy! Yep, I said it! My husband and I are going to be taking our first cruise sometime in the next year and half. In fact, I think this is even our first vacation after 6 years of marriage. Ouch! Here is what I want to know: -What are the best cruise lines? Best value? [COLOR=purple]Really hard to say because each person values different things. I have been on 4 cruises; one RCL that the teen kids loved, one Princess; not my favorite, and two Holland America; so far my favorite with another one booked in Sept. My personal feeling on the matter is that any ship is a good ship but some are better then others in different areas. I prefer to be pampered in a stress free zone with people that at least act like my comfort is important to them. I don't want a ship that is a rolling circus but a mode of transport that lets me experience the region where I go. I don't need to be entertained every minute of every day and I don't want to feel pressured to purchase trinkets everytime I turn around. I like the formal dining options because we never dress up at home and it's nice to see my boys all spiffed up. I want my cruise to be about family, relaxation and comfort. The best way to learn is to talk to others that have cruised with more then one cruise line so they can compare them for you instead of spouting the atributes of their favorite line. [/COLOR] -Is it really necessary to upgrade to the best stateroom, or a waste of money since the point is to not be in the room? [COLOR=purple]I personally would rather spend my money on family time like excursions or even family photos then spend money on a place I am going to sleep and shower. I do like at least a window but have never had a balcony. My parents always get a balcony but I spend more time on the promade deck watching the wildlife. [/COLOR] -Are all cruises "all-inclusive" and what exactly is considered included? [COLOR=purple]Is anything "all-inclusive" any more? If so it is way above my pay grade.[/COLOR] -Anything I might have to pay for/buy that isn't advertised or not really obvious? [COLOR=purple]Most cruises provide basic coffee, ice-tea, juice or lemonade for all meals and on the lido deck. If you want pop, specialty coffee or alcohol you will have to pay extra. They also usually sucker you in for trinkets, photos, some vitural type games like golf and excursions. Try to pack anything you might need like pain relief because it is really expensive on the ship. [/COLOR] -Boarding and unboarding, what are the procedures? [COLOR=purple]Bags must be packed and set out in the hallway before midnight the night before you leave. Only your carryones stay in your room and sometimes that gets tricky especially with kids. Then you mostly just follow the crowd. Most ships give you a form the day before asking your travel plans and when you want to leave the ship. If you have an early flight, some people just carry off their luggage and are the first to leave. Other people would rather sleep in a bit and leave after the crowd. [/COLOR] -Necessary to have a passport for a cruise? [COLOR=purple]Mostly yes![/COLOR] -How soon before departure can you board and vice versa? [COLOR=purple]If your ship leaves at 4pm, you can usually board btwn 11 and 12 but must be on the ship by 3pm. [/COLOR] Please include any and all other information you think we might need to know.[/quote] [COLOR=purple] Hope you have a happy cruise![/COLOR]

    What to Ask/ Request When Booking

    Don't expect an upgrade, book the room you will be happy with and if the upgrade fairy blesses you all the better :p

    Review: May 19-26 on the Westerdam

    Thanks for the review, we leave June 16th and I was very excited to hear the glacier was open for the ships. We have only been to Tracy's Arm and are very excited to see a different glacier.
  7. I watch it leave every Sunday, but alass, I wont be on it for another 90 something days...
  8. [SIZE=4]fintuckyfarms – Westerndam – 17 Jun 12 – Alaska[/SIZE]


    I like to collect post cards because they are cheap, don't take up a lot of room and I can display them in a photo collage with other pictures of our vaca. I also collect christmas ornaments from each port we visit that has the name and year on it. I didn't think about the ship ornaments, bummer:( My son collects sand from each port that has sand and has made some amazing shadow boxes with bits of stuff he finds while on vaca.
  10. Our travel agent found a local agency that provide transport from airport to Port Canaveral for our 21 family members and back again. It ended up being a bus and we were the only ones on it. I think it was about $65 a person. On the return trip it even detoured to WDW to drop off half of the family. Look arround and you can find something.

    Want to book alaskan cruise, need help

    Go find a Travel Agent that specializes in cruises. They are worth their weight in gold if you find a good one. We are not allowed to recommend them on this board so ask friends and family.

    Flat Iron Recommendations

    I recently switched to the instyler and I love it! You can do so much more the straighten.

    Help Badly Needed

    Try Holland America! Specifically the small ships like the Amsterdam. Everybody says it is for older people but I have not found that to be strickly so. It is sooo not a "party" ship like some other lines but you can still have a great time. I love the formal dining and the staff is excellent. They are not snooty but you still feel pampered and taken care of. I am 43 and Holland is my favorite line so far. Holland is comparable to Princess in most areas. Let me know if you have specific questions. I have sailed Holland America, Princess and Royal.

    Alaska cruise ship for children

    [COLOR=purple]Both Hal and Princess offers great kids programs from about 4 or 5 to 17. My kids and nieces and nephews have participated in both programs. Royal also has a great program on the FOS but it does not go to Alaska. [/COLOR]

    Good cruise for 2 single guys?

    [FONT=Georgia][COLOR=indigo]You will be disappointed if you choose anything less then 7 days as that time will feel too short. I see you are not from a port city so I would start by finding out which ports are closest to you and then find out which ships and cruise lines leave from that port. If air time is not an issue and you can fly to either side of the states (or further) you need to choose a destination that interests both of you. Do you like it hot like the caribbean or cooler like Alaska. Which time of the year are you planning on going as that will also make a big difference is your options. I would suggest both of you going to a TA or several to check out whats available and then start to narrow down your choices. If you don't need lots of prep time work wise, you can also check out the really good deals that are basically offered last minute. Just go back to the home page and pick cruise deals and check it out. [/COLOR][/FONT]