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  1. I must have ticked them off...I get no e-mail from them. I'm ok with that actually, it would only make me want to cruise and honestly I'll be among those that wait and see before hopping aboard again, (that actually makes me sad).
  2. If you know how to use Excel, I highly recommend it for this task. I have a spreadsheet that has separate tabs for all my travel details, and looking now, I see that goes back to May 2016 - my archived sheet goes back to 2000.
  3. Trans-Pacific passenger learns of positive COVID-19 test after landing in Honolulu https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/2020/10/27/trans-pacific-passenger-learns-positive-covid-test-after-landing-honolulu/ This is what I would be concerned about with going on a cruise right now. I know people have fudged (dare I say "lied") on those health forms we're all given before boarding. There is no reason whatsoever a die-hard cruiser would give up their cruise. All you need to do is read the boards on a regular basis to know this is true. Every scheme for skirting every rule has b
  4. Is there a date when this (these) are to be announced?
  5. We sailed on Earth Day - decorates our door as we like to - no tape, all magnets
  6. I've only participated in one (fun!) - what are some rules, etc.? Anyone?
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