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  1. I'm booked on Vista first week of Oct 2021. Crossing my fingers...
  2. What level are the "free air" tickets? Just Economy and you'd need to pay extra for upgrades from there?
  3. We were supposed to be on Radiance out of Galveston doing the partial transit in Oct 2021. That got cancelled so we rebooked the 14 night partial transit from New Orleans for late Nov 2021. We didn't want to just dock in Colon. Bad thing is, instead of 30 minute drive to Galveston port, it will be 6 hour drive to NOLA.
  4. I've got my first B2B in January 2021 out of Galveston. We'll be in the same cabin just to avoid packing/unpacking. If we choose to get off the ship, I see the through passenger getting me back on, but can I get back on before boarding officially starts or I will have to wait for that. In Galveston, boarding generally starts around 11 or 11:30am so if I want to get back on at say 10:30am, will I be allowed? I would assume the seapass station has to be staffed to scan my card and don't know if employees are stationed there that long before official boarding starts.
  5. Having to check-in after the apps/tv and answer questions might be harder and make that line go slower. I usually see many guests who are not great with English and not the type that pay enough attention to answer questions.
  6. We were supposed to be on Radiance from Galveston for 14 night partial Panama Canal in Oct 2021 but just got email that the cruise is cancelled. Hoping another ship will replace Radiance on that sailing or if that trip is null...
  7. Can you bring soda 12 pack cans back with you from a port and take it with you to the room?
  8. Yay for the improvement. I don't drink alcohol so virgin drinks is a great addition. That said, I only turned Platinum after last cruise so still have a long ways to go ☹️
  9. Thanks for that info. Will likely pack light then and skip MDR on formal night. I'm sailing out on 24Jan...hoping for no impact to trip but skipping Progresso is no big deal to us.
  10. Piggy-backing on this thread...I'm sailing on EOS on Jan 24...5 nights. Is there formal night on a short cruise of 5 nights? Along that line, is free lobster on the menu? Just considering my packing options of bringing nicer attire or not for dining room. thanks,
  11. Be very careful with smart phone even if in airplane mode but wifi active, I've had the iphone time changed thru wifi several times while on shore and no longer what I thought it was. Need to look into what the poster said about turning off time change...
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