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  1. Not sure when cancellation emails will go out but all December cruises aren't on the website any more. Cruises are set from January now so expect the cancellation any time now! I was on the Christmas Shadow cruise and as of this morning can't book excursions then spotted around 11:30 it disappeared off the Silversea website. Still showing on MySilversea but I know its gone. As from the UK we still can't travel part of me is relieved but part of me is still a little sad.
  2. From last time i sailed it was just the dress code
  3. I tend to try and buy gifts for family in all honesty (perfume etc) as I believe you can’t give to crew fund but if you can that would be great to know. I also buy things like batteries and toiletries as always useful
  4. Just to say last December we were told the sparkling rose wasn’t complimentary but champagne was 😄 I’m sure it went better anyway! With the caviar i tend tend to put the egg chives and caviar on the Bellini but to be honest never sure if it’s all meant to go or you eat with each bit at a time so nice to see others takes on it
  5. Brimary - thanks! That’s what I was hoping
  6. observer - I agree it would seem weird them being identical so was hoping someone had experience of it carefreecruise - Wasn’t really expecting shade for asking but thank you for the response. At the moment planning for this holiday is what’s keeping me sane and I was curious that’s all. Restuarant booking day opens this week which was why it came to mind. Hope your cruise goes ahead too
  7. Hi. So the plan currently is to sail on the Shadow over Christmas. We were on the same cruise last year but we realised we never actually checked something and are now curious. When we were organising a special meal onboard they told us that the three festive days (Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day) had a special menu. We never actually thought to check if this meant that there was one menu in all four restaurants (main, la Teresa, la dame and even maybe the grill) or if they each has a special menu for the day? I didn’t overly like any of them which is why we were thinking of going to one of
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