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  1. Is there a date when this (these) are to be announced?
  2. We sailed on Earth Day - decorates our door as we like to - no tape, all magnets
  3. I'm not a bed at 9:00 person either...except...on our Alaskan cruise the sun rose at 4-4:30 and we DID get up for sunrise. There are plenty who are still tooling around after 9, but it's a different cruise experience overall. More casual dress in the evenings, tends to be an older passenger, the pools are (usually) not usable so parties by the pool do not exist, most events are indoors - it gets COLD outside at night. We found dancing at night but nothing like the Mexico/Caribbean cruises. All that said...we LOVED our Alaska cruise and hope we can go again!
  4. There's a very good chance it won't show up until you're on the ship. That happened to us some time ago. Keep all documentation handy of said credit, and if you find it doesn't show up, take it to the ship's customer service desk and speak with someone there.
  5. No reformers - mat based, and were only held very early in the morning - before 8. I'm a reformer (and yoga) person myself, and don't care for the yoga or pilates classes on the ships - I feel like they are very advanced for the average person, and that (in my opinion) can lead to injury if not done properly. I do use the gym on board, almost daily. I've borrowed yoga mats and do my own yoga...usually on the very top outdoor deck (where there used to be topless sunbathing). Very peaceful and not a heavy foot traffic area.
  6. There’s a very interesting and sad article about Peter Max (the renowned 60s artist) in The NY Times May 28th (I’m not certain I can post a link so I won’t) - here’s a brief excerpt: Peter Max, the iconic psychedelic artist, has dementia and can no longer paint. But for some, his decline meant a lucrative opportunity. They hired street painters to churn out art in his style, and told Max to sign it. And they turbocharged sales via a never-ending series of cruise ship auctions. I’ve known for years how slimy the art auctions are (after overhearing 2 gallery workers on a ship talk about needing to get ready for the “next group of suckers”) but this article makes me feel awful for even looking at the “Peter Max” art on ships.
  7. Here's a question - if you were on this ship (The Splendor) and it was having engine issues, how would you feel about continuing the journey into (in this case) Mexico? I've been on ships that couldn't leave port (weather) and so never was concerned about the viability of the trip once we got started, but mechanical issues? I'm not sure.
  8. Layers are your friend on this itinerary. And ear covering. I'm envious. Alaska is likely the most beautiful sailing, and completely different than any other.
  9. I've only participated in one (fun!) - what are some rules, etc.? Anyone?
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