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  1. Since there are so many crew members on board, are they letting the crew stay in passenger staterooms? I hope they are letting them eat in the Horizon Court too! 😉
  2. Kotor, Montenegro and my favorite IC treats - Cappuccino & pistachio pudding!
  3. I had a cruise booked and also 1 excursion which was paid for with OBC. We changed cabins and got a new booking number and my reserved excursion was gone and the money back to my OBC. I had to go in and re-purchase the excursion.
  4. If enough people cancel, maybe Princess will lower the price and you can each get your own cabin and twice the cruise credits! 😉
  5. Thanks everyone. My cruise is Oct 2020, guess I'll just miss it. We have the BSE, I love my cappuccinos. I see on the Island, there is no International Cafe, but La Patisserie. Is it basically the same thing? Are Cappuccinos, soda and a glass of merlot included in the beverage package?
  6. The last couple of cruises I have gone on, we have had the medallions. I'm used to them and like it. My next cruise is on the Island Princess. Is the Island using the medallions or just the regular old cruise card? Thanks!
  7. That's the problem with Princess transfers, even if you have a later flight, they make you arrive before the terminals even open. Last time I left from LHR, my flight was at 2. I arrived via Princess shuttle at 8am. For $75 I was able to change to a 10am flight!
  8. How do you manage to get $595 of refundable credit? On my last cruise Princess even made the loyalty credit non-refundable! 🤔
  9. One could add the FCD at final payment, but they are only going to get the $100 off the balance, not the OBC associated with it. FCD’s must be used at the time of the initial booking in order to receive the OBC.
  10. I have done this several times. I have a cruise booked with an FCD. I get $100 deposit plus OBC. Later a friend decides to join me on the cruise. They don't have any FCD's. They will only have to put down $100 as a deposit, not 10 or 20%. They get no OBC.
  11. it is right on the Princess site https://princessjourney.co.uk/dining-culture/the-unique-story-behind-sky-princess-madrina
  12. This is not true. If one passenger has an FCD, their roommate will also get the $100 deposit, but that is it. No additional OBC.
  13. Kerry Ann Wright, a 2nd officer at Princess, was hand picked by Jan Schwartz to be the Madrina.
  14. I usually get a white pizza with broccoli. It’s not on the menu, but have never had a problem getting it. 😊🍕
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