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  1. I recently had a friend tell me that the cruise line contacted her sister to cancel the cruise shortly before sailing for just such a reason. Not sure which cruise line it was but you’d want to find out sooner than later. Hopefully you insured the trip too and will be able to get your money back if you cannot go.
  2. I've never sailed on a ship that wouldn't confiscate the extra bottles. Good to know they can be brought onboard as long as you are willing to pay the corkage fee. Thanks for your help.
  3. Can you please clarify the wine issue. I thought we were able to bring 2 bottles on for free but would pay corkage fee if we drank them outside our stateroom. Do they charge a corkage fee when bringing any wine onboard? This is our first HAL cruise. Thanks for any information you can provide.
  4. Do you know which rental company this is affiliated with?
  5. I wouldn’t say they were very limited but the queue for them was quite large with disembarking pax with luggage mixed with those of us on the port call.
  6. We sailed on MSC Davina which stopped in Marseilles last week. The ship was charging $30 for their shuttle so we decided we would take a taxi. MSC disembarks passengers at every European port so the queue for taxis Wes quite long. One of the security people reminded me about the free shuttle which seemed like a long walk from the ship. We waited a while for the bus to return and then we’re packed like sardines for the 20 minute ride into town. All in all it took us 2 hours just to get into the city which didn’t leave us much time to explore. We caught a shared taxi to get back for under 15 euro.
  7. We rented this farmhouse in Montepulciano, vrbo.com/436049, in 2016 and it was spectacular. I hope that you are referring to 10/20 and not 10/19 as it is fully booked this year in Oct. It is a short walk to a bus stop which can take you to other Tuscan towns but we had rented a car to explore the area. There is a wonderful winery about a mile down the road - Dei Winery. We also took side trips to Assisi, Sienna, and Montalcino. The house itself was well equipped but was on a steep, cobblestone driveway but you could park the car on more level ground by the road. You need to be physically fit for all the walking you will be doing in the area. We flew into FCO and rented the car and returned it to the same location. My husband took the train to Civitivecchia and walked to our hotel. Enjoy that area. It is our favorite in Italy.
  8. I contacted him through Facebook. Just search for free tour Ponta Delgada. I just posted my review.
  9. We just had an overnight in Ponta Delgado last week and arranged 2 private tours with folks on our Roll Call. If you haven’t checked out your Roll Call I’d recommend doing that first as others may have already set up something that you can join. The first tour tour we did was to Fuogo Lake and waterfalls with Azorean Tours. Gary did an outstanding job showing us many different views of the lake. The vista is so green and beautiful. IHe arranged a lunch at a local restaurant which served the stew that they cook underground at Fuogo Lake. I used him several years ago to see Sete Cidades which was beautiful. Others in my ship said the weather didn’t allow them to see the different colors in the 2 lakes this year. Take a look at all the shore excursions that Gary offers. I’m sure you will find one you like. I prefer to gather my own group together or you can let him do it for you. The second day i arranged a private “free” walking tour with Zsombi who was recommended on Trip Advisor. You tip him at the end with what you feel the tour was worth. Most people give between 5-10 euro. He has a Facebook page. He was fantastic and gave us a comprehensive history of the area and was flexible in meeting us where the ship shuttle dropped us instead of the city gates. Enjoy your Ponta Delgada stop. It is a very beautiful island. Joan
  10. mom4mom

    Genoa help?

    We are flying out of Milan MXP because it’s way cheaper and shorter than Genoa. I know there is a direct flight to EWR.
  11. Wow! That's almost double the price of the CT on Royal. We'll probably pass then. Thanks for the info everyone.
  12. Wow lots of activities to choose from. Mostly I like to connect with other CC people I've enjoyed getting to know on these boards. We'll plan some game days, cabin crawl and special luncheons for these sea days and most likely develop some life long friends.
  13. Scott, i see you are sharing your humor elsewhere. SeeTheW0rld and I are sailing on the Davina next month and I guess we are all searching for the same info. If you don’t get any responses, I’ll try to remember to come back and let you know what we’ve done on sea days. Our Cruise Critic Group is planning some of our own fun like cabin crawl, CC luncheon, game days, and private excursions. Log into your Roll Call and try to make your own fun among those sailing with you. And don’t be discouraged if response is slow. Our board just became very active in the last week or so now that we are only 4 weeks from sailing. Joan
  14. Thanks for letting me know.
  15. I’ve done several Chef’s Tables on Royal Caribbean and was wondering if there is a similar dinner on MSC Davina. I’m trying to garner enough interest on my Roll Call to have our own private function. If you have participated in one on MSC, can you tell me how much they charge and if there is a private room where it is held. Bonus if you can share the menu. Joan
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