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  1. My understanding is a B2B cruise really is 2 separate cruises. So you are using a foreign port by ending in Vancouver and starting in Vancouver.
  2. I saw this on another site which explains how the conveyance takes place. It’s fascinating. Wish I could witness it.
  3. That's what I assumed but you know what that means -
  4. I was just reading about the RC app in the current newsletter and wondered if access to shipboard info is free or do we need to have an internet package?
  5. Our Oosterdam cruise scheduled for 5/16 was cancelled 3/15. My refund was posted to my credit cards 6/4 but I have yet to receive my FCC notification. Has anyone received an email about their's? I'm getting ready to book another cruise for next May and want that FCC applied.
  6. Hi Carol, We've sailed together a few times and hope to see you again some time. I'd like to pick your brain about a specific cabin you had on one of our sailings. Can you please email me at doulamom4mom at yahoo dot com. Thanks Joan
  7. I am hesitant to re-book our Alaska cruise for next year until the money from our cancelled cruise hits my credit card. We cancelled 3 weeks ago and still no sign of it. I'm reading that it may take 60-90 days. I had organized a group and had 18 cabins booked for this year. Most of them want to re-book so I had my TA set up a group but am advising everyone to wait. Hopefully we can pull this off.
  8. Thanks for posting this information. I've been watching for them to move it to include flights through the end of May. Yesterday it was still through end of April. Now I can notify my group that they can safely cancel without losing any money. What a relief!
  9. Can I mark $0 for price of cruise just to get the medical part of insurance?
  10. I used Miguel Corral twice for tours in Palma. The first time he arranged a tour of the city two 2 busloads in 2011. When we returned again in 2017, I hired him again but this time to not only see parts of the city especially the cathedral but he also took us up to the north coast where we went to Michael Douglas' Costa Nord for a typical Mallorcan lunch and then visited a winery. I learned from my first trip to limit it to just one busload! I let people chose to attend the lunch with us or go off on their own. Those who chose to go off on their own were disappointed that they didn't go w
  11. We are renting a car after our departure at pier 19. We’ve been told there will be a kiosk set up for Alamo, National and Enterprise that will take us by shuttle to their downtown location so I would imagine you could drop off at any of the three’s downtown location and take the shuttle to the ship. Call to verify.
  12. Wow! I didn't realize I would get such good response from my question. This is our first sailing on HAL with most of our experience on RCCL. On Royal, they only tend to have a priest on board on transatlantics. One time, I had mistakenly assumed that they would provide one on another 14 day cruise and was extremely disappointed when they didn't. But I did attend the non-denominational service on Sunday and was surprised to see less people in attendance than what is usually at a daily Mass. I've arranged a group of 20 cabins from my Catholic Church and we are grateful that HAL provides this
  13. We are boarding the Oosterdam on Sun, 5/17. I know HAL has a priest on every sailing. Will he say Mass after departure at 4pm? If so will it be before or after dinner?
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